• No politicians in Binay Cabinet


    There will be no politicians in the Cabinet of Vice President Jejomar Binay should he win the presidency in the 2016 elections.

    “Under a Binay administration, there will be no politicians in my Cabinet,” the Vice President said during a speech at the Wallace Business Forum in Makati City (Metro Manila) on Thursday.

    “We shall make sure that all Cabinet officials are the best and brightest in their area of specialization, with vast experience in professional and public management, and guided mainly by competence, integrity and decisiveness. We shall bring in former Cabinet and senior government members,” he added.

    During the forum, he outlined his platform of government as he declared a Binay administration will be different from that of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    “What can the business sector expect from a Binay presidency? I do not just plan or promise, I get things done,” the Vice President said.

    According to him, he shall “periodically meet and consult… the business sector” to listen to their thoughts and insights.

    “We shall allow businessmen, our partners in economic growth and development, to freely say the good and the bad. Together, we can arrive at more win-win situations,” he said.

    Binay added that he will also convene the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (Ledac) and the Judicial Executive Legislative Advisory Council (Jelac) “as often as necessary, but at least quarterly.”

    According to the Vice President, this will “promote a better understanding on key issues requiring the support of the judiciary and Congress.”

    A regular meeting with the Ledac and Jelac, he said, will also “facilitate a consensus and even faster, but sound, decision on key policy issues,” as well as project a favorable image to the investor community “that the three branches of government are working closely together.”

    “For instance, the controversy over the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP could have been prevented or even resolved properly if only the President had consulted the judicial and legislative branches,” Binay pointed out.

    The DAP, supposedly an economic stimulus, was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court earlier in the year.

    Binay said his administration will also “honor the sanctity of contracts, which was not displayed in the contracts of this administration with the MRT 3 maintenance provider, among others.”

    MRT 3 is the Metro Rail Transit 3, an elevated train system which has been criticized for poor service and high fares.

    Some of its top officials have been accused of multimillion bribery by the former ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Philippines.

    Moreover, the Vice President said there shall be a sense of urgency in all government processes required in the business registration system.

    “From 16 steps over 34 days, we shall work toward reducing it to six steps over eight days to further improve the country’s competitiveness,” he added.

    If the basic requirements have been met, provisional permits shall be issued, Binay said.
    If there is no decision from a certain department or agency within a certain number of days, he added, the application will be considered as good as approved so as not to stall the process.

    Binay said his long experience in local governance has also taught him the importance of “continuity, predictability and sustainability.”

    “Development is a product of continued implementation of good reforms, embedded with new ones,” he noted.

    “For instance, we should strive to further improve the country’s competitiveness rankings.
    From 2011 to 2015, the Philippines has moved up a total of 53 notches in the ease of doing business report. We shall continue reforms, spearheaded by the National Competitiveness Council, in order to push the country in the top third of the global rankings in 2016,” Binay said.

    “We shall continue to implement the PPP [Public-Private Partnership] program as long as the projects are above-board and will truly benefit Filipinos,” he added.

    “We shall actively push for the enactment of pending bills, such as amendments to the build-operate-transfer law and the right-of-way bill, to address the inadequacies and several delays experienced under the current administration,” the Vice President said.


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    1. Binay must have realized that it would be bad to have a TraPo like himself who’s part of the Cabinet for 5+ yrs but accomplished nothing meaningful and did not really work, instead went to public markets to prematurely campaign at the expense of the tax payers while pretending to be working.