‘No need for coup, gov’t self-destructing’


THERE is no need to stage a coup against President Rodrigo Duterte because his administration is capable of destroying itself, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th said on Tuesday.

The senator was responding to an allegation that he is one of those who are plotting a coup against the administration because he and the other plotters are not happy with the way Duterte is running the country.

“[That is not true. There is no need to launch a coup against this government because (it is already) self-destructing],” Trillanes said in an interview.

According to the senator, the current administration is dragging the whole country down and it is even blaming Senate hearings for it.

“It is not the hearings in the Senate that is the source of negativity here in the country but the President,” Trillanes said.

He was referring to ongoing hearings of the Senate justice committee on the allegedly increasing number of killings in the country.

Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco was earlier quoted as saying that a coup d’etat against the Duterte administration is possibile because there are personalities like Trillanes and the Liberal Party (LP) that are unhappy with the way the President is leading the country.

Trillanes did not only dismiss the allegation but also insisted that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) would not allow such movement to prosper.

To the credit of the previous Aquino administration, the senator said, the military has remained loyal to the chain of command.

“They [AFP] will move as one and they will follow the chain of command for as long as the chain of command is true to the mandate to the states and to the Filipino people,” he added.

Professor Ramon Casiple, in an interview, said an extra-constitutional move to oust the elected government is always possible but it does not mean that it is doable.

Casiple added that he does not see the Duterte administration self-destructing at this point but he did not elaborate.

“Self-destruction may be possible but not probable,” he said in a text message.


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  1. The way Senators De Lima and Trillanes conduct themselves in the Senate’s investigation on the alleged “EJK” , it seems to me that both of the good Senators are the ones who are “self-districting” themselves.

    From the very start of the investigation (when Senator De Lima was still the Chairwoman of the Committee) brought the witness(Mr. Edgar Matobato) without first informing the members of the Committee…an indication that she had something in her mind , in collaboration with Senator Trillanes, aside from investigating in aid of legislation.

    During the course of the investigation, each time Mr. Edgar Matobato was cornered by the questions of Senator Cayetano, both Senators De Lima and Trillanes were always there to rescue Mr. Matobato (A lawyering which is forbidden in such a Senate investigation in aid of legislation).

    These actuations of the two good Senators continued, even after Senator De Lima was replaced by Senator Richard “dick” Gordon as Chairman of the Investigating Committee.

    In another Senate Forum , where other issues concerning government programs were supposed to be discussed…the good Senator Trillanes gave a privilege speech still defending Mr. Edgar Matobato… WOW !!! is that not what we call OUT of ORDER ?

    Now , who are self-distructing themselves?

  2. The only thing self destructing here is their bid to turn the EJK inquiry into an Impeachment proceeding.

  3. It seems like the tandem of Delima and Trillanes are “self-destructing”. The DU30 administration is doing well and the named Senators will be punished by the Senate.

  4. This sick little gangsta madman is going to pull the Philippines all the way down to hell.back down
    into the pits of hell.

  5. This is one of the rare times i have to agree with Sen. Trillanes.

    The Duterte administration seems intent on removing peoples rights in clear violation of the laws or the country and the constitution.

    Duterte is isolating the country undermining relations with the western allies with daily hate speeches against the US, Europe and the United Nations. The latest one telling the US President to go to hell because the US won’t sell him missiles.

    What has Duterte accomplished besides increasing the pay of the army and police who carry out his policies of killing drug suspects ?

    Duterte had the Chinese government for building him a rehabilitation camp stating that China is the only one helping the Philippines and America just gave principles of law and nothing else.”)

    Besides killing people and building a reeducation camp what is Duterte’s administration trying to accomplished ?

  6. “It is not the hearings in the Senate that is the source of negativity here in the country but the President,” Trillanes said.

    >>> Trillanes still a hypocrite !!! He and Liela D5 are those who are fond of giving negative statements to foreign media and journalist with the assistance of some local media personalities. They always do an exaggerations words and figures.