No proof of cheating in VP race, group says

FOR LENI Leaders of Kaya Natin! led by former Sarangani Gov. Migz Dominguez (center) and Irene Tañada (left) link arms to show their support to Rep. Leni Robredo. The group maintained that no poll cheating occurred. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

FOR LENI Leaders of Kaya Natin! led by former Sarangani Gov. Migz Dominguez (center) and Irene Tañada (left) link arms to show their support to Rep. Leni Robredo. The group maintained that no poll cheating occurred. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

A movement for good governance and ethical leadership on Thursday condemned the allegations of cheating and electoral fraud made by the camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

In a news conference, Kaya Natin! board member former Sarangani governor Migz Dominguez said the Marcos camp has not presented any concrete evidence to back up its claim.

“As with any accusation made, we challenge the Marcos camp to justify their allegations with facts and not just mere hearsay. We take offense at the fact that the Marcos camp has alluded that there was cheating in Mindanao, which gave rise to Leni’s lead. Huwag ninyo kaming tawaging mandaraya, [Don’t call us cheats]” Dominguez said, referring to Rep. Leni Robredo, Marcos’ closest contender.

“Northern Luzon votes kasi ang nauna magtransmit ng votes. [Northern Luzon votes were first transmitted.] Maybe mabilis ang signal doon. [They must have a faster signal.] Never did you hear Leni na may dayaan.[Leni never hinted there was cheating.] Noong lumalamang si Senator Bongbong ang sinabi lang namin kay Leni ay magdasal pa tayo para makahabol, [When Senator Bongbong was leading, we just asked Leni to pray so we will catch up],” he said.

“I hope Senator Marcos will not destroy the institution and the electoral process. Masakit matalo pero huwag na idamay ang buong Pilipinas. Kung may reklamo, sasabay kami sa paghabla sa Comelec, [Losing is painful, but please don’t drag the whole country. If there is a complaint, we will join in filing a case before Comelec],” Dominguez added.

The group said they are dedicating the early victory of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Robredo to the Filipino people, and since Duterte and Robredo come from the provinces, they added that it is high time for the provinces to receive their fare share of development.

“Her quest and her story may serve as an inspiration to all Filipinos. Let’s move forward, stop the divisiveness and look forward to the Duterte-Robredo administration,” the group said.


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  1. It’s a matter of opinion. This group could only claim that there was no cheating after the Electoral Tribunal finished their parallel canvassing. . . their canvassing process would follow the precinct order as summarized by PPCRV. This is to be done to check the veracity of the actual returns by the VRMs where there were reported mixed up of trial votes and actual votes when the Smartmatic people did not reset the vote count to zero during the actual election.

  2. artemio gonzales on

    The fact that the script(computer program) was changed midway during transmission evidenced by hastag discrepancy
    is a stupid mistake by Comelec.

    To verify that the new script only changed the character display alone without stopping the current counting; a separate new server B must be set-up which will recount all transmissions.

    When both server has completed the transmissions, both servers must canvass the same results as far as distribution of votes are concerned. If the votes tally, thst proves beyond doubt that new script changed only character ?

  3. Why would anyone care what that group of biased yelllow tards thinks ? Are they computer experts who have investigated the cheating allegations or just another selfie taking nobodies who should have no opinion but for some reason think they are qualified to comment one way or another.

    Stupid is forever in the Philippines.

  4. A.C.Cordero on

    It could have been worst for the Philippines if Binay won the Presidency and Marcus the Vice President. The corruption would be rampant and then its a good chance that after Binay Marcus would be the next President. That would really be a disaster for the country.

  5. During the earliest days of the Marcos reign as President of the Philippines, he was given the Paradise, with all the convenience and full resources and grandeur of the Paradise was extended to his him and the entire Marcos family, Yet Imelda as (Eve) was not contented of living in Paradise and demanded Heaven instead, then Satan came along about her and convince Imelda (Eve) in this story to grab and ate the forbidden apple in form (Corruption& Plunder) they will become most feared and powerful beyond. Marcos Sr. so anxious about getting these extraordinary powers (Riches, power & earthly pleasures took the bite of the forbidden aspirations. As punishment for disobedience, the Marcos family were driven out of Paradise Philippines. After 4 decades of temporal punishment the came back to Paradise with plans to commit the same mistake their family have done before. Do Marcos family never learn any lessons? or for the name of gaining riches and power they will do it over again?? What a crazy brain! Not even the intense heat of HELL fire will encourage them to chance their minds for good.

    • No one would believe anymore of your story, how about telling a story of a family who has amassed wealth (Hacienda Luisita) that is not even legally theirs, and how about the massacre in Mendiola of many poor innocent farmers peacefully demonstrating but instead they got bullets and died unjustly and how about the Tarlac massacre of many poor farmers who was trying to get what is theirs , and too many bad memories brought to the many disadvantaged whose voice for help was ignored by this President the Tacloban Leyte tsunami.and the international donations were not given to them at all but instead deposited in the bank (as reported by many reliable newspapers).Thats all corruption right before the eyes of the many Filipinos. Too many blunders to mention and glad he will be in prison.

  6. So your group is backing up a Leni Robredo who capitalized on her husbands controversial death to run as VP of an LP who all along has been known( under the leadership of a vindictive President) who will stop at all cost (resorting to crooked ways for Bongbong Marcos not to win .Filipinos are all tired especially the poor of the old political elite and their cohorts to run our country as if yhey own Philippines.. Your a yellow follower who now cannot accept the results of losing.Enough is enough stop using peoples money for your personal benefits.