• No recourse for ordinary citizens

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    I have a neighbor who is a very kind and nice guy, although once he drives his jeepney, he becomes king of the road—‘Give way to the King!’ He drives like he owns the road, no quarter taken, no quarter given. This other guy who drives the Maserati Ghibli and got involved in an altercation with an MMDA traffic enforcer is similarly situated as this jeepney driver. Fearless, ruthless, selfish, “kilala mo ba ako?” (do you know who I am?) kind of guy. A menace with a car. Dangerous.

    Last Sunday, my sorority sister picked me up to go to the party of another sister. We passed by Illumina Condominium to drop off her sister-in-law and some groceries. We were ready to back off when we noticed a black Toyota Fortuner almost kissing the rear of my sis’ compact Suzuki Celerio. We could not move forward either because in front of us were the elevators.

    She blew her horn and the Fortuner backed a bit, but not enough for us to leave the place. A guard came and directed the Fortuner’s driver to back all the way to the empty parking space directly behind him. We were able to get out of the loading/unloading area and my sis got ready to move forward. All of a sudden, the Fortuner charged forward, my sis’ niece and I were speechless. That was a close call and, if we hit him, it would have been our fault. The security guard again intervened and led us out.

    We were talking about the incident while my sis drove gingerly along P. Sanchez St. going toward Kalentong. We noticed this black SUV driving too near us by our right side. All of a sudden, he cut us and drove off. It was the same Toyota Fortuner in the parking lot of Illumina. It was a good thing that my sis was fast with the breaks.

    There were logos and the name “Monster Energy” emblazoned on both sides of the Fortuner and on the hood. Also, the plate number UPQ883 and another plate that said “Jerico.”

    Since they didn’t have a parking space at the Illumina Condo, my sis, as always, parked her car along the street at the back of the condo. The next morning, she called to say that she found her car with deep lacerations, so deep the metal was damaged and one could get wounded if you run your hands along the lacerations. They were not simple scratches. The one who did it must have used a razor-sharp weapon to mutilate the body (sides and back) of the Celerio. It will need major body repairs.

    My sis narrated that she encountered him in the elevator last Monday and she asked him, “Why did you do that? What seems to be your problem?” “Jerico” replied in a loud and menacing voice: “Binastos mo ako, sinigawan mo ako ng ‘hoy.’ Bastos ka” (You rudely shouted at me ‘hoy.’ You are rude.) pointing menacingly at her niece. The guy’s wife angrily defended him. My sis told her, “You were not there and you don’t know what really happened.”

    The biggest damage is the trauma suffered by her niece, a fresh college graduate. Now she is so afraid to drive or even go down to the basement parking area. She has lost sleep and shed tears over that incident. She is so afraid of that “monster.” Last Monday, she missed her job interview because of her frayed nerves.

    We asked around and we were told that the guy had a number of altercations with other tenants and guests of the condo. Last Tuesday, he figured in another incident. Everybody in the condo is now afraid of him, albeit, they hate him.

    According to the owner of the convenience store at the basement, there was another guy who he also ran into rudely at the parking lot. The guy visited the area with a gun visibly tucked behind his belt. Later I learned this “Jerico” guy was apologizing to him and did not leave his condo for a week after that. He has met his match. But my sis does not have a gun and she is petite and frail and is recuperating from cancer. She could not fight back. BTW, the security guard who saw the parking lot incident has suddenly gone on leave for a week. Huh!?!?!

    My sorority sis has asked around for help in dealing with this bully, but nobody, not even the building management and security guards, is willing to help or even give the full name of this “Jerico” guy.

    That traffic enforcer is being backed by his bosses at the MMDA. My sis, an ordinary citizen, has no one to help her. I am sure that a number of us, ordinary citizens, have encountered these bullies (or mentally deformed?) people around us and what recourse do we have to protect ourselves against them? Who is protecting the ordinary citizens? Should this “Jerico” guy be allowed to continue wreaking havoc or fear among the other tenants of Illumina Condo?

    What’s happening to our country? What could the residents and developers of Illumina Condo do? What could Monster Energy Company do?

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    1. we are planning to live and come home to rhe Philippines for good. In fact we had already invested condo, resort, farm and other investment. Thinking Philippines is a nice to retire but, with our experience doing all the legal papers in having all the business requirements from LGU, the paperworks as well for the condo, the caretaker of the farm and the people working in the resort are all mentally corrupt. It is very dishearthening to note that this country of amazing 1000 of island supposedly the most amazing place in the planet is the balliwick of most corrupt, from the government to the people. I am proud to be a born filipino but with regards to the system and discipline we are way back to medieval era. Honesty no more. Integrity nothing at all, i keep my finger crossed that someday somehow Philippines will become paradise for good people not by crooked people. Just my opinion.

    2. I have lived in the U.S for over 30 years. My wife and I are contemplating of purchasing a condo in Metro Manila. We hope to live six months in the Philippines and six months in the U.S. This is the kind of story that makes us think a hundred times whether or not to go through with our plan. I have horrible stories about the Philippines. They start from people who are not afraid of the laws. Therefore, they do not hesitate hurting other people. I read horrible stories about owning a condo because of condo management and condo residents. You must admit that there are many Filipinos who are crooks and cannot be trusted. Their only goal in life is to make easy money by defrauding people.
      Please continue to write articles exposing people’s evil behavior.

      • this is an isolated case. please don’t let it stop you from coming home and getting a condo here in the Philippines.

        I have my own condo unit in quezon city, Xavier hills condo, and there has never been an incident like this happen there. and we have been there for 12 years now. I guess it is not the condo or any other place, it is particular persons who act as bullies and sow terror in the hearts of people. I am happy there are not that many of them. and I am happy they don’t go around shooting people. :-)

        my sorority sis hypothesizes that maybe this “jerico” guy has been drinking a lot of monster energy drink and is now showing some after effects. :-)

      • Teresita Gonzales Garcia on

        Romans 12:17-19 return evil for evil to no one. Take into consideration what is fine from the viewpoint of all men. If possible, as far as it depends on you be peaceable w/all men. Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath, for it is written: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay,” says Jehovah.

    3. Tell her to get a boyfriend & get him to sort him out. Years ago one of my ex girlfriends had a friend who lived in a condo & that a family or a lot of people who shared this condo were terrorising residents there. Myself & 2 friends went round to this condo one night to sort it out. We did & nothing ever happened after that. Thes bullies will always bully you need someone brave to give them a beating they wont forget & they will stop, i guarantee it.
      But the start of most of your driving problems in this country is you dont have a driving test. Get a proper driving test sorted that requires people to study the highway code & to learn proper driving. A test comprises of theory & practical. The instructor when learning will teach why you need to do certain things & why certain rules ate there. Then you need proper enforcement. When you get those things driving in this country will improve within a very short period.