• Poe asks Comelec to reverse DQ ruling

    ‘No intention to deceive electorate’


    Sen. Grace Poe

    Sen. Grace Poe had no intention to deceive the electorate when she filed her candidacy papers for the highest elective position of the land.

    Her lawyer, George Garcia, made this assertion in the 63-page pleading he filed on Monday afternoon with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as the senator’s camp formally sought a reversal of the Second Division’s ruling, which ordered the cancelation of Poe’s certificate of candidacy (COC) for President in next year’s polls.

    The Second Division promulgated its decision last December 1.

    The Comelec en banc will deliberate on the motion and is expected to make a ruling by the time the poll body starts printing the ballots and election paraphernalia.

    In his motion for reconsideration, Garcia said Poe did not commit “material misrepresentation” when she declared in her COC that she will have been a resident of the country for 10 years and 11 months on the day of the elections on May 9, 2016.

    “[Poe] had no intention to deceive the electorate or to hide a fact of disqualification with respect to her period of residency in the Philippines,” he noted.

    Garcia accused the poll body’s Second Division—headed by Commissioner Al Parreno with Commissioners Sherriff Abas and Arthur Lim as members—of “complete and utter disregard of the overwhelming evidence on record” and decided “contrary to applicable jurisprudence as to amount to a capricious and whimsical judgment.”

    The 47-year-old Poe is running as an independent candidate for President. She led all pre-election surveys for President and Vice President for two quarters this year, dislodging the opposition standard- bearer, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Poe—the adopted daughter of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. and actress Susan Roces—is facing three disqualification cases before the Comelec, all assailing her claim to being a natural-born Filipino and number of years of residency in the country.

    Garcia said the senator committed an “honest mistake” when she indicated in her COC in the 2013 elections that she is a resident of the country from November 2006. Garcia insists that Poe has been a resident of the country since May 2005.

    Poe’s lawyers claim that the Second Division ignored documents that prove Poe’s intention to stay in the country for good since 2005.

    They said the enrolment of her children in local schools and the purchase of a real-estate property are proof that she intends to stay in the Philippines.

    “If the Second Division considered these pieces of evidence, it would have found that [Poe’s] statement that she will [have been]a resident of the Philippines for 10 years and 11 months by May 2016 is not false,” Garcia said.

    “Meaning, we provided the evidence on all the requirements to establish domicile. Unfortunately, what the Comelec used against us was a single document, which we also provided, the COC [for senator]of 2012,” he added.

    Poe’s lawyer pointed out that the COC is not an evidence to prove one’s domicile and has no bearing whatsoever on the petitions filed against the senator.

    “It is a 1:100 [ratio]of evidence. How can you say their evidence has more weight than the evidence we presented? As what Sen. Grace Poe has said, if your declared height is 5’5” but truth is you are 5’6”, what is the truth? It is 5’6” because it is the truth,” Garcia explained.

    He said Poe only acted “in good faith” when she declared in her latest COC that she has stayed in the country for the past “10 years and 11 months.”

    “In indicating in her COC for President her period of residency in the Philippines to be ‘10 years, 11 months,’ [Poe] acted in utmost good faith, relying on Supreme Court pronouncements that a candidate is not stopped from proving her actual residency in the Philippines as a question of fact,” Garcia added.

    Poe’s lawyers hit back at the Second Division for ruling that Poe is not a natural-born Filipino.

    Garcia insisted that Poe is a natural-born Filipino even if she is a foundling, in accordance with pertinent provisions of the Philippine Constitution, customary international law and domestic laws.

    Poe’s critics have argued that for being a foundling with no known biological parents, she could not claim being a natural-born Filipino.

    The senator’s lawyer said the Comelec has no jurisdiction to rule on Poe’s eligibility as a presidential candidate as it should only act as an “enforcer” or “administrator” of election laws.

    He added that that a presidential candidate’s qualifications could only be assailed before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET, but only after elections are over or once the presidential candidate has been proclaimed as the winner.

    “The power to pass upon the qualifications of a candidate for President who does not clearly fall under [pertinent Omnibus Election Code provisions], is not a power granted to the Comelec. The Constitution vests the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over questions relating to qualifications of the [candidate in]the Supreme Court sitting as the PET,” Garcia said.

    Just answer DQ charges
    Malacañang on Monday scored Poe’s camp for implicating the Liberal Party (LP) in what her supporters suspect to be a demolition job against the senator.

    “It’s unfair, it’s unfair for them, for their camp to attribute it to our… to the Liberal Party… the President [Benigno Aquino 3rd] explained it sufficiently,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters.

    According to him, the “best way” for Poe’s camp to settle the matter is to just face and answer the allegations squarely, especially the issues pertaining to her citizenship and residency.

    “So perhaps the best way… like I saw partly [in]their press briefing, they said they have evidence to present [in connection with]the motion for reconsideration. So, let them just explain and present their case before the Comelec or before whatever tribunal that they are supposed to appear [in]and instead of just blaming everyone else for what’s happening to them right now,” Lacierda said.

    At the same time, the Palace official added that they take “in good faith” all the issues concerning Poe, who was originally asked to run under the LP as the running mate of LP standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd.

    Lacierda particularly chided Poe’s running mate and fellow senator Francis Escudero for claiming that the administration is behind the smear job against her.

    “[It] is really unfair for us, for this administration, to say that we’re behind all [these]campaign[s]to disqualify Sen. Grace Poe. We took it in good faith. The President took it in good faith [that]her concerns were being addressed already by the lawyers,” he pointed out.

    Lacierda noted that neither the President nor the LP raised the issue on residency against Poe but the Binay camp.

    “[It’s not our fault that there was a problem with her COC and about the residency requirement]… At the time when she filled that up, she was running as a senator. Did she have in mind that she was running for President three years after that, three years later when she filled that up? That’s not something for us to answer,” he said.

    “What we’re saying is that we were not the ones who caused all this situation. Somebody raised that issue and it’s not the Liberal Party, it’s Congressman Toby Tiangco [from the Binay camp]who raised that issue. So don’t attribute to us the misfortune that Sen. Grace Poe is now experiencing,” Lacierda added.

    Trillanes to the rescue
    Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th also on Monday said the citizenship and residency issues thrown against Poe are very shallow and are part of political propaganda.

    Trillanes, an independent vice presidential candidate, compared the presidential debates in the United States with the debates that are happening in Philippine politics.

    “These debates [in the US]actually are a form of commitment. If they commit to a particular policy issue, they will hold on to that. Here, we don’t have that. What we have is a debate on citizenship. It’s so shallow, very shallow,” he said.

    Agreeing that citizenship is an important issue, Trillanes insisted that it is obvious that Poe is a Filipino, despite rumors saying her parents are foreigners.

    He said Poe’s facial features are distinctly those of a Filipino.

    Poe’s residency in the Philippines, according to Trillanes, started in 2005 when she “pulled out her children from the US and enrolled them here [the Philippines]” in that year.



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    1. “An honest mistake” is the usual excuse and defense of malfeasance. It is the same as PNoy when he said that the DAP and PDAF were honest mistakes and done in good faith. Atty. Garcia should advice Mrs. Grace Llamanzares to pull out and quit from her plan to become President for now because her alibi will not work. They can prepare for 2012.

    2. Rodan Guerrero on

      Many do not know that Grace Llamanzarez job in the US is being a NANNY! I repeat, her all time work in the US is as a NANNYI I hpe everybody knows what is a NANNY. This is her qualification to become President of the Philippines. OMG! what is happening to the Philippines?

    3. Her papers show she has been a resident here since 2005. Comelec’s decision is truly a disservice to the Filipinos and is an unfair judgement for senator poe. I believe her that she never intended to deceive anyone.

    4. Applying the case of Maquiling vs. Comelec (where a candidate used a US Passport after he re-acquired his Filipino citizenship and renounced his foreign citizenship), to the case of Sen Poe, for her to run as President in 2016, she must have renounced and resided in the Philippines exclusively as a Filipino for at least 10 years. Since by her own admission, she only renounced her US citizenship on 2010, she will be short by four years of the residency requirement for the post of president. This is because the dual citizenship law reckons compliance for candidates for elective posts only from the time they became exclusively Filipino citizen.

    5. Yong abogado ni Poe ay ginagago ang mga Pilipino lalo na ang mga miyembro ng Comelec na nagbaba ng desisyon na kontra kay Poe. Naturingang sila ay abogado, hindi pala marunong mag-interpret ng batas ng Pilipinas. Mga bobo sila lalo na si Poe na alam niya na hindi qualified to run as president.

    6. Senator Grace, I believe you are a natural-born Filipino citizen. We elected you as a Senator and you even garnered 20M votes. 20M registered Filipino voters know you are qualified and once again, we will be voting for you! It is unfair for them to say that you cannot run when in fact they were even asking you to be Roxas’ VP. I know you are a woman with integrity and I trust you more than them. God speed! We are with you all the way!

      • Good thing for you that being uninformed is not a crime,

        Poe had over 20 million votes when only 40% of the votes were counted, the Comelec reduced her votes so that her total didn’t amount to more votes than voters.

        Poe won because the Smartmatic voting machines had the security and accuracy components removed.

    7. Francheska Montenegro on

      Whatever negative comments you say to her. Nothing change, We still admired her because of her being brave and realistic. We want her to run as a President of our country. She has a better plan to us.

    8. honest mistake is just an alibi…Llamanzares’ senatorial COC has been sworn to and notarized.

      For Trillanes, this guy must stop talking about laws as he don’t even know what he is talking about. He must concentrate on his candidacy as VP as he is lagging behind, meaning kulelat and still in the kangkungan. The COMELEC should declare him a nuisance candidate.

    9. GIVE HER A BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT…. I think when she was running for senator, she wasn’t advised by lawyers… It was an HONEST MISTAKE, she admits it, no pretensions, no planned misrepresentation… Look and weigh every facts and evidences.. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE! Vox populi vox dei!

    10. Walden Mendoza on

      I believe Sen Grace Poe can surpass all the adversities in her candidacy! She has enough evidences to prove that she is natural born citizen and almost 10 years resident of the country! Whatever happens we still admired her for being brave! Go Sen Poe!

    11. Grace Poe Llamanzares will be doing a great service to the country and the Filipino people if she ceases and desists to continue with her being too ambitious just because she was No. 1 in the last elections for senator.

      She did not win because of her qualifications, but she knows that she won because of the name of her adoptive father whom she claims to have started ‘something”. Ang lakas ng loob! Pinagsasamantalahan lang ang mga ‘bobotanting mahilig sa mga artista” o anak ng artista.

      What we need a staunch supporter and defender of the Philippine Constitution and not one like her who would make a “mockery” of the fundamental law of the land.

    12. How can we believe that what she stated in her CoC for Senator was in error and her CoC for President is correct? is there any evidence to prove this? The reverse may be true.
      She does not deny that she presented her American passport to the Philippinw Immigration officials whenever she entered the Philippines before she renounce her US citizenship. What did she state as purpose of her visit in the Embarkation Cards she filled out and turned in to the Immigration officials when she entered the Philippines? Visitor or returning resident?

    13. “Finish or not finish pass your paper” grade school teacher said. Pag mali answers mo ay bagsak ka and Mam Grace knows it kasi teacher siya. Pero bakit niya sasabihin “honest mistake” ang sinagot sa COC niya eh yun ang isinulat niya. Nakakahiya sa naging estudyante ni Mam Grace.

    14. The truth is that when Poe filed her candidacy for senator in 2013, she did not have a single clue that she will run for president in the next election 2016. so she just placed an honest to goodness answer in her 2013 COC for her residency..comes now 2016 election, she thought that nobody will bother look at her 2013 COC//it turned out she was wrong..now she is finding a hard time justifying her 2013 COC..typo error? even the marines will not believe you…

    15. I agree with one of the comments here, that even Obama’s citizenship was being questioned. However, Senator Poe’s camp has provided all the documents needed stating/ proving that she is a natural-born filipino and has been residing in the Philippines for 10 years since 2005. Also, if she was to falsify her documents, she would be aware of the consequences. I just hope that they would dig deeper on Senator Poe’s case!

    16. I believe on Senator Grace Poe’s honesty to clear her name. Why would she lie on the basic requirements for candidacy. The evidences she presented are enough to prove that she is qualified. But comelec being comelec, they just ignored the other evidences and just focused on one. Senator Grace Poe is not a lawyer and she has no intention of misleading the people. The real responsibility of Comelec is to correct her mistake on filling up the COC form when she ran for Senator. I have no trust on the Comelec and I hope that when this case is submitted to the SC that they will give her a fair judgement.

      • She signed and swore to the veracity of her COC in 2012! Tama na palusot ! If the senators did not allow exCJ Corona to correct the discrepancies in his SALN Grace Poe Llamanzares should not be allowed to correct her COC filed in 2012! Good faith my foot!

    17. Maganda nag palusotmo Atty Garcia, ngunit may kasabihan na, “Action Speaks Louder than Word..” Yan ang ginawa ni Madam Llamanzares,. Hindi honest mistake yon. Deliberate mistake.

      Her rumored half-brother Sen. BBM is correct when he gave an advice to Madam Llamanzares, he said,” If you do the right thing you will be succeed in the end.” But in the other side of the coin,” If you do the bad thing you will be jailed in the end.”

      Kaya Madam Grace, do the good thing please. Admit your mistake and ask forgiveness, and you will be succeed. But if you continue to do the bad thing you will be jailed in the end. Tapos na Poe….!

    18. It’s difficult to believe Ms Grace Llamanzares has no intention to deceive the electorate. Her actions in the past; enrolling her children in the Philippine schools, buying real properties, etc. as early as 2005 are not strong indications they were establishing residence/domicile in the country. Why? Foreigners are doing it. They are making that as arguments now because of one and only one reason: quenching her thirst for the presidency. Indeed her overweening ambition has gone to her head in so short a period. She saw an opportunity of good life here when she was appointed as Chairwoman of MTRCB and later elected (or HOCUS PCOSed?) to the Senate. Even at that time, records will show she was still an American citizen. Despite renouncing American citizenship, still records showed she was using her American passport in her travel abroad. I would rather believe she planned return to the US of A had she not saw a career in politics.

      • you are right…how can Poe claim that she is establishing residence in the Phl by way if buying real estate, enrolling her children here when in the first place her husband and children refuse to give up their US citizenship unless Poe wins as President? And by the way, how can a “foreigner” such as Poe acquire real estate properties in the Phl when it is against the law? parang nag kakabuhol-buhol na yata ang dama ni Poe.

    19. I would like to suggest to Miss Poe to just accept that it was her fault and that she must stop blaming others for her own doings. I don’t want to judge her but one thing I know is this

      “When a person starts blaming others, he or she begins to lose her power to change”.

      A person that always make justification is presumed guilty.;

    20. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Lawyer Garcia of disgraced GRACE is saying that Poe committed an honest mistake. Is there such a thing as an honest mistake? When, he took the bar exam , could he have reasoned out to the examiners that he committed an honest mistake and therefore entitled to land first place? There is no such thing as an honest mistake. A mistake is a mistake as the law is the law. In fact, it was not the only occasion that disgraced GRACE lied. Her citizenship is under scrutiny. The likes of lawyer Garcia and disgraced GRACE should be branded also as “SAGUISAG ng PANGANIBan” God bless the Philippines.

    21. Francheska Ramos on

      Senator Grace Poe is already facing her disqualification charges, meaning she really has nothing to hide. I really believe that these disqualification charges were plotted to confuse her supporters of her illegibility, that somehow it’s all part of a demolition job, especially considering that these issues were non issues before she decided to run for President. Also, it looks like her detractors are just trying to eliminate her from the Presidential race, but are fine with her staying in the Senate. Fishy.

    22. I believe Senator Grace Poe has no intention to deceive us. She has been transparent in all her dealings. It is only now that questions and cases are being raised because she is the biggest threat among all the Presidential candidates. I will continue to support her and fight for my right to choose the leader I truly want. This is a democratic country. Don’t take our right to suffrage away from us.

      • 3rdworldsavage on

        Good for you. Continue to exercise your right to choose and support your own candidate. GPL did “No intention to deceived the electorate”, I agree 100%. Worse is she deceived herself into thinking she is qualified under the provisions of the constitution. That is her real problem now. Good luck to you and GPL!

    23. Itong 3 itlog na ito Thrillanes, Koko, alan nag iimbestiga palang convicted agad si VP Binay, oh my goodness si alan magaling na abogado nag tapos sa U.S. dahil dual si Citizen din ewan ko lang kong nag renounce na siya. Si koko BAR TOPNOTCHER pero ayon bobo rin pala ito convicted agad agad si Binay, ngayong lumalabas ang katotohanan 1 lang ang bank account ni VP Binay at Php1 million plus lang ang laman. susme . . .
      Convicted si Binay sa live interviews kay thrillanes, koko at cayetano nag uumpisa pa lang sa tunay na imbestigasyon ng mga katiwalian inaabot ng 2 to 3 years eto 3 itlog wala pang isang taon . . . iboto ninyo ulit

    24. Pumapasok na naman sa eksena itong si Mr. Very clean Trillanes magaling ito masyado magaling. Ok naman magaling magpagamit at manira ng tao iyang si Sen. thrill-anes.
      Sino ang gumamit sa kanya edi si Pnoy, katulong ni Pnoy si Cayetano at Si Koko, alam ba ninyo ang PDP-LABAN AY kulay liberal Party, pruweba si dating DICTADOR CORY sa panahon niya tumakbo ng Presidente pero natalo miembro ng PDP-LABAN sinaksak niya sa likod ang kakampi niya si VP Doy Laurel, si VP BINAY sinaksak din sa likod ni PNOY at ni KOKO. si cayetano nagpagamit din dahil tatakbo na vice ni Duterte oy . .oy. . .baka masaksak ka rin sa likod

    25. Grace Poe is not qualified to RUN for President according to the Philippine Constitution. Falsified the submitted form to meet residency & now acknowledging their honest mistake. She admitted the mistake but she waited long to acknowledge it after somebody exposed the wrongdoings.

      I posted several times in other newspaper months ago, that Grace Poe is just a “Saling Pusa” in the Derby likened to a child pretending & joining the 1st Grade class assuming she/he’ll be accepted/as regular student even though not qualified.

    26. Claro Apolinar on

      Liars, ;liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars,
      Liars, ;liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars,
      Liars, ;liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars, iars, liars, liars, liars, liars.

      May God smite you liars down. May god have pity on us Filipinos and preserve our nation as the Christianized Malays with a minority of MUslim Filipinos and Lumad Filipinos.

    27. What are the skills that Sen Poe can bring to the Office of the President? Is there any foundation to the suggestions that she is the daughter of a Previous President of the Philippines?

    28. Mr .Obama’s citizenship had been questioned but he was able to show
      unquestionable proof that he is a Natural born citizen. Let Ms. Poe proves she met all requirement if not then she must respect the law of the Philippines and the decision
      about her disqualification. I find it odd that she quickly and her cohorts questioned the integrity of the comelec commissioners but yet insisting that she did not lie. She is really something. Shame of them and Mr .Trillanes has started saying there will be trouble ahead. Will he start another coup de tat? just asking. He has done it before so there is no reason for him and his Magdalo group to do it again. Kung hindi makuha ang gusto kailangan manggulo.

    29. mr. trillanes, the constitution is clear. only natural born filipinos can run, win and become president of the philippines. that means, you don’t have to perfect your claim to citizenship because you were born of a woman who is a filipino citizen or that your father or both your parents are filipino citizens. the constitution did not say that you are filipino citizen because you obviously are or you look like a filipino. if you can show and prove it to me otherwise, then I will salute you. up until then, just shut the hell up. learn the constitution first before you open your mouth and start talking like you know what you’re talking about. understood?

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        You hit the nail directly to trillones’ head !!! To me, Trillones looks like a Malaysian… But, of course, that will not make Trillones a Malaysian… Understood, Trillones?!

      • Trillanes should consult with one of his 55 paid consultants like his pool cleaner or his gardener that he pays for with his monthly senate budget, maybe they can explain the constitution to him.

    30. the comelec’s decision to DQ her was very unjust/ They indeed disregarded Poe’s camp’s evidence of her intent to re-establish domicile in the Philippines. Relying on a single paper and ignoring the facts is a suspicious move by the second division.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        After voting for GPL, one could take his vote back by saying IT’S AN HONEST MISTAKE. She filled up her COC & swore under oath. After a LAPSE OF YEARS, here she comes saying I MADE AN HONEST MISTAKE so don’t pay any merit on that BUT ON WHAT I AM GAINSAYING NOW AS TRUTH to qualify me for the presidential elections. Dude !!! That is not WHITE as in Christian “white lie” !!! That is more of ANG SINUNGALING AY KAPATID NG MAGNANAKAW !!!

    31. For all the spinners of GP, your arguments does not carry any legal substance because you are looking for sympathy instead arguing your case based on settled jurisprudence. Is it on honest mistake when you filed your COC when running for senate that you are a natural born daughter of Fernando and Susan Poe? And now Trillanes, sounds like VP Binay, once cornered, a very convenient answer, Politics lang yan. No wonder, the electorate are confused.

      • If you use your US passport to enter United States, you consider yourself US citizen, if not, the US Immigration Bureau will not let you enter without a visa from the country you came from. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        Even Senator Lapid, a high school graduate DID NOT HAVE as much paid consultants as Trillanes !!!

    32. Just answer the question Ms Poe Llamanzares! Your act speaks for it self ! You signed your COC you filed 2 different birth certificates , you continue to use your US passport until Dec 2009! Good faith blah blah is not a defense.. and Mr Trillanes just shut up , you cannot even mount a successful Coup and you are a failure a an unofficial envoy to China. Mr Trillanes just explain to the public why you employed your driver as a consultant

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        what kind of advice would a senator get hiring his driver as consultant?! No wonder Trillanes got so much bling bling in his arguments.

      • Trillanes house boy is one of his consultants, This guy has a lot of nerve calling other people corrupt.

    33. No intention to deceive the electorate? A big question. She is an educated individual. A person holding a high position in gov’t. A Senator. A lawmaker. And she does not know the rule? She does not understand the Constitution? I think, I knew about the Constitution way back when I was in High School. Is she another gov’t official whose excuse for avoiding any wrongdoings is by being on denial. Or like some of the Senators who are facing graft charges related to the PDAF that they did not know or signed those documents. That someone, somehow, forged their signatures. She has been in Ph. politics for a short period of time. But, she surely learned fast.

    34. Who are more knowledgeable about the laws of the Philippines? The justices of the Supreme Court or the politicians (including the corrupt) who interpret the laws at their own benefits. Llamanzares insistence to qualify her to become president drove her on his ambitions to become president even if he is not qualified under the Constitutional rules because of the early surveys. What happens if she ranks #3 or 4 in the surveys by March 2016? What happens to the surveys if they use Llamanzares instead of Poe? What is the legacy of FPJ that Llamanzares is insisting to continue if elected? Is it the making of fantasy movies? Was Llamanzares experience as a pre-school nanny enough to be president of the Philippines? Llamanzares should withdraw from her candidacy and let Escudero display his own motives (like jumping to the party of Binay).

    35. Justin Francois on

      Why would she lie? In the first place the issue on the passport use is not that controversial for the comelec. The residency issue also is a pure black propaganda targeting Poe to be disqualified. Still, Grace Poe remained composed. She is smart, caring, simple have what it takes to be the next president that is able to make everyone inspired and see a gleam of light and a lantern of hope for the abused Philippines

      • There is nothing wrong to be ambiitous, but when someone try to wrong the right, you called him or her opportunist.

    36. The COC of presidential candidate is like buying an airline ticket on line and charging it your credit card. Example, a passenger buying ticket for Cebu thru on line made a mistake of putting his destination to Bacolod and charging it to his credit card. On the date of his departure to Cebu the airline will never allow him to board the plane because his ticket is for Bacolod. This is an example of minor mistake but definitely he never be allowed to board because of simple mistake.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        If SET had their way, they’ll arrange the matter for GPL, the American, to board the flight to her destination… What say you, Digong?!

    37. Justin Francois on

      She really is innocent. Why would she lie? She is the purest among the presidential candidates. And it is not a big deal with the Comelec in the first place, not until someone wanted her out and did everything just to DQ Grace Poe. Grace Poe truly deserves the presidential seat because of her tenacity, strong will, skillful, smart and considerate. She should really be the Philippines’ next president

    38. May second time kaya? Baka when asked why she renounced her USA citizenship, Grace’s response : “Honest Mistake!”