No need for martial law – Duterte


HE may be known as a leader with an iron fist, but Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday gave assurances that he will not impose martial law if he wins to enable him to implement his anti-crime and anti-illegal drug programs.

The presidential bet made the statement during a meeting with residents of Barangay 188 in Pasay City (Metro Manila) as part of his “Ronda Serye” listening tour.

“Alam mo, gamitin mo lang ’yung batas, hindi mo na kailangan mag-diktador [You know, just enforce the law, you need not be a dictator],” Duterte said.

Maraming batas, hindi lang nga sinusunod. ’Pag sumunod lang kayo sa batas, eh di lahat tayo okay na [You know, you just have to implement the law, you do not need to be a dictator. Many laws are not being properly implemented. Just follow the law and we will all be okay],” he added.

Duterte’s running mate, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, said critics associate Duterte with martial law to demolish the mayor’s image.

“’Yung nagkakalat ng martial law, ’yun ’yung naninira kay mayor at gustong mag-create ng fear [Those raising the martial law bogey are those detractors who want to create fear],” Cayetano added.

“Kailangan ba ng martial law para i-solve ang problema? Kailangan mo lang ng malasakit [Do we need martial law to solve the problem? We just need concern from our leaders],” the senator said.

Last month, Duterte said he will declare martial law as an “extreme option” and its imposition will have to meet some conditions.

One situation that would compel him to resort to martial law is a constitutional crisis brought by conflicts between the executive and legislative branches regarding allocation and release of budgets.

“If you threaten me with impeachment and create a constitutional crisis, I will be forced to declare a revolutionary government,” Duterte said.

He and Cayetano vowed to wage a war against crime and illegal drugs by mobilizing the military and police.

The Davao mayor set a three to six months’ “restriction period” for him to ensure that people will immediately feel the effects of his campaign.


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  1. Mayor I know you have a soft spot in your heart with a leadership that our country needs…… yan ay ang pagmamahal mo sa mga Pilipino at sa ating bansa. SANA MANALO KA WITH VICE PRESIDENT EXCEPT TRILLANES… SANA PO!

  2. wala na kung ibang susuportahan pa kundi ang tandem ng duterte-cayetano lng,dahil sa kanila lng malaki ang tiwala ko na tutulungan nila ang bansa para umangat,uunlad narin ang bansa natin pag sila ang mamumuno.

  3. duterte-cayetano lng ang tunay na magbabago sa bansa,sila lng ang tanging pag asa ng lahat,dahil sila lng ang my matibay at malinis na hangarin para miangat ang bansa sa kahirapan,kya patuloy pa natin silang suportahan patungo sa tunay na pagbabago.

  4. What a pity..Cayetano is just repeating what comes out from Duterte. He doesn’t have his own agenda on how he can help the president in making life for the people better than it is now. Too weak a leader…paano ka iboboto kung lelempoy lempoy ka Mr. Cayetano?

    • I beg to disagree. My view is by far, Cayetano remains to be the most capable of all the other candidates from all levels of the national government. Be it intelligence, wit, straight talk or otherwise. Were Digong runs short he fills up. Digong, on the other hand, may not be eloquent but he is the WILL and the strong arm behind their platform on governance. All you need is to listen to what he has to say and not be influenced by your biases.

  5. tama si mayor hindi n kailangan at walang magaganap n martial law kung may mabuting implementasyon ang ating bansa kung ang namumuno ay may magaling at hindi labag sa pagbabago

  6. Sila talaga ang kailangan para masugpo ang mga krimen at ilegal na droga dito sa atin. Galit sila sa mga kriminal. Ayaw nila sa drugs and crimes. Duterte-Cayetano lamang ang tambalang aangat sa Pinas.

  7. Sa pagresolba ng gulo sa bansa, hindi na uubra ang pwede na o konting pagbabago. Ang kailangan ay matapang na solusyon at mabilis na aksyon para magkaroon ng tunay na pagbabago. Duterte-Cayetano for the win!

  8. nasasabik na ako sa mga plano nila mayor duterte at sen.cayetano sana manalo sila para mabawasan na ang krimen sa bansa natin

  9. Rosauro Feliciano on

    Everyone wants drastic changes and the one who can do this is Duterte for sure. We want those who are responsible in forcing our marginalized people to dwell on street corners must accept changes so there will be equal distribution of wealth in this country. We are tired of old politicians who have been in power for so long and doing nothing but to enrich themselves.