• No hope in elections, hope is with the revolution


    “There are two interrelated aspects to the leader’s role. The leader must exercise power efficiently and wisely. This includes good management,  organizing tasks and solving problems… The second aspect – the main focus of this book – is how the leader presents, through action, appearance, and articulated values, a model that others will want to emulate.”            — from The Leader by Michael Maccoby

    THERE appears to be only one subject worth discussing these days, if one wishes to catch public attention – the elections on May 9, 2016. I should know, I read it everywhere. I see it everywhere. I know from all these indicators that if I must continue writing to have

    an audience for my ideas I must write on the politics of the day or not write at all – burying all my more important ideas in the inner recesses of my mind. I am reminded though, that the best burial of all is to bury all politicians in oblivion, and all the pretenders who keep on proclaiming that the hope of the people of this country is in the elections on May 9, 2016.

    The decades show nothing has changed

    With a great degree of immodesty, I might as well let the kids know that election has been my game since I was six years old. At that age, my father was mayor of our town – Catarman, Misamis Oriental. Then, I got involved in the politics of our Central School when I ran for president of the student organization and won. At the Misamis High Oriental School, other than being editor-in-chief of our high school paper, the Misorien Torch, I ran for the presidency of the Senior Council and the Student Council and I won both positions.

    Politics is in my blood. My first active attempt at national politics was to campaign for Senator Manuel Manahan for President of the Philippines under the Progressive Party of the Philippines (PPP). My first bid for political office was to run as regional assemblyman from Region 10 in Northern Mindanao under conditions of martial law and under my own political party, the Mindanao Alliance (MA), the first Opposition party organized under martial law. I won that election but President Marcos ordered that I should not be proclaimed. I could understand that because I spent one year, six months and eleven days in the Marcos political prisons, and he called me an “imponderable factor.”

    Then, I ran for provincial governor of Misamis Oriental in 1980 under martial law and won – one of two provincial governors out of seventy-three in the country. Again, in 1984, I ran as Mindanao Alliance candidate for Assemblyman and won. As such, I orchestrated, for the national Opposition, the canvassing of the results of the 1986 presidential elections.

    When the National Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile was on the verge of organizing a new government after the fall of President Marcos, according to MP Rene Cayetano, I just came on time as head of the Opposition negotiating committee to agree with Enrile that Cory and Vice-President Salvador “Doy” Laurel would organize the civilian government while Enrile should stay as Defense Minister and General Fidel V. Ramos would be Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

    When Cory Aquino became President, Speaker Nicanor Yniguez, with the support of the Kilusan Bagong Lipunan (KBL) leadership, offered me to be the new Speaker of Parliament. I refused the offer, which on hindsight, I consider one of the worst mistakes in my life.

    Another mistake was when I refused the offer of President Cory to be appointed as the first outsider to be Justice of the Supreme Court, out of my anger at the way the Cory boys were organizing the new government. Similarly, when Vice-President Doy Laurel, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs, wanted me to be Ambassador to the Union Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), I refused the offer as I did not like to be buried in the Russian winter, in the same manner that the Cory boys wanted me buried in the Supreme Court.

    I became the legal counsel of some of the strategic rebel military leaders in the coups of 1987 and 1989, resulting in my having been charged by Secretary of Justice Franklin Drilon, now Senate President, with the non-existent non-bailable crime of rebellion complex with murder and multiple frustrated murders, with a shoot to kill order to boot. I also convinced, together with Generals Edgardo Abenina and Fortunato Abat, CSAFP General Angelo “Angie” Reyes to withdraw support for President Erap Estrada. As a gift from Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, I was arrested by his non-uniformed storm troopers with an attempt to salvage me and the ones who were arrested with me in a hotel room on the way to attending a birthday party. Immediately thereafter, I was charged together with my companions with the crimes of conspiracy to commit a coup, attempt to swindle money to finance a coup, and obstruction of justice to allegedly help a young lieutenant colonel, a former Chairman of the Young Officers Union, to evade arrest for a crime he did not commit.

    All charges were dismissed for lack of evidence. And in the first election for senators after martial law, in 1987, I ran and won under the Grand Alliance for Democracy (GAD) together with Secretary of National Defense Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Arturo Tolentino, Secretary of Labor Blas Ople, Governor Isidro Rodriguez of Rizal, Senator Kit Tatad, MP Wilson Gamboa, Colonel Jess Paredes, Banker Teng Puyat, Muslim Federal Party Chairman Abul Khayr Alonto, Vice-President Joseph Estrada, Senator Eva Estrada Kalaw, MP Edith Rabat and other stars of the Opposition. The official records of Comelec and Namfrel showed that we won the majority in the Senate. But the computers of President Cory decided otherwise, thus only two of our candidates were proclaimed – Enrile and Estrada. Thus, the unknowns and pygmies of the Cory crowd became computerized senators during the Cory watch.

    Why am I narrating these events? This is what is known in law as qualifying a witness. And as witness to the current events, there is basis for my assessment or judgment on what will probably develop in the months ahead.

    Awards for outstanding achievements

    In my judgment, anybody who believes that the coming May 9, 2016 elections will bring better life to the Filipino should have his head examined, unless a miracle happens that Congressman Roy Señeres will be elected President. Consistent with this judgment, I have presumptuously created the Diliman Way Medal For Outstanding Achievements.

    Congressman Roy Seneres – Medal of excellence in leadership for courageously espousing and advocating the cause of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), the contract workers and the Filipino downtrodden, relentlessly and without fear of the oligarchs who consistently manipulate the electoral process in this country. Seneres has brains in his balls and balls in his brains, and with specific program of government.

    Vice-President Jojo Binay – The Alibaba Medal of Excellence for surviving and dodging the flood of charges for plunder and graft and corruption. Despite the overwhelming flood of evidence against him and members of his family which can easily convince any rational being that he and members of his family are guilty of the charges, he has the gall to travel around the country and say that he is innocent to the point that survey groups maintain Binay is number one in the presidential race. Any fool will know that this prediction is a lot of nonsense unless we assume that the Filipino voter is stupid or can be easily bought. For Binay to survive the avalanche of charges is a credit to balls and brains, thus this medal.

    Secretary Mar Roxas – The Noynoy Cacique Medal for his non-stop recitals that he is the continuous advocate of the matuwid na daan and for dividing the country among the oligarchs while paying lip-service to the common people. Why can’t Mar be his man? He is an intelligent individual. His off the cuff replies to questions distinguish him from Binay and Duterte. He insults his origin – President Manuel Acuna Roxas, his grandfather, and Senator Gerardo Roxas, his father. Does he not realize that an Aquino endorsement is a kiss of death? It will take the PCOS machine to elect him President and that spells trouble for him and the country.

    Senator Grace Poe – The Natural Born Medal of valor for maintaining that she is a natural-born citizen despite the relentless bashing by her sworn enemies, who have their own candidates, and whose knowledge of the law is minimal. Being natural born Filipino is the presumption of law in this country. He who alleges that she is not natural born has the burden of proof. Why the heck her lawyers are desperately looking for her parents is a great puzzler. It takes courage to sustain her claim that she is natural born, thus this medal.

    Mayor Rodrigo Duterte – The Baby Face Nelson Medal for courageously maintaining that he has killed helpless drug pushers or users, in violation of provisions of our Constitution and our laws; for insulting and cursing the Pope; for vulgar expletives and profanities; for boasting about his vigorous powers with the help of Viagra resulting in adulterous and bigamous relationships with women other than his wife. It takes brains and balls to virtually run away with murders and other crimes without being prosecuted.

    Senator Miriam Santiago – The Cancer Survivor Medal for having survived various cancers in her life. It takes a lot of courage to survive cancers of all kind without any damage to show for it and to continue maintaining that she has survived them all.

    Your choice or mine

    My choice is the revolution – peaceful constitutional revolution with the creation of a Constitutional Transition Government (CTG) based on sections 1 and 3, Article II of the Constitution which mandate that “sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them” and the “Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the people and the state.” This is a recurring refrain till it happens or if elections come to pass.

    If there will be elections on May 9, 2016, the only intelligent choice of the Filipino voter is Congressman Roy Señeres – the only presidential candidate who brings hope for a better life to our people.


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    1. Amazing ! We see people standing for office who have a cloud over their heads ..People under investigation for misuse of public fund –Some have already been convicted–Some’ whose families have been involved in the worst case of plunder ;’in this countries recent memory—Which in fact precipitated revolution ..

      What are the requirements to run for office in this wonderful country ?–We make a mountain out of a molehill in the case of Poe..Yet allow blatant rogues to stand… The Filipino people -Bless them, deserve better !
      David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

    2. Hi Sir Bono.I agree with your proposal! The elected officials had been taking advantage of the tax payers money due to none- enforcement of the Law duebribe money taken from the tax money!There is obvious plan of the LP administration to Manipulate election by sticking with Smart-MATIC and at same time defrauding the Nation’s treasury! Why do they do this with impunity? I believed the LP administration officials elected by the HUCOS -PCOS had have enough practice to Rig election result to their own candidates! We must convince all the aspiring candidates to send a letter of protest to COMELEC level the election field by asking all candidates not resort to vote buying,Not to pay permit to campaign fee to the Communist extortion gangs and to the Muslim JIhadists during elections! If there is no written assurance of 100% transparency and honest,credible election on 2016 by the COMELEC officials. Then the candidates must be convince to BOYCOT the election and formed a Constitutional Transition Government to because how can the other candidates match the massive election Budget of the LP candidates? The CTG will fix and introduce election reforms,correct the flawed system to be agreed upon by all the people before conduct election! Otherwise the evil practice become Filipino culture. Our National credibilty will be restored,investment will increase! Otherwise election is just for moro-moro show. God Bless our Nation!!!

    3. When Marcos leave the country in 86 , our external debt was $21 billion
      Dollars ,and they say he stole a lot BUT he built a lot too ! Now its 2016
      and Philippines external debt is at $75 billion dollar , what have we to show for it ? Matuwid na daan. PWE !!

    4. We never had an honest election, because election in the Philippines is all about money. Look at our candidates? Binay who is obviously guilty of corruption, Duterte who is a confessed criminal, Mar who will continue the stupidity of Pnoy, Miriam who is sick, and Poe the apprentice. Revolution is okay as long as it will be peaceful. May God help and bless the Filipinos.

    5. hahahahah heheeheheehheheeheheheheh hheheheeheh. i want those presidential candidates mentioned at the above will not be elected as President. They were not qualified to be the servant of the Filipino people..even as a baranggay chairman…

    6. Hi Bono, your political bacground story is very impressive and inspiring. You do not know me but because I was once – back in the mid-60’s – friends with Mike Dadole and the Sarenases of Na-awan, Misamis Oriental (I wonder where they are now) who all spoke passionately about your brilliant mind, I kept track of your political and writing career even from here in far away North America. Did you miss saying that your father-in-law was the late Governor Alfon Dadole of Misamis Oriental (home province of ASEC Serafin Benaldo who died last week and his son ex-Cong. Benjo Benaldo who married Brazilian Diana Meneses) and that you were in your college days Editor of Philippine Collegian and most recently Immigration Commissioner? I love your today’s piece which sounds like a “blast from the past” that intersects so eloquently on the political life of the nation. You should have said that like the other political prisoners, you suffered a lot for the nation. In fact, while we never got to talk, I believe I saw you in person behind bars in Camp Crame. Your choice of Roy Seneres, while he will not win, speaks of your independence, untraditional and maybe fierce opposition mindedness. Roy Seneres is very brave, brilliant and patriotic in the mold of Bono Adaza. I also knew Roy from his days at San Beda and NLRC. He woundn’t remember me. Roy is younger than you I would think but the fact that his guts caught your attention is Roy’s feat in itself. Congratulations Bono, Philippines would have been better off if you became President of the country. Be in touch with us, the people – friends and foes alike by continuing with your forceful writing because we will remain your fan.


    7. For Mr. Ed de Leon, please don’t insult Saddam ussein and Moammar Gaddafi, they stood up to the imperialists unlike this pro-BBL (incipient ISIS that the U.S. is keeping in reserve) sewer rat…

    8. “Revolution” ay di na pinapansin at kinakagat ng majority ng mga pilipino kasi wala namang naidulot na mabuti sa halip lalong gumulo, naghirap, at lumubog ang Pilipinas. Natuto na ang mga pilipino Mr. Adaza kaya itigil mo na ang self-centered, self-seeking agenda mo na Revolution. Educate mo na lang ang mga tao na pumili at bumoto ng tamang kandito. Palakasin ang demokrasya. Move forward not backward.

    9. How presumptuous can you be to claim you were cheated when you ran for senator in the Cory administration’s first general elections. I was a newspaper reporter during that time and a living witness to the Cory magic at the time. You had to spend billions of pesos (as Enrile did) or be very popular with the masses (as Erap was) to overcome the Cory tide at the time. Now as then, you don’t have the charisma nor the resources to win in a national elections. Just admit that and stop deluding yourself!

    10. If the notorious PCOS hocus pocus machine decides the outcome of the elections contrary to what the populace have voted for, “there will be wars and rumours of war”. And the prophecy about this current president would come true and plunge our nation into total chaos and of widespread unrest.
      It is true then whoever gets elected in the above list is not the answer to our highly volatile and precarious situation. Are doomed as a nation. But then as Christians we will pray for guidance as in Divine intervention to save us from this maladies created by our own leaders(?) who highly thinks of themselves as the Messiah! When in truth they are nothing but a bunch of dummies with no clear idea of what ills the nation. I hope we will survive, Inshallah.

    11. Naku Bono ha, ibig mo sabihin eh computerized senator si Rene? Malaking isyu yan. Wala naman yatang prescription ang criminal act so kailangan halughugin ang records ng Comelec at Namfrel upang ilabas ang katotohanan. Ibig sabihin pala ay nagsimula ang hocus locus ng computer sa halalan nuong panahon ni quo rhee? Then, that reinforces the fact the indeed, Malloch who taught quo rhee the strategy of demonizing Mr. Andy and who is now the head of Smartmatic, will again do a repeat performance this coming boudaville on May 2016.

    12. “Why the heck her lawyers are desperately looking for her parents is a great puzzler.”

      The reason could be publicity. It’s like a telenovela wherein a child is looking for her missing parents, and the public is glued to their television waiting in excitement when the child will find and meet her real parents. and once she meets her parents, the public will rejoice she finally found her parents.

    13. Mr. Adaza, you said,
      1. Binay – “Despite the overwhelming flood of evidence against him and members of his family which can easily convince any rational being that he and members of his family are guilty of the charges, he has the gall to travel around the country and say that he is innocent to the point that survey groups maintain Binay is number one in the presidential race. “.

      2. Llamanzares – “Why the heck her lawyers are desperately looking for her parents is a great puzzler. It takes courage to sustain her claim that she is natural born, thus this medal.”.

      3. Duterte – “for insulting and cursing the Pope; for vulgar expletives and profanities; for boasting about his vigorous powers with the help of Viagra resulting in adulterous and bigamous relationships with women other than his wife.”

      This is what I can say:
      1. Binay and Llamanzares are topping the surveys because they are paying reporters in any media just to mention their names everyday. Let Binay explain his questionable wealth in court and not use legal technicalities to get away with it. Llamanzares should not use the name of FPJ during the elections and I assure that with her unqualified qualifications, she will be #5. Llamanzares should give up her dream of becoming a president because of her LIES (she hads been a foreign passport despite renouncing her foreign citizenship). These two candidates are the big spenders in their TV campaigns. I am wondering where do they get their money for this.

      2. Duterte’s boasting of being macho is an indication of malnourished I.Q. and insecurity. He wants to picture himself as the best when in fact he is not. He wants to shout to the world that he is a graduate of San Beda because during those days, they look up at you as rich and the powerful if you are enrolled in an exclusive school.The truth to the matter is, I can beat Duterte’s IQ even if I’m not a graduate of an exclusive school. Beware of Duterte’s children when he gets elected. They will be worst than the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy.

      *** I hope these comments will not be deleted in a few minutes so the readers will understand why these candidates should not be elected.

      • I agree with all of the above. I wish miracle happens that your candidate Mr Adaza, Cong. Seneres will win.