No rosaries, saints on dashboards — LTFRB


LITTLE images of saints and waving cat figurines on the dashboard, even rosaries hanging under rear-view mirrors, are banned, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) said as authorities began implementing the Anti-Distracted Driving Law.

LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada also said eating or drinking coffee during the early morning rush, while driving, may be costly for motorists. Applying make-up, too, even if the vehicle is on a stop.

“That falls under reckless driving,” Lizada said.

Those caught will face fines ranging from P2,000 to P20,000. Their licenses may also be suspended.

The LTFRB official said the ban on small images of saints, rosaries and stuffed toys on the dashboard was actually an old regulation of the Department of Transportation, under Joint Administrative Order 2014-01.
The penalty includes a P5,000 fine, and the vehicle could be impounded.

“Alam naman natin si Lord, kahit saan tayo, kasama natin siya [We know that the Lord is with us wherever we are]. But let’s not swing our eyesight. The seven dwarves, the head bobbing, waving cat figurines, they have to go,” she said.

Netizens quickly assailed the new rules. “Running priest” Fr. Robert Reyes had something to say about it: “It seems to be infringing on our religious freedom,” he said.


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  1. Do they have a report that shows that rosary or the images of saints that hang on the dashboard was the caused of an accident ? pfttt

  2. How about yung rear view mirror di ba distraction din yun? aba eh di tanngalin na rin yan!

  3. Gabriel Barretto on

    Whatever item it is tinititigan ba yan ng matinong driver? As compared to celfon use which could actually distract one from focussed driving. Sobra na yang pag ban sa rosary!!! I vehemently disagree!!!

  4. Techie beggar on

    Sana di ito ang maging daan para sa bagong korupsyon..
    Alam naman natin na pag may batas may bagong pagkakakitaan.
    Strictly implemented dapat ang motorista
    Vigilant din..
    Hope it could save lives,minimize the traffic at parehas na ipapataw s lahat ng motorista..
    No exemption..

  5. Marlon Ticao on

    Board Member, please read the description of reckless driving on the said JAO. Na trigger lang yata ang pagka over-zealous nyo sa bagong batas. Read it well before making hasty interpretations. Thank you.

  6. kailan pa naging distraction ang rosaryo sa pag da drive? may pag aaral na bang ginawa kung bakit naging distraction sa driver ang rosaryo?

  7. WHat about the license stickers we had to place on the windshield? Do we have to remove them now?

  8. I agree with the law in essence that stickers and gadgets can block or distract a driver’s view, especially those with movement such as things dangling from the rear view mirror. But two things come to mind the first is where do we now stick the LTO stickers they give us and the second is that I consider that dash cams are useful to the police in cases of accidents, are they now banned as well?

  9. Getting really silly now. Many drivers shouldn’t be allowed on a bicycle much less behind the wheel of a vehicle. At least in the city I live in. Making up new rules, other than not using a cell phone, just seems like they are just trying to justify their jobs to look as if they do something.

  10. Randomly ask what possible retardants are there which might be hindering intellectual India’s progress. I bet we quickly recommend, one, if they could but keep their holy cows off the streets. Now certain rules has now come for our good that we should do away with those danggling things off our car windshields while we go on our roads. Such laws does not necessarily infringe on our religious freedom. In fact foreigners are amused at the dexterity of our public jeepney drivers who daily ply our streets both kept their eyes on the road while receiving and giving back fare change. We all know this long ignored driver practice as extremely risky. We better welcome rules that prohibit things distracting to drivers on the road.

  11. Grabe pati rosary damay, paano daw makadistract yan, may study ns ba kayo kung ilan ang nadisgrasya na ang dahilan ay rosary?masyadong advance isip nyo. Ang gawin nyo bilisan nyo yong mga plate number namin at dalawang taon na wala pa rin, sana hindi muna kayo nagkulikta ng bayad eh wala pa naman pala. Unahin nyo nyo rin linisin ang hanay nyo sa kuropsyon.