• No regrets…

    Alberto Arcilla graduated from the Ateneo Law School and passed the bar in 1989.

    Alberto Arcilla graduated from the Ateneo Law School and passed the bar in 1989.

    ALTHOUGH it looks like Alberto Arcilla is no longer active in lawyering the traditional way because he is heading a car company, he still gets to put his skills in legal matters to good use as president and chief executive officer of Scandinavian Motors Corporation.

    A product of the Ateneo Law School who passed the bar in 1989, Arcilla said it is corporate law that he enjoys doing.

    “I really enjoy doing corporate law, putting things together, getting two parties to agree,” he said, referring to the need for legal skills to close a sale and deal between two parties.

    When asked if he has regrets about not being able to practice law the usual way, or by working in a law office or appearing in court for clients, Arcilla said he has none.

    “No regrets, No regrets. Everyday it’s lawyering as well, a contract is between two people over one subject matter agreeing to a price and everything. Everyday I’m doing a contract, that’s actually lawyering,” he explained.

    Arcilla said that if he did not enter the car industry, he would have likely worked in the service industry also as a lawyer putting deals together.

    “Right now, if I am not in the automotive industry, I am more than certain I would still be in a service industry, either probably in a hotel, in a marketing service,” he added.

    “I would not go to litigation, because my personality is not unilateral. Because in litigation, your purpose is in your case [you handle]. I really like to put things together,” Arcilla said.

    Because he likes to put contracts and agreements together, he also describes himself as “people person.” But because he has been involved with the Volvo brand in the Philippines for the past 21 years, he has also become a “machine person.”

    “Because the machine links us all together, I have become a machine person also,” he said.


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