• No overprice in building of Makati car park


    The Commission Audit (COA) conducted 11 audits from 2008 to 2014 that found that there was no overpricing in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2 (a carpark), according to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s camp.

    “These COA reports, including one conducted by the agency’s own technical experts, are now being ignored in favor of a fast-tracked supposed special audit report that is tainted by political motives,” Tobias Tiangco, president of the Binay-led United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said on Friday.

    “Basta Binay, paspas ang COA pero hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin ang pinangako nilang COA report sa paggamit ng PDAF ng administrasyong Aquino simula 2010. Halos anim na taon na yan pero ni anino ng report wala tayong nakikita sa COA [When it comes to Binay, COA is fast but until now, the there is no COA report on the use of the Priority Development Assistance Fund of the Aquino administration since 2010 that they promised. It has been almost six years but we do not see even a mere shadow of that report],” he noted.

    According to UNA, Makati City resident auditor Cecilia Caga-anan said in the February 2014 technical audit report that the construction of the edifice was reasonably priced.

    “Based on the result of the Contract Reviews conducted by COA-TAS [Technical Audit Specialist] as presented beforehand, the contract cost of Makati City [Hall] Building [2] was considered reasonable based on COA Resolution No. 91-52 dated September 17, 1991,” it quoted the report.

    Citing Caga-anan, UNA said COA’s technical audit specialists found the contract price of the building “reasonable” in the five phases of construction.

    Tiangco had warned COA that it can be held liable for allegedly violating its resolution and its own rules for supposedly releasing an incomplete audit report on the Makati City Hall Building 2.

    He was referring to a 2015 COA resolution, which stated that it was necessary for the state auditing body to uphold political neutrality by implementing measures meant to prevent circumstances that may impair its independence, neutrality and professionalism.

    “This project has passed 11 regular audits. It is very clear that [that]special audit team was created for the ‘special’ purpose of being used as demolition team against VP [Vice President] Binay,” Tiangco said.

    He added that his request was not intended to hamper COA’s exercise of its mandate, “but to ensure the political neutrality of the commission during the election period.”

    Meanwhile, Binay also on Friday slammed the Office of the Ombudsman for allegedly being part of a supposed demolition job against him.

    He said the process at COA was not finished yet and that the report was just the panel’s report.

    “There is still a procedure awaited there, a motion for reconsideration to the commission. So it’s not a finished product. The Ombudsman is really part of the conspiracy of demolition, they jumped the gun again… because the debate is near,” Binay added, referring to the presidential debate on March 20.


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    1. opinionated na pinoy on

      The Binay Boys and Binay himself, are making a lot of noise again, trying to convince the general public that the Ombudsman is part of the “supposed” demolition job against him. They are nervous because the survey results is NO longer showing that Binay is leading a comfortable lead in spite of spending over P1.3 Billion in campaign advertisements. Deep inside their hearts, they are all aware that Jojo Binay will be arrested within 24 hours if he doesn’t win the election. Therefore, they are trying to get public sympathy by making NON-SENSE accusations.

      • Because its true.. Sangkot si morales sa demolition job. After being appointed by Pnoy, inumpisahan na ang demolisyon! Another thing, COA na yan, baka sabihin nyo gawa gawa lang ang balitang to. Aba, mawawalan na talaga ng credibility ang lahat ng ahensya natin! Que horror Pilipinas na ito! Haha

        Oh, before i forget, kakatutok nga pala ng AMLC sa paninira kay Binay, ayun, robbery just right under their nose LUSOT!!

    2. For comparison, the University of the Philippines BGC campus, with 11 level, the same number of levels as the Makati Carpark building, cost just P400 million pesos to construct and was finished wthin two years

    3. Makati car park is overpriced. I am working in a construction firm here in Saudi Arabia and I know the cost of a 5 star hotel which you can compare to that Makati car park building. Politicians really can change black to white and white to black.

      • Listen to Toby Tiangco talk, I can only smile when he defends Binay because what Toby said is always beyond reason. He is like talking to stupid listeners and you will not notice this in his face which appears like he is telling the truth. Readers, look at Toby’s face, this is the face of a person that you should not vote and he looks really funny. I guess there are some people that are gullible because he still is elected.

    4. Si Mr. Tiangco inutil din ito. Si Mrs. Caga-anan kasabuat sa kalokohan sa pag gawa nang Makati Park Bldg. 2. Atsaka preliminary audit pa lang iyon. Bobolagin pa ni Mr. Tiangco ang mga pinoy.

      • If the amount is very small, auditors call it immaterial amounts but if the amounts are 2 billion pesos overpriced, it is impossible to hide. In accounting terms, there are fraudulent transactions exists. It also cannot be called honest mistakes. I believed that there were COA auditors involve because the actions went on for years unnoticed. Same as the PDAF scandals , there were corrupt COA auditors involved. I guess there were 10 terminated COA auditors in the PDAF scandal. This is probably what Mr Tiangco is stating on 11 previous audit findings.