• No need to imitate any style to beat Mayweather – Roach

    Freddie Roach (left) and Manny Pacquiao. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Freddie Roach (left) and Manny Pacquiao. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Veteran trainer Freddie Roach believes that Manny Pacquiao doesn’t need to imitate any fighter or emulate any boxing style to defeat the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their much-awaited bout on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Roach is reacting to the comment of trainer Robert Garcia that Pacquiao could use the game plan of his ward Marcos Maidana to beat Mayweather.

    “The only things I learned from the two Mayweather-Maidana fights was that Floyd was hittable,” the seven-time Boxing Writers Association of America Trainer of the Year, Roach, told The Manila Times during a phone interview.

    Maidana gave Mayweather some problems in their two bouts last year but the reigning World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association super welterweight champ was still able pull off unanimous decision wins.

    “Maidana and Manny have such different styles of fighting that whatever his plan was it wouldn’t be adoptable for Manny,” said Roach. “Manny just needs to be Manny in that fight. He doesn’t need to adopt any boxer’s fighting style to beat Floyd.”

    Garcia said recently in a radio interview that Pacquiao could copy the way Maidana applied pressure on Mayweather in their two fights.

    “I think, just like Maidana did the first time, put all that pressure. Stay on him, don’t give him any time to breathe, that’s the only way,” Garcia told ESNews. “We were close, we almost pulled it off.”

    “That’s the only way, what else? Or somebody smarter than him, but there’s nobody out there smarter than him right now. Manny has the style because he throws a lot of punches. He’s just going to throw hundreds of punches compared to Mayweather’s one or two here and there.”

    Roach said that he specifically picked young fighters that emulate Mayweather’s style as Pacquiao’s sparring mates.

    “We prefer sparring mates who are fresh, strong and will challenge Manny by emulating various aspects of Mayweather’s style,” he said. “Tune in on May 2. Manny has waited five years for the chance to show Mayweather what a professional tastes like. Manny is going to serve it up piping hot.”

    Roach also said that Pacquiao’s religious zeal, as an Evangelical Christian would not affect his aggressiveness as a boxer.

    “Manny knows how to balance this. I have no worries about him going for the knockout when the opportunity presents itself,” said Roach.


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    1. Roach should go back to Mayweather’s earlier because he is going to his old ways when he was fighting at the lower weights where his skills, speed and power are evident fighting smaller guys or his size.

    2. I agree with Robert Garcia. Pressure, don’t let him breathe so as not to allow him to think, is they to defeat Mayweather. Maidana was so effective because of his notorious massive power while having improved defensive skills which was evident in the first fight. Pressure is what beats Mayweather ONLY IF it goes with POWER. Pressure without enough power is ineffective and will leave yourself open for counters and even a knockout especially if the one who counters has good power. I can’t say Maidana’s style of pressure will be appropriate for Pacquiao to employ cuz Maidana punches like a Middleweight, while Pacquiao doesnt pack a punch at Welter. Pacquiao can use his own style of pressure with lateral movement but has to improve his power so as to discourage Floyd to put his combinations. His ability to cut off the ring fight inside will better his chances while improving his defense to preserve his energy and power. Hurt his arms to lessen his power and go to the body before going to the head. I believe that Floyd will put his punches in bunches/combinations in this fight and pressure Manny that’s why they focused more on power training becuz they know that Pacquiao can get hurt and no longer has a good chin. And Floyd will enter the fight in his true weight (around 160lbs) to impose his will. Floyd doesn’t allow himself to be weighed during fight night so as to give the impression that he is small compared to his opponent, to make him look good. Trust me that if Floyd doesn’t respect Pacquiao’s power, it will be a long night for Pacquiao or it will be a short night ending in KO. So he has to come in GREAT physical condition with GOOD power that Floyd can respect. They should note that Floyd has fought bigger opponents than Manny’s opponents were, so Manny should not boast or become too confident coming into the fight.

    3. If pimples appear on Mayweathers body come fight time, i would really believe it now as a sign of PEDs use. Something should be done by USADA or VADA once they are found in either of the fighters. Cleaning of the sports should be prioritized no matter whoever gets affected so changes for the better is realized.

    4. Roach must be foolish not to study styles that would be effective against Floyd. One thing for sure is that if Pacquiao could not cut the ring effectively…then Pacquiao has zero chance of winning against Mayweather. Floyd back pedaled and side stepped not to fight back but just to frustrate his opponent, and it doesn’t matter how skilled and how great his opponent be, there simply nothing one can do so much with a boxer who don’t want to engage and will just wait for the time for his opponent to get frustrated and commit mistakes. Marquez once said “Floyd just doesn’t want you to fight” meaning, Floyd just wanted his opponent to get frustrated by his failure to cut the ring effectively. Floyd patience to wait is unparalleled while Pacquiao’s eagerness to put on a show is an obsession, a recipe for disaster on Pacquiao’s side. Pacquiao’s words about him easily beating Mayweather are simply baseless or just figments of his imagination. If it happened that somehow Pacquiao could corner Mayweather, Lamont Peterson’s blind side shots to the body and to the head is most effective against Mayweather. Mayweather had tasted those shots from Lamont himself in their sparring session before and Mayweather dreaded those shots.

    5. LeCramping James on

      Trainer Robert Garcia is on the SLOW side.
      He expected Floyd to fight the same way as the first fight in the rematch vs. Maidana. BIG mistake. JailWeather employed his ‘throw punches then clinch’ skills in the rematch. Chino had no answer and they had no back-up plans.
      Too bad ref. Kenny BrainLess allowed Floyd to ‘grab & hold’ endlessly…. tsk tsk

    6. Mayweather is determined to do everything to win this fight at all cost.
      The master plan: Money!, Armed with black check (Mayweather believed everyone have the tag price) He instructed Ariza to negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide Mayweather the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Al Haymon will be instructed to bribe the USADA staffs. If there’s no KO, all judges will declare Mayweather the winner. The 3 blind mice and the referee were amongst Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result is positive on PED. Before the fight USADA will take Pacquiao blood sample more than it required, because they mishandle it for unknown reason, so they will take it twice. (that’s what happened on Pacquiao vs Morales 1) @ fight night expect Mayweather body full of pimples, a sign of taking PED.