No to Philippines’ hosting of 2019 SEA Games



(Part 2)
I will present in this column private messages I received as well as interesting posts in social media verbatim concerning the first part of this article. Discussions on whether the country should push through hosting the 2019 SEA Games is really heating up. Read on:

“Nikki Coseteng: Chairman ramirez !!!! You are correct !! DO NOT HOLD SEA GAMES HERE !! It will EXPOSE HOW ROTTEN THE POC IS TO the World!!! If we want to promote tourism … … safety n security are best recruiter of tourists !!!! POC ONLY SALIVATING TO KURAKOT !!!! That’s why they want games here !! DU 3O is CORRECT !!! Don’t HOLD GAMES HERE !! Stand your ground !! Don’t cave in to schemes and PR OF POC TO GIVE THEIR SYNDICATES THE OPPORTUNITY TO GRAB AT big money FOR the CORRUPT to feast on as usual.

Dennis Principe: Here’s a suggestion Comm Maxi Green, tutal naghahanap si POC prexy ng tulay, lapit siya ke Col. Marcos, malakas ata yun ke PDigong. Set up sila ng meeting sa isang carinderia, katabi ng Baybay jail sa Samar. Para masaya ;)

Perry Mequi: The beauty of the Filipino Soul is its humor that enables it to survive the vicissitudes inflicted upon it by elitists like the POC. Sana Dennis your suggestion will be considered.

Dennis Principe: Perry Mequi Haha! Oh BTW sir, can we have you on our SEAG primer? I’m one of those assigned by PTV to take charge. Hope you consider. Thanks!

Perry Mequi: Dennis Principe basta sports para sa kabataan at sa bayan, sali ako. Salamat po.

Maxi Green: Dennis Principe Brad how can Peping get MVPs support for funds, they will go private funding in their plan B Doc Perry Mequi di ba, when originally Peping chose Tv5 to cover the august games but turned around to give it to Ptv4 and Ptv4 goes to Tv5 to hire them to cover because as you know Ptv4 does not yet have the necessary equipments. Did I hear right?

Dennis Principe: From what I know Comm, PTV has good enough equipment. Not as advanced as TV5 but good enough to cover the event. PTV peeps are actually more familiar in covering the games than those working with TV5. I think TV5 would like to get involved in the coverage of basketball, for obvious reasons. ;)

Maxi Green: Dennis Principe thanks for the info, but true? made a turn around from Tv5 to Ptv4?

Dennis Principe: As far as I know, yes. :)

Eric Dimzon: What do Romasanta and Hontiveros have in common?

Sonny Baronia: Time for Peping Cojuanco to go down!!! He still owes Onyok (the olympic silver medalist in boxing) a lot of money.

Eric Dimzon: Both Romasanta and Hontiveros are presidents of two NSA’s each. They both head NSA’s that are in place because of POC.

Susan Papa: Ok po in swimming Sir Mequi, we must know who are we funding using government funds .In the recent FINA World Championship.. going on now. The swimmer placed 47 out of 52. Ok lang naman po, but what is discouraging the swimmer Jessie Lacuna is practically representing the country in almost big international competition. What seems to be dissapointing is his clocking time, kasi swimming is by time. He holds the Philippine record in 400 free with a time of 3:55.34 … that was in 2015 Sea Games, now in Fina Competition where he placed 47 out of 52 his time was 4:05, that was 10 sec slower. In Rio Olympics where PSC must already have detected he clocked 4:01 still much slower than the 2015 clocking of 3:55 two years ago. Yet how much are this swimmers recving from the government funding… how much money are we wasting!

YET the senator swimmers that started from grassroot , our very own Filipino citizen after 6 years Troy Zamora is there breaking records of Schooling the gold medalist in the Olympics even beating the famous Michael Phelps , when zamora and Schooling are of the same age. Clearly a potential swimmer. Then Jerard Jacinto only 15 years old, started from learn to swim with PSL from grassroot.. is now our best backstroker in the country. Our national team in Sea can not even produce a relay team with only 4 swimmers. Jacinto being the best backstroker could hav been part of the relay and also can swim the individual event. But why no 4 swimmers , it is just because he belongs to another association. If u expose him now ang get the early exposure then in the nxt SEA he is already fit when he is already 17, 19, 21 years old . This is something our PSC must consider po with all due respect to ALL. Kailan pa po tayo magbabago? Sino po ang tutulong sa Pagbabago. I have been saying that Sea Games is an easy task , kasing lakaki lang natin sila, look at Pacquiao he is not only beating the Sea , the Asian but the ENTIRE WORLD po!

But unless and untill you remove the exclusivity which the POC run its system sa putikan po tayo lahat pupulutin! Para saan pa po na ang training ng athletes, which we even created Philippinine Sports Institute for Excellence, if the one sending Athletes in international competition is EXCLUSIVE po to its members (POC ). We must implement our Philippine Constitution , the supreme law of the land. No one is exempted sa BATAS ng Pilipinas not even SPORTS.

POC is saying that NO Government intervention otherwise Philippines will be suspended.. What are they doing NOW asking an audience before our President, is that not government intervention ! ! ! A clear government intervention indeed! We MUST CHANGE NOW and FEAR NOT TO THIS CHANGES!

As you dear president Duterte said he will protect the state in its people even it can cost his LIFE!!! Those who are in SPORTS for the sake of our country PLEASE the CHANGE MUST BE NOW. Marami po salamat at Mabuhay po ang PILIPINAS!

Perry Mequi: Because of the VOTES in POC elections

Nino Buencamino Sinco: Make Butch R POC President and PSC Exec Director — then no problem between the two organizations. Just like when Mike Keon was President of POC and ExDirector of Gintong Alay. Maxi Green Karla Kintanar-Fernandez

Charly Holganza: The Prez should insist on hosting the Games! On the following conditions: peping to resign as POC, all NSAs to hold new elections to eliminate the bata-bata of peping, then POC to have a new election. Let’s see if Peping is noble enough and willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of pushing through with the Games.

Ademar Yan Adaza Ochotorena: maybe yang pera na yan na makurakot sa SEA games ay nakalaang hihigaan nya kasama sa kabaong nya, ooops, we are talking 2019, aabot pa kaya?. feeling immortal ang pisiti.

Edgardo Cantada: I have never felt Cojuangco to be invincible — the reason I initiated the filing of charges against him and his cohorts in court. I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT THE EVIL DOINGS WOULD SURELY CATCH UP WITH THE EVIL DOER! Maraming salamat po El Presidente!“


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