‘No reason to declare revolutionary govt’


Malacañang on Monday said there is no reason for President Rodrigo Duterte to declare a revolutionary government since there are no impending “threats” to disrupt the government.

“We appreciate the calls of the President’s supporters for revolutionary government. But I think there’s no factual or legal basis as of now because the President has said he would consider a revolutionary government,
if the destabilizers will persist in their plan to have him removed from office,” Roque said in a news briefing in Davao City.

“We don’t see any threat, any such threat in the near future,” he added.

Roque issued the statement three days before the scheduled rally of Duterte’s supporters at Crocodile Park on November 30 to urge him to impose a revolutionary government.

The Palace official said the President continues to enjoy the trust of the Filipino people and that his approval and trust scores in the next surveys would go up.

“So we see no reason to declare a revolutionary government but we appreciate the support for the President, of course. But we assure them the President is on top (of the situation). He was duly elected, and he remains hugely popular,” Roque said.

“The President enjoys 80 percent approval rating. He enjoys tremendous public support, he has the support of Congress,” he added.

Duterte had said he would declare a revolutionary government if things get out of control and if some groups will destabilize his government.

Despite Roque’s statement, #TindigPilipinas warned that the declaration of a revolutionary government would be “the final unmasking” of the Duterte administration.

“From the start, Duterte has shown himself to be uncaring of what other people think. He has insulted women, mocked and cursed other Filipinos, degraded our image before the international community. This is not the mark of the reformer, but a narcissist who cares only for himself and his cohorts,” the group said.

“In over a year of his presidency, unemployment has risen, traffic has gone from bad to worse. Despite his promise to fix the MRT problem within his first six months, waiting lines have become longer, breakdowns have become far more frequent. Why? Because his expedient solution was to blame and file baseless cases instead of working to find a real solution,” it added.

The group warned that a revolutionary government would “lead to more misery.”


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