• No manhunt for SAF killers but Senate witchhunt is on


    President Noynoy got the three stooges at the Senate moving to effect the arrests of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and revive the spectacle of Binay probe to somehow downplay or soften the impact of the Maguindanao massacre of at least 43 members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF).

    Totally insensitive
    In the wake of the tragedy that befell our policemen in the hands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), President Noynoy’s cronies continue their vaudeville at the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee in an effort to generate sound bites.

    Instead of honoring the massacred law enforcers, the Commander-in-Chief did not immediately issue a statement and tended to give more credence to the MILF claim the SAF failed to coordinate their operation thus it resulted in a “mis-encounter.”

    At least 43 PNP troops mowed down just like the Ampatuan, Maguindanao massacre-part one.

    Malacañang now even appears to be apologetic to the MILF to whom it has begged to make peace with.

    The public eye is on President Noynoy who is in a predicament whether to scrap the Bangsamoro deal altogether or to go on with what would have been a railroaded sellout.

    More than anything, the Bangsamoro peace deal, now facing derailment, is a major “public relations” deal for the Noynoy administration.

    That is why the ever so-busy “damage control unit” at Malacañang had to have the three stooges at the Senate perform their vaudeville act, more aptly their “moro-moro” act.

    Unfortunately, the Senate blue ribbon sub-komikeros were upstaged by Sen. Tito Sotto who questioned the authority behind the arrest warrant against Junjun Binay.

    The witchhunt at the Senate has apparently turned into a cheap farce that sadly even the mainstream media buy into.

    But there will be no manhunt for the butchers of the 43 or so SAF policemen who fell into a trap in Mamaspano, Maguindanao on Sunday.

    Neither destined for ‘Coconut Palace’
    “If the Vice President’s enemies succeed in derailing his candidacy next year and neither would the very popular Senator Grace Poe take the cudgel against the elite, then I would run,” Estrada was quoted as saying.

    So now, Sec. Mar Roxas also has Erap’s possible run next year to worry about.

    I’m not going to blame Mar if he eventually says he’s not “destined” to become President Roxas.

    Also, Erap for the first time criticized President Noynoy and the Liberal Party (LP) for exploiting the sympathy of the people over the death of his mother, Tita Cory, in running for president in 2010.

    “President Aquino was not well known in the country. Had his mother not passed away, he will not become president,” said Estrada.

    Aquino replaced the underdog Roxas as LP candidate.

    Forced out of office by the “EDSA 2” People’s Revolt, Erap blamed “sympathy votes” spurred by media hype after Tita Cory died of colon cancer in August 2009.

    He said “LP power brokers” ascertained his landslide victory over Roxas so they prodded Aquino, who rather maintained a passive profile throughout his congressional terms, to run for president with Roxas as running-mate.

    Unfortunately for Mar, he was not even destined to become Vice-President Roxas.



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    1. a true leader would have ordered a “search and destroy” operation, talk later.

      the president and DILG secretary talk first, blame the victims just like last time when Marines were mowed down and sacrifice the career officers to assuage the
      extremists. Shame on these Liberals !