• No relief for Robredo despite Duterte’s reassurance


    VICE President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo won’t heave a sigh of relief yet even if President Rodrigo Duterte had assured her that she would finish her six-year term.

    “When I heard about it, I said, thank you. But I wish that such reassurance would not only happen today. I wish it could be given as the days, months and years go by,” she said.

    The President made the statement during the groundbreaking rites for a new international airport for the Bicol region, which delivered the votes for Robredo in the May polls. Robredo hails from Naga City, Camarines Sur, which is part of the vote-rich region.

    Robredo added: “Otherwise, it creates an uncertainty when there’s…you know… the Marcos camp are always there; creating buzz that they will take over by 2017. I wish the President will take it upon himself to reassure the public that it won’t happen.”

    The vice president quit the Cabinet as housing czar on Monday after being told to stop attending Cabinet meetings over “irreconcilable differences” with the President.

    Pesident Duterte initially refused to name Robredo to a Cabinet post because he did not want to hurt the feelings of defeated vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., a key ally.

    Robredo beat Marcos by 263,473 votes in the May election.

    Robredo argued that contrary to the President’s claim of limited dissent, opposing views were not loud enough not because they were not united.

    Robredo earlier said she was willing to unite the voices of dissent to Duterte’s policies, especially on the death penalty, lowering of the age of criminal liability and the burial of former strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    “I am not losing hope. If we make our voices loud enough, if we are passionate enough about our dissent, we could be heard. We have to be decisive in opposing policies,” Robredo added.

    Cayetano hits VP

    Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, a staunch Duterte supporter, on Friday called on Robredo to focus on finding ways to help the country instead of thinking about the presidency.

    He also urged the vice president to ask news outfits that supported her during the campaign to look into her donors and undeclared expenses.

    “There’s much more, but in a nutshell I challenge you to stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country,” Cayetano said.
    Robredo denied that she was aiming for the presidency.

    “I am not interested in being the President and I have always said that. I don’t have such dreams. I want this administration to succeed. But for this administration to succeed, it is also important for them to hear dissenting voices,” Robredo told reporters on Friday.


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    1. If she knew that she truly had won the election, there is nothing to fear. But because she knew that their party cheated she is in such panic because truth might just come out if votes are re counted. Sleepless nights and panic attacks are in the offing.

    2. Ivan Barcos Ebarita on

      Vice President Leni Robredo won cleanly the office of which majority of the Filipino electorate voted her to.

      Former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. lost. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano lost too. Both are already positioning themselves to run for president by 2022.

    3. VP Leni Robredo seems to bank on President Rody that she can and will keep. This is a strange comment by a lawyer. She should know that it is not the duty of the President to decide on the election protest of Bong Marcos but the dominion of the Comelec, led by a yellow lawyer who was appointed by yellow PNoy. She should talk to Andres Bautista and plead her case.

    4. If not for their fear that the Philippines will disintegrate if they’ve pushed through with their hocus pcos part two, Mar could have likewise overtaken Digong’s vote in the early morning of May 10 but they’ve decided just to get the VP. Digong could have acquired about 22 to 25 million votes. They have trillions of pesos (if not $) in their coffers for and during the last election.

    5. The assurance that Leni Robredo can stay in her current post up to the end of her “term” is not for PRRD to give. Robredo knows it, that’s why there is still anxiety in her heart. She has allowed herself to be place in a precarious situation and can not sleep over it. For as long as the electoral protest of BBM is not resolved conclusively in her favor, there will still be a sword of Damocles hanging in her head. Robredo knows in her heart she did not win fair and square and that she is a recipient of electoral fraud. Senator Cayetano is right, she should already stop campaigning.

    6. My advice ti Leni just watch your back, with the Marcoses hunger for power, which is their only defense for survival you can never tell what’s next.

    7. Unless the protest by BBM and the question of political donations to the Robredo campaign are finally resolved, there’s always be that ‘axe’ hanging over the head of VP Robredo.

      • There’s supposedly a complaint filed by Villafuerte with the Ombudsman regarding Robredo’s foreign campaign donation which is seen as unconstitutional. In an article during the campaign, confidential supposedly, it was Korina Sanchez who opened up to this Ombudsman issue to “bubuksan” if and when Robredo refused to ran as Mar’s vice. Implicitly, this was the very reason that the reluctant widow finally bowed down.

    8. It is right for Robredo to feel the unease of sitting in a position she has not won. Despite the assurance of Pres. Duterte, she knows in her heart that she could be unseated anytime because she knows in her heart that she has not won the vice-presidency. . The unease is her conscience tormenting her. The real winner will take over very soon.