• No regrets losing top ally to Poe ­– LP


    The camp of Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd did not express regret over losing an important ally to independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe.

    Iloilo Rep. Jerry Treñas expressed such sentiment in reference to former LP Negros Occidental provincial chairman and Negros Rep. Albee Benitez, who has thrown his support behind Poe and her running mate, Sen. Francis Escudero.

    Benitez was joined by at least 47 other lawmakers and congressional candidates in the district and party-list ranks in backing the candidacy of Poe and Escudero—an announcement made in Negros Occidental, the home province of Roxas’ mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas.

    Of the 48, only Benitez was a former member of the ruling LP headed by President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    The rest were allies of President Aquino from different political affiliations.

    “I have nothing but respect for Congressman Albee based on our past working relationship, but I can tell you: His actions change nothing. The Visayan bloc is solid for the tandem of Mar Roxas and [running mate]Leni Robredo,” Treñas said in a statement.

    “There is no reason for us to support anyone else, after seeing how daang matuwid [good governance], under President Aquino’s leadership, helped our constituents. Others can and have only promised progress, while Mar and Leni have done so much,” Treñas added.
    Benitez’s group has pledged at least 10 million votes for Poe and Escudero.

    Negros Occidental is the fourth-largest province in terms of voting population with at least two million registered voters.

    Poe’s mother, actress Jesusa Sonora aka Susan Roces, also hails from Negros Occidental’s capital Bacolod City.

    Treñas said Roxas  and Robredo will bring their strengths and advocacies when they are elected into office by not only continuing the good governance platform but by improving, widening and expanding its scope.

    “They are public servants, that’s why we stand by them,” he added.
    Akbayan party-list congressman and LP-led administration spokesman Ibarra Gutierrez said Benitez leaving the LP does not mean that Roxas is losing ground.

    “Congressman Albee filed his candidacy last October as an independent candidate. There is no mass defection here as previously claimed. The Visayan bloc is for Mar and Leni and our people are not jumping ship,” Gutierrez added.

    Benitez, the fourth-richest member of the House of Representatives with P713.8 million net worth as of 2014, told reporters in December 2015 that he was leaving the LP because the party did not throw its support behind local candidates that Benitez is endorsing.


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    1. Now the chaos in LP is starting to loom and we all know that weeks before election only you Rep Trenas “hope so” will remain under mar when everybody else will shift to second gear “poe” where the yellow funds will be thrown inorder to save somebody’s head after june 30. the LP financiers and likewise the patron knows from the beginning that mar will never win the presidency even if he run for vice-president. This is the main reason why the shifted to the second gear ” poe’s candidacy”. why mar will never be presidentiable because he is by himself a BOLD AND BLOODED TRAPO. He is a person that lacks discernment and conviction to what he stands for. He is always dependent on the advise that surrounds him. He has no brain of himself. He has no conviction to stand what is right and true. He always based his judgement in accordance to what his patrons wanted. He always fear of getting outside the YELLOW CURTAIN and will always defend its decision even if it is against his will. He is not for the greater good of the whole populace but only to the YELLOW OLIGARCHS that dictates all his movements like a dog chained to the corner of a house who only waits when somebody in the house comes out and feeds him. he’s like a horse that rigs a calesa whose eyes are covered and only sees what is in front of him. IN TOTALITY HE IS A PERSON THAT LACKS DECISION MAKING CAPABILITIES ESPECIALLY IN TOUGH TIMES. If indeed it was true that a former president hid under the bed during a coup then mar is capable of doing much more. MAR simple advise is to pack your things up and leave the comfort of the YELLOWS and save your image and maybe, just maybe you will become a great leader someday. Stick in whatever you believe in and not what others tend you to believe. Don’t be a servant to the few but be a servant to all.

      • It looks like you just enumerated all the animal flaws of P-noy. In short he is P-noy’s clone. In fairness to Mar, what separates the animal from human is the paper trail leading to the steps of Wharton. Pero hangganbg pintuan lang daw.

    2. Totoo naman yun na ang aksyon ni Mar Roxas ay walang nangyari kahit sino pa si member ng LP kahit pa si Pnoy kung maaari lang wag na tayo maghalal sa kanila. Mas okay pa si Sen Grace Poe mas tiwala tayo na hindi yan gagawan ng anomalya. Sana magising na ang mga taga Visayas na piliin ang karapat-dapat na suportahan.

      • elmer constantino on

        ha POE???? initially mandaraya na sya filing pa lang ng candidacy may illegal na eh….

      • tapos si danding na naman, sana magising ang Visayas at pili-in ang tunay na Bisaya Mayor Duterte his roots is from cebu-leyte. yan ang tunay na bisaya mosulti og binisaya, di tagalog.