No more ‘tanim bala’, govt assures passengers


    The traveling public was assured by the government on Thursday that no passenger will be arrested, detained or charged in court even if ammunition is found in his or her luggage by airport security personnel.

    Police Aviation Security Group director Senior Supt. Mao Aplasca said passengers will be allowed to travel provided that no firearm is confiscated together with the ammunition.

    “Tanim bala (bullet-planting) modus operandi is a thing of the past and we assure the public that they need not worry that they will miss their flight or get arrested at our airport for possession of an ammunition,” Aplasca said.

    He said the new directive was relayed to the Philippine National Police by Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.

    Tugade, in a radio interview on Thursday, vowed to end the bullet-planting modus operandi.

    The former Clark Special Economic Zone president also announced that the country’s airport terminals will have free and fast wi-fi internet connections for passengers within the new administration’s first 100 days.

    The Transportation department previously announced that it would provide free wi-fi connections in the Metro Rail Transit line.

    Aplasca clarified that airline passengers caught in possession of ammunition will undergo immediate profiling, and if established that they are not connected with any terrorist or criminal group or do not have any criminal intention in possession of the ammunition, they will be immediately released and allowed to board their flights.

    Aplasca said the Avsegroup has the capability to determine if a passenger is a member of a terrorist or criminal syndicate through profiling or background investigation.

    He added that a joint security team composed of the Manila International Airport Authority, Department of Tourism and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines will conduct regular security planning for a more coordinated security scheme at the airport.


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    1. what a smack in the face of the previous administration. goes to show how incompetent they were.

    2. Mabait na Pinoy on

      Philippines will be once again, the favorite destination for foreign tourists, balikbayans, and OFWs on leave. Last year, thousands of OFWs and balikbayans were not able to celebrate the Chrismas Holidays there because of the “tanim bala,” engineered by Angel Honorado.

    3. Thank you! There’s nothing more scary than missing a flight, lost a job then ultimately go to jail for something an individual never did on the first place. Travellers are well aware of what not to bring to any airport I will emphasize that ANY airport! Most ticket issuers have a list of what not to bring be it check-in or carry-on.

    4. Finally! a simple solution that should have been implemented; but, was not, due to reasons known to everyone.The previous admin didn’t want to issue such simple directive to stop the scheme because it will cut to their share of the take.

      To the perpetrators, may you suffer difficulties in life more than what your innocent victims had suffered.