No reciprocation for gay manager’s extra care


    A particular member (PM) of an all-male group is on the rise. Thanks to the close supervision of their gay manager (GM), who from the start had singled out PM among the rest.

    The question is, did GM take extra care of PM because of his undeniable talent? Apparently that would be a no, because GM merely—albeit passionately—zeroed in on PM’s potential of becoming his great lover.

    Now, GM is moving heaven and earth to give PM one project after another, while the rest of the group members lag behind. In fact, the boys say they won’t be surprised if GM soon pulls PM out of the group to make him the next big star.

    It is known among showbiz denizens that this isn’t the first time GM fell hard for a talent. Unfortunately, none of those who came before ever reciprocated his feelings—including PM, who keeps telling his co-members he will never become GM’s lover. In showbiz lingo, GM is always the type “na uuwing luhaan.”


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