• No proof lawmakers got kickbacks – Guingona


    THE Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has no evidence that legislators received kickbacks from the release of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel to their chosen non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

    Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, Blue Ribbon chairman, said the panel has yet to establish if the funds received by bogus NGOs were funneled back to the legislators.

    The committee has held two hearings and listened to several resource persons from the Commission on Audit (COA) and former heads of the two government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) who named at least three senators who released their PDAF to questionable NGOs.

    Former officials of the National Agribusiness Corp (Nabcor) and the Zamboanga Rubber Estate Corporation (ZREC) identified the senators as Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

    The names of the three were also prominent in the presentation of COA Chairman Grace Pulido-Tan.

    But while it was clear that dubious NGOs received millions of pesos from the lawmakers’ PDAF, it has yet to be established if the lawmakers got a “kickback” from the deal.

    “What we have established so far is that the funds ended up in the hands of the bogus NGOs, but we are yet to find out if the money stayed with the NGOs or if it was given back to the legislators,” Guingona said.

    He expressed belief that the witnesses could provide the information the committee needs to complete the PDAF money trail.

    Guingona said that even without a paper trail showing where the PDAF money ended up, the committee can still trace it by using the testimony from witnesses.

    The legislators who were implicated can attend the hearing and give their side of the story, but the panel has no intention to force them to appear, he said.

    There were reports that some members of the House of Representatives, whose names also cropped up in the Blue Ribbon hearings, were willing to appear before the committee to explain their side.

    Guingona said any senator or congressman can attend the hearing even without an invitation.

    “It’s their right whether or not to participate in the investigation but whatever happens, the investigation must go on,” he said.


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    1. Silverio Tolentino on

      The most intelligent comment for the day is from Rick Duavit– carry on Rick!

      The senate committee is dealing its investigation by stages. TG is saying that PDAF funds went to NGO,s (fake or otherwise). Next, it will find out if there are kickbacks paid to these politicians, so let us wait. Let us allow the committee to complete its job before we jump to any conclusion.

    2. What is the legality of giving PDAF to NGO’s? Why congressman (woman) give away PDAF to areas that are not Their responsibility? It means only one thing, KICKBACK. Mr. Guingona You are a fool to think that your kababayan are stupid not to understand. Shame on you.

    3. Bert O. Romero on

      This early (second hearing), TG is already laying the groundwork for the eventual exoneration of his colleagues. Shame on you ! Your father is still alive and his unassailable integrity is worth protecting and preserving. When are you due for reelection anyway? We will remember you then.

    4. Come on Mr. TG. Kaming mga ordinaryong mamamayan ay hindi bugok ng tulad ng paniwala mo. Nag-iimbistiga kuno ang committee mo para maprotektahan ang kapwa mo senatong at tonggresman. isama mo na din ang sarili mo sa imbistigasyon dahil kasama ka din sa mga corrupt. Siyempre hindi lilitaw ang pangalan mo sa coa report dahil dinoktor na yan ng malakanyang para mawala sa listahan ang mga kapwa mo kaalyado.

      Kayong mga nasa politika ay madudumi dahil kaya kayo pumasok sa politika ay dahil sa magpayaman at magpasarap sa buhay dahil sa pera na galing sa pagod at hirap ng mga mamamayan.

      Totoo siguro ang biro na ” Kung gusto mong yumaman ng walang kahiraphirap ay pumasok ka sa pulitika” heheheh!!!!

    5. Jennifer Benaldo on

      Go ako diyan sa suggestion na dapat pati mga congressmen na sinasangkot sa pork barrel fund scandal ay humarap at maimbestigahan sa Senate. Waive nila ang parliamentary immunity nila kung talagang wala silang tinatagong kalokohan. Pero dapat isama rin ang mga officials ng implementing agencies sa mga dapat imbestigahan.

    6. The Senate inquiry, last I checked, is not over yet. So far, it has however not found a direct link or trace that pork barrel funds funneled to NGOs went back to the senator. It is so easy for us to jump into hasty conclusion but neglecting in the process of verifying whether such conclusion can be well supported by strong basis or supporting evidence. Let’s continue to monitor the Senate probe, but let us not so quick to jump into conclusion. Pardon the cliche but the principle of innocent until proven guilty should prevail. If later on, they are found guilty, so let us by all means bring them to court.

    7. C’mon, Mr. Senator TG, pinoys were not born yesterday. You knew very well that kickbacks was institionalized since from the beginning of our Republic. Who will believe you with your declaration that there are no proof that money were pocketed by our professional crocs, leeches, termites or vultures people. Of course, only there loved ones & those under their payroll believes.But I am sorry to say, nobody beleives you.They may fool some people but the majority of the masses cannot and will not be fooled.What I can discern is that you are trying to do damage control and neutralize the heat as much as your committee can control. I used to hear this words from one Senator who frequently said, “Pinag-iingatan ko ang aking pangalan na huwag marumihan.” Hope, his word is the same with his action.

    8. All members of Congress should be audited relative to their pork barrels. The only elected official who pronounced to the country and said he abandoned the pork barrel was ex-Sen. Panfilo Lacson. Why would a convicted, imprisoned congressman still run for congress? Is he after the pork barrel? Why not use the pork barrel in upgrading the PN and PAF? It’s a priority for the country at this very moment because Communist China intruded inside the territorial waters of the Philippines and would not leave Bajo de Masinloc. The concrete blocks must be a concern for elected officials of the Philippine Government as well as those appointed. The 3 branches of the Philippine Government should not allow Communist China inside the 200 nautical miles of the Exclusive Economic Zone and the pork barrel must be used in procuring fighter jets asap. Stand your ground Philippines because you’ll be slave again if godless Communist China is permitted to build military structures in Bajo de Masinloc. Where are the patriotic Filipinos?

    9. TG even a moron knows that the Senators got kickbacks. Please give me a break and don’t let this slip away. This is our time to convict and prison these rotten apples or your institution will a laughing stock.

    10. Ano ba yan, anong “no proof…” its just a case of baboy protecting his fellow-baboy. The evidence is so stark- obvious to see.

      These are the times when you need Joker Arroyo to head the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.
      Kung hindi tayo kikilos para baguhing derekta ang ating pamahalaan ngayon- Habang panahon na maglulublub ang ating bayan sa pugad-baboy at ang buong buhay ng ordinaryong mamamayan ay mabubulag sa kababuyan.

      Tara na sa kalsadahan, martsa na!

    11. This Senator Teofisto Guingona III thinks that the Filipino people are idiots. Of course the committee he heads cannot find any proof if they refuse to look for it. Besides, does any thief will voluntarily leave proof when he steals? It is logic that any thief will leave no stone unturned to assure that he/she leave no proof of wrong doing.