No industrialization without steel industry


PRESIDENTIAL wannabe Rodrigo Duterte’s main road to industrialization is the revival of the steel industry. He’s the only candidate for president who has made this perceptive proposal to create more jobs and if just for this, and if people could play deaf to his cursing and ignore his disregard for human rights and support for the New People’s Army, then he deserves support.

There was once the Iligan Integrated Steel Mill hatched during the time of the late President Marcos and managed by the Jacinto family. The National Development Corporation took over the project when the Jacintos failed to pay their loan, and gave the management to Rolando Salac Narciso of Butuan City, a Master of Business Management graduate.

After Marcos, the steel industry went into limbo. The plans of Rolly Narciso for the steel industry got disrupted by EDSA 1 when the late President Cory Aquino changed the management and sought to privatize it again. The dismal state of the industry was stressed in the Eighth Congress by then Rep. Oscar Santos of Quezon in a privileged speech. He emphasized the deplorable indifference of the administration to reviving the steel industry by bringing along to the session hall a hammer and a screw driver.

Ka Oca lamented that these basic tools of carpentry were all imported because the Philippines has no integrated steel mill. He said that dreams of producing a Philippine car by the Aquino administration would go for naught if the country could not even produce a car door.

Ka Oca’s well-publicized laments took place more than 25 years ago but nothing has been done through all those years. Oh yes, as mentioned by this corner’s reader who goes by the name “Leipzig,” a steel company from India bought the National Steel Corporation/Philippine Steel Corporation under the privatization program of the government.

“Leipzig” said it turned out that the investors from India bought the NSC or PSC not to revive it but to stifle competition to the emerging steel industry of India. Ouch!

Rolly Narciso said that the Department of Trade and Industry under the incumbent administration has included it among the 30 sectoral roadmaps it has developed in the last three years. He added, however, that significant action on these roadmaps may have to await the arrival of the next president.

The rivals of Duterte should take a leaf from his vision of industrialized Philippines so that whoever wins in May 2016, the revival of the steel industry is assured.

Mar’s secret weapon
I had a talk with many beneficiaries of the 4Ps under the Department of Social Welfare and Development and they are all convinced that their monthly honoraria will be stopped if BS Aquino’s clone, Mar Roxas, loses this May. If all beneficiaries are so equally brainwashed, then expect millions more to vote for Roxas.

Before the 2013 elections, the grant of honoraria was suspended for at least six months to pave the way for their direct deposit to the banks of the beneficiaries to be withdrawn through ATM cards. I didn’t know that that simple change of mode of payment would take that long. However, it’s not the length of time that the beneficiaries had to wait that’s questionable. When the 4Ps payments resumed, lo, the beneficiaries didn’t get even a single centavo from the several months that they were suspended.

In other countries, the beneficiaries should have raised a howl for being shortchanged. Not in the Philippines. In fact, the beneficiaries were even happy that they were receiving their monthly honoraria again.

Now, the DSWD is increasing the number of beneficiaries of its dole-out program. This gives more potential voters for Roxas. And if these fails? Well, maybe we could ask if the PCOS machines are in fallback position.

BS Aquino still alive!
President BS Aquino The Last is merely using his father’s supposed teachings in vain. He not only reneged on his promise in 2013 to extend the LRT line to Bacoor by the end of 2015 but also failed to improve the LRT/MRT services. The “improvement” that we see are merely cosmetic and don’t add to better service.

Senior citizens like me, along with persons with disability, are inconvenienced by the utter disrepair of many escalators in LRT/MRT stations. I also don’t understand why all of a sudden, senior citizens’ ID cards are no longer honored upon presentation. Seniors have to apply for fare discount, and wait for at least 15 days for approval.

Oh yes, service at the Land Transportation Office is even worse. A relative had to wait for 14 months before getting his driver’s ID card. And why is the LTO still collecting fees for new car plates when this was stopped months ago?


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  1. Remember PASAR, Sakbayan of DMG Inc.and Toyota’s Tamaraw in the 70’s and Phil. Car Manufacturing Program?

    MRT/LRT discount for senior citizen. I filled-up an application form for beep cards. They required a photo copy of the SC card. Here it goes:

    Me: Saan gagamitin ang kopya ng card namin?
    LRT: For verification
    Me: Lalabas pa ako para magpakopya? Ilang daang libo ang magpapakopya ng SC card? Sampolan kita ha. Kopya ng card ko nasa Recto, nasa katipunan ako ngayon, tatawag ka sa Recto station para i-verify card ko? Diba nasa data base ng computer nyo ang application ko?
    LRT: E requirement namin yan e
    Me: Papalpak na naman na-hire nyo na gumawa ng system nyo. Basura lang sa opis nyo mga kopya ng card dahil hindi nyo naman bubungkalin yan dahil kung verification e eto ang original card inilalabas namin.
    LRT: Hindi naman mahirap magpakopya a
    Me: Bakit hidi kayo magkaroon ng Scanning machine?
    L:RT: Sir, hindi ko na masasagot yan

  2. Philip Savior on

    Dominador Canastra comments shows that he really has a Filipino attitude even a good plan by Duterte portrayed in a negative image,This is why the Philippines cannot move forward due this kind of mentality even a good proposal turn negative in their minds.This plan by Duterte to revive the steel industry is a step forward toward achieving an industrialized status for the Republic of the Philippines.Duterte is the only presidential aspirant who can talk all sectors of the society,He can go the masses,talk to the rebel camps,but it doesn’t mean that when you talk to this kind of people you are submitting to their cause that is not the way Duterte is doing.He talk to this NPA’s as a gesture of goodwill and to protect the populace in the hinterlands for these reason the people living in the hinterlands live side by side with the rebels and they exist for a long period of time.

  3. This makes me vote for Duterte. We need a President that has vision for the country and his countrymen. In order for us to move forward, indeed, we need to build industry; otherwise, we will continue to rely to other countries on our needs and this keep us to poverty and dependence. We need a self-reliant economy and a strong and graft-free government so that we can change the current course of our country toward decadence and poverty.

    • We need a self-reliant economy and a strong and graft-free government so that we can change the current course of our country toward decadence and poverty

      Agreed, the best way to do that is to make the government officials who steal pay and pay dearly.
      When was the last time you heard of any of those thieves being convicted and serving a sentence ?

      Usually they don’t get jailed unless they are opposition to the ruling party and they are gonna run for president or vice president.
      Even the opposition thieves don’t get convicted, watch what happens after the election, the two senator sitting in jail get released.

      Christmas 2014

      Revilla, who from the beginning of his incarceration has complained about prison food, was treated to a Christmas eve dinner (Noche Buena), courtesy of Via Mare, one of the top caterers in the country.
      Estrada, who has been experiencing migraines because of the heat inside his prison cell, was given a portable airconditioner courtesy of Hitachi Corporation.
      Enrile, known for his womanizing, was granted visitation rights from his mistresses or anyone of his choosing, at his hospital suite. Enrile is under hospital arrest at the Philippine National Police (PNP) General Hospital.

      In addition, Revilla and Estrada held a joint Christmas party at the community social hall at the PNP Custodial Center.

      All these Christmas perks were, of course, courtesy of President NoyNoy Aquino, a devout Catholic, who wanted to show his humanitarian and Christian qualities.

      Sounds like they are doing hard time doesn’t it.

  4. Dominador D. Canastra on

    My worry about Duterte’s liking for industrialization and our own steel industry is that he only wants these nedcause then we can make our own bullets and heavy ammos so he can run the country as a dictatorship–with Joma Sison as his Chairman Mao.

    • This kind of mentality is an insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people. Almost of all European countries are socialist Federal democracy and yet very progressive. Little knowledge is very dangerous.

  5. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Yes, Duterte–and Senator BB Marcos–are the only two candidates who seem to ne concerned abhout reviving our steel industry. We were one of the largest suppliers to Japan and other countries of raw iron ore and copper from our mines, and we still do up to now supply valuable minerals to them. But stupidly we did not bother to take establishing a solid steel industry. Kasi and mga oligarchs tulad nila Lopez and their sugar bloc followers, the Soriano-Ayala et al., at mga Chinese families who ventured into retail and then giant malls and other “entrepreneurial” families, were all engrossed with making money the easiest way possible. No one bothered to nationalist economists like Alejuandro Lichauco and even Lichauco’s pet peeve Dr. Boom Bernie Villegas who was also for developing our native steel and other industries.
    Tama talaga ang ama ni Bongbong Marcos about industriallization and the establishment of solid industrialization. But who killed his ideas, when these were already being started? The mother of President BS ABNOY AQUINO, backed by the foreign powers!!!!!

  6. philip savior on

    The Philippines in order to get out of poverty,We need to have a decipline people a law abiding Citizen in order for the Country to march toward a progressive Nation,but this is not an easy task for the next president of the Republic especially so that most of our presidential aspirants but not all are tainted with corruption issue and besides do not have the will to do.The Philippines need a Lee kwan Yew type of leadership in order to catch up or even surpass what Singapore of today had achieved.As I thoroughly examine among the leading Presidentiables today i notice that only one among of them has the ability to introduce an iron fist leadership style as manifested by his leadership in the City of Davao.He turn Davao City from the killing fields in the 80″s into one of the fastest develop City of the Country today.Where people can walk in broad day light having no fear of being robbed by criminals.The issue of expletive words ,cuss words and womanizing is a personal matter in which only Duterte affected but be careful what is the most dangerous thing of all are those presidentiables pretending to be holy and yet corrupted the national coffers this is the reason why until this very day we can”t get out of poverty for obvious reason CORRUPTION beware of this presidential aspirants.

  7. philip savior on

    The reason why the Philippines until this day lag behind its asian neighbor is due to the fact that Filipinos lack decipline and coupled with politicians that corrupted the national coffers.

  8. More jobs ?

    Create a massive agency to lifestyle check all the politicians.

    99% of them are corrupt, just need a agency to investigate, arrest and jail them.

    Then comes the good part.

    Confiscate their ill gotten wealth, throw their families on the street and let them enjoy the world they made for everyone else.

  9. What forgot? Aquino evil President Corykong and his allies intentionally not to develop our steel industry . instead they sold it to the private company instead of endhancing and develop our own industry> i remember when Mr. Tabako sold the Iligan Steel Mills to the foreign nationals.. Mabuti sana kung pabor sa ating mamayan, kaso lalong pahirap ang inaabot ng ating mamayan sa mga taong ganito.. Poor Juan Dela cruz. Pinagloloko ng mga dilawang pilitiko sa pangunguna ng mga Aquino family at Liberal Party… The thief and the most corrupt government…

  10. We have all the natural resources..but nobody in the government cares for the development…why?….or somebody already gained from it…

  11. Trade industry is Global not Local. At some point several decades ago we are one of the leading steel industry in Asia when Iligan steel Mills at its peak and was a training place to Koreans who was still starting to emerge as a steel leader. That was even prior to the Marcos administration. Korea went up as we went down. At that time US was the top steel producer, Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh Steel. Now it is China which is the top producer. This is not the time to engaged because steel is now melted from junk steel shipped from all over the world to China, Japan and Korea. It is more economically competitive to produce steel from salvaged steel. Unfortunately we do not have the large ships and the infrastructure to globally shipped and moved this salvaged steel to the plants. We are even short of the Electrical Power for the smelting plants.

  12. victor m. hernandez on

    The aforecited commentaries on Mr. Danao’s are brilliant and insightfull, which a good national leader aspiring to become president will be able to thread them together for the good of the country and its people. The late Pres. Marcos crafted a modernization program consisting of 11 major programs/projects patterned after Taiwan’s. The former minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Roberto Ongpin spearheaded the implementation of these program. However as Mr. Patalinjug mentioned there were/are internal and external forces that keep the modernization programs at bay, thus makes the country a laggard among its neighboring countries. The task of bringing the country from 3rd world to 1st world state is enormous and daunting. Only a strong, coureageous leader supported by a united people can surmount the hurdles to modernization, and prosperity. I am searching for leaders to emerge from current presidential/vice-presidential aspirants.

  13. Yes by all means it is true, the Iligan City Integrated Steel Mills renamed Global Steel Corporation was left by THE EVIL DICTATOR CORY to rotten, WHY IT IS THE LIVING MONUMENT OF PRES. MARCOS, just like Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
    During the Presidency of PRES. ARROYO who happened to be a resident of Iligan City and just a walking distance from the Iligan City Integrated Steel Mills was about to reopen and for rehab per recommendation of the study group. However, this was stalled for obvious reasons. bringing the people’s economy of REGION 10 (NORTHERN MINDANAO) at standstill that was dependent on the opening of said steel mills. WHY WAS IT STALLED AND LEFT AGAIN TO BE ROTTEN and MAJOR COMPONENT OF THE SAID INTEGRATED STEEL MILLS WERE SHIPPED FROM ILIGAN CITY TO INDIA.
    WHY AGAIN QUESTION TO BE ASKED TO THE PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANT AND THE ANOINTED OF THE HITLER LIKE DICTATOR PNOY MAR ROXAS, WHY IS THIS SO? Mar was reportedly being chased by the proponent of group that seeks to reopen and rehab the Iligan City Integrated Steel Mills or Global Steel Corporation but Mar was reportedly was on TNT (TAGO NG TAGO).
    SO, Mar think the people of the following places would vote for him I don’t think SO: Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Misamis Or, Misamis Occ, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Northern Part of Zamboanga Sur down to Pagadian City. I am sure he will lose, ooops. . . there still the COMELEC, SMARTMATIC and PNOY who will do it for him.
    My goodness, anong akala nila sa mga tao doon puro malalaki ang ulo pero utak kasing laki ng mongo.

    • Mar Roxas is very confident he will win in Iligan because he has the support of a group of incumbent local officials who are known collectively as “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.”

  14. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    01 January 2015

    There are two main structural programs which the Filipino Establishment, starting from 1946 when the Philippines gained “independence,” have missed, whether intentionally or not, and which explains why the Philippines has earned the pejorative distinction as “The sick man of Asia, instead of joining its neighbors Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea which have made it successfully as “Asian economic tigers” and joined the First World in terms of wealth and inclusive progress and prosperity.

    These are:

    1] A real National Industrialization Program encompassing heavy, medium and light industries; and

    2] A National Population Control Program designed to effectively tame the country’s exploding rate of growth of its population to Replacement Rate or even to below that.

    The problem that the Establishment may have been confronting all of these sixty years or so, as far as those two structural programs are concerned, is that obviously there are both internal and external forces which are against these–and have been successful in their opposition.


  15. Mr. Danao’s article about the Philippines needing to revive the Steel industry as one of the plans of Rody Duterte is well taken. In fact, the country will be much better off if we also allow the Mining industry to also develop in the country especially copper ore, gold, nickel and silver which are known to be abundant in many parts of the Philippines. And of course allow oil drilling for domestic use, not to export. When Corazon Aquino was in power many of her oligarchs and cronies were known to be in the business of property development and in consumer consumption. No one was in the mining business except small ones. Having no foresight, her administration and the following one’s were satisfied and happy that the OFW’s were making the country financially afloat and later on the administration after her, the economic processing zones and the BPO’s were enough to employ plenty of locals. The government entirely forgot the Agricultural and Mining sector of the country. If the country continues to ignore Mining which can provide jobs and exports and Agriculture which will make the country sufficient in Food, the Philippines will continue to be a 3rd world country.