No restraining order for Revilla


The Office of the Ombudsman can proceed with its investigation into allegations about Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla’s involvement in the pork barrel scam after the Supreme Court rejected his petition to stop the probe.

Revilla had asked the Court for a temporary restraining order against the investigation. Instead, the Court’s Third Division directed the Ombudsman and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to comment on the senator’s petition within 10 days.

Revilla is one of several lawmakers accused of releasing part of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel to questionable non-government organizations (NGOs) owned by Janet Lim Napoles.

Supreme Court spokesman Theodore Te said the Court issued the resolution “without necessarily giving due course” to Revilla’s petition.

Revilla has denied having any transaction with Napoles, insisting that his signature on documents releasing his pork barrel to the NGOs was forged.

Two other senators—Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada—are facing plunder charges for allegedly getting commissions from projects funded by their PDAF.

The Senate blue ribbon committee is holding its own inquiry into the pork barrel scheme.

On Thursday, Estrada said he is not expecting the committee to come up with a “fair” report on its investigation, and he can’t do anything about it once the majority members of the Senate sign the report.

Estrada said he would have to face the charges in court in case the committee recommends the filing charges against him, Enrile and Revilla.

“Was it fair when they conducted hearings before? Was it fair when the chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee already made a conclusion? Was it fair for other senators to use that forum at our own expense? You maybe the judge,” Estrada said.

Estrada scored the way some members of the blue ribbon panel behaved during past committee hearings.

He cited the statements of committee chairman Teofisto Guingona 3rd after hearing the testimony of socialite Ruby Tuason, in which he said Guingona had prejudged him as guilty of accepting kickbacks from his PDAF.

Tuason had testified that she personally delivered the kickbacks at Estrada’s Senate office and his residence in San Juan City.

Guingona accepted Tuason’s statement as gospel truth and came up with his own conclusion, Estrada said.

“That hearing was supposed to be in aid of legislation but what happened was that it is in aid of 2016 elections,” Estrada added.

The senator also said he is expecting the worst once the Ombudsman begins to hear the plunder case “because of the trial by publicity, the publicity generated by this so-called scam, they might give in.

He said he has no idea what charges would be filed against him if the Ombudsman brings the case before the Sandiganbayan.


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  1. Whenever these people are caught out or evidence tends to suggest they have been caught out they all act the same & say the same things but in slightly different ways. Im sure revillar knows someone stole a lot of money & knowing that should relish an enquiry into it to find the guilty & punnish them, but no, what is it he say, he asks the supreme court to stop the investigation into the scam. If his name wasnt linked to this & he was totally innocent of any crimes in this & it was another senator do you think then he would ask the supreme court to stop the investigation. Now none of them have had a trial yet or been found guilty so why is he so concerned about this, well he says he wont get a fair trial, it means he doesnt trust the other senators. Well he says he doesnt trust them but if he is guilty of course he will say anything to get off with it. Im wondering how long after their trial will start ( if it ever starts ) will we then get at least one of them is sick & needs hspital treatment. They all do it, corona did it, napoles has done it, gloria arroyo is still trying it, & how many before them also did it. Gte it to court as quickly as possible & lets all find out who is guilty of these crimes & lets give them the harshest punnishments.

  2. Estrada has nothing to worry about because for sure many deaf and blind Filipinos, specially those in Metro Manila will vote for him as vice president together with Binay as president when election comes.Mamigay lang sila ng kakarampot na bahagi ng kanilang nakuhang pork barrel ay iboboto na sila lalo na sa kalakhang Manila. Mabuhay kayo Binay-Estrada tandem, mas marami mas masaya.

  3. joebert banderas on

    kailangan talaga no body is above the law, para matakot yung may kapangyarihan na mangungurakot dapat sana bitay ang parusa sa mga nangungurakot ng millions.gaya ng ibang bansa tingnan ninyo umasenso sila ,putol ng kamay pag hindi masyado malaki ang kinukurakot.