• No power in Duterte country!


    THE daily absence of electric power for several hours in Davao City is causing a lot of tension in this bailiwick of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte.

    Former Speaker Prospero “Boy Nogie” Nograles, Jr. was straightforward with his suspicions on this unwelcome power failure in the city.

    “Five hours of brownout in a livable city is sabotage against Duterte and the people of Davao City,” charged Nograles, who also hails from the city.

    Well, if misery loves company, then the people of Davao could be comforted by the fact that most of Mindanao is also reeling from power outages. Oops, I take that back.

    Mindanao is believed to be part of the Duterte country, so the island-wide power outages could only heighten fears that some election operators have something in store for Duterte.

    I wouldn’t blame former Speaker Boy Nogie and other Duterte leaders and followers for entertaining such thoughts. After all, power failure had been a favorite weapon of election cheaters. Lately, this scheme is also employed against some candidates.

    Sen. Bongbong Marcos, the leading candidate for vice president, appears to be the latest victim of this dirty scheme. Last Thursday, April 14, a power shortage hit a hotel in Tagbilaran City, Bohol before his scheduled speech. The same thing happened to him at a rally site in Iloilo City last April 11 and in Negros Oriental last Wednesday, April 13. Who would believe that unexpected technical glitches were responsible for the series of power outages that has hounded Marcos?

    Definitely, power failure during the campaign and especially on Election Day is no laughing matter. The Aquino administration has been aware of the power problems besetting Mindanao since 2010 but has put in only band-aid solution. These years of neglect could only increase the passion of the people of Mindanao to put in Malacañang one of their own.

    Reelectionist Sen. Ralph Recto recognizes the dire consequences that could ensue should the power failure in Mindanao persist until May 9. He warned of dire consequences under a “no-el” or no-election scenario caused by power outages.

    “A Mindanaoan is in the ballot for the presidency. It’s a tight race. One region, one big city can make a difference on the final presidential and vice-presidential vote tally so you can just imagine the frustration of Mindanaoans if they won’t be able to vote on May 9,” Recto said

    “Frustration” is a very mild term to describe the feeling of Mindanaoans in such a situation. All hell will break loose if the Duterte fanatics won’t be able to vote for him on Election Day.

    Let’s just hope that the administration will find a solution to the Mindanao power problem even if only on Election Day.



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    1. Power outages is the name of the game come election time. When power resume, Mar Roxaz is the new Philippine President.

    2. Mindanao has always been too far away from the eyes and ears of the powers that be and I blame those people up there in Luzon for the miseries of the Mindanaons. You get headline news if power is cut for 30 minutes in Metromanila and calls for investigations abound but daily power outages of 2 to 5 hours in Mindanao is not worthy of their attention. No wonder people in Mindanao and Visayas want a President from outside of Luzon who can give equal attention and opportunities for all Filipinos.