No solid ground to impeach PNoy

 President Benigno Aquino 3rd

President Benigno Aquino 3rd

A bungled police operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, is not solid enough to cause the removal of President Benigno Aquino 3rd from power, a Malacañang spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The Palace insisted that the President did not break any law during the Mamasapano mission, and that he was not to blame for the debacle.

Its deputy spokesperson, Undersecretary Abigail Valte, said notwithstanding findings of the Philippine National Police-Board of Inquiry (PNP-BOI) and the Senate committee on public order and security and dangerous drugs, which separately investigated the botched January 25 operation, there are not enough grounds to impeach the President.

Both the PNP-BOI and the Senate panel found Aquino “ultimately responsible” for the mission that resulted in the killing of 44 Special Action Force troops and for violating the PNP chain of command.

A draft Senate report was signed by at least 20 senators as of 7 p.m. last night, the office of Sen. Grace Poe said. Poe, who presided over the Senate inquiry, presented a summary of the report to the media on Tuesday.

“Obviously, we do not think so… As far as the executive is concerned, of course, we do not agree,” Valte said, referring to calls for the President to either resign or get impeached.

She, however, added that it is up to the House of Representatives to decide whether there are enough grounds to remove Aquino.

“At this point, it would be more important for them to look at Congress to see how its leaders feel about any moves to impeach the President,” Valte said.

According to her, the President showed leadership in the Mamasapano incident.

“I think you also have to look at how the President has dealt with the incident and how he has comported himself not just in the days after the incident itself but in succeeding days and weeks,” she said.

“He has continually look after the plight of the families that have been left behind,” Valte added.

Malacanang said Aquino may not be a “perfect President” but to make him apologize is far-fetched because “he was not given correct information.”

“I say this not because of my estimation but he had said this in the past, ‘Hindi ako perpektong tao at hindi rin ako perpektong Pangulo [I am not a perfect person and I am also not a perfect President].’ I think that particular statement from him shows a lot as well,” Valte said.
She added that she believes Aquino could have done better if he was given the right information.

“You have to take it from the point of view of the President that he was not given correct information at the time that it was necessary. If you go back to the testimony that was given in the Senate hearings as well as the hearings in the [House of Representatives], the text to him, the first text to him informing him that artillery support was present and that extraction was ongoing… it was quite apparent and quite obvious that there was no urgency as it was presented to him, as it was conveyed to him,” Valte said.

She was referring to resigned PNP chief Alan Purisima’s role in Oplan Exodus, which intended to neutralize high-value targets in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province.

Aquino previously blamed Purisima for giving him incorrect updates through text message, including the information that artillery and mechanized support were being used in aiding the embattled police commandos.

Meanwhile, Valte said the President stands ready to face lawsuits in the future, confident that none would prosper.

“He has made decisions that have, in his own words, upset the rice bowls of many, and that he is prepared and he expects that when he steps down, there will, there may be cases that may be filed against him,” she added.

She was reacting to a suggestion from former President Fidel Ramos that Aquino should admit his mistake and apologize to somehow relieve himself of pressure.

Ramos, in a news conference also on Wednesday said when he stepped down from office, he faced three Senate blue ribbon investigations and that Aquino should also expect the same treatment once his turn comes up.

But Valte said the Presideng does not mind, because “even before the January 25 incident the President has already been aware that he will be making decisions that may not please people.”


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  1. Ano ba yan, Ms. Valte? Saan ka ba humugot ng logic mo? Totoo nga siguro na walang batas to use as a test against your principal. Pero, mahirap bang intindiihan that within the purview of hierarchy of authority, your principal, in the final analysis, is ultimately accountable (liable, answerable, if you may), for reasons of taking the lead in the final planning of the operation, in giving the imprimatur to proceed and in ordering reinforcement to stand down. In light of these reasons ( among other reasons probably)’ ano ang tawag mo sa boss mo? Inosente?

    Sabagay, kasama sa Terms of Reference ng appointment mo ang magsinungaling 24/7. Wait until you are out of that sinkhole called Malacanang. May mukha ka pa kayang iharap sa mundo?

  2. rosendo bagtas on

    what leadership did PNoy show re: Mamapasano carnage? ssurely a deaf, dumb, blind, and egotist leadership is all that PNoy did from 09 Jan 2015 to 26 January, even until today. Nakakahiya itong si abegail valte. she’s no different from de lima, roxas, and purisima. if these are the persons surrounding PNoy, it is with more reason that the thinking and leadership shown in the past weeks is so much unfortunate and lamentable! the question now should be: where is the country heading towards under a leadership that so much ‘believe sa sarili’ and adept to lying? since 1935, this is the first time that our country did have a leadership of liars and fools!

  3. Raymond Semondo on

    Hindi si President Aquino ang dapat mag-apologize. Sina Purisima, Napeñas at ang MILF ang dapat mag-sorry sa bansa.

  4. Atty. Valte, ang sufficient ground para makasuhan ang amo mo eh ung STAND DOWN order nya sa reinforcement troops. Oh, sapat na ba ang mga salitang ito para tumigil ka na? As he call himself the FATHER of the nation, he let his children die in vain, by allowing the MILF/BIFF Terrorists to massacre, murder them. Sino ang puwedeng magbigay ng order na yan except him as the MOST POWERFUL FATHER in the Philippines. WHO??? Sayang, pati pinagaralan mo eh pinipilit mo baluktutin masunod lang ang gusto ng amo mo. Ikaw, si Lamierda este Lacierda pala at si Culubot na este Coloma eh magsama-sama sa kangkungan. Sayang talaga ipinagpaaral sa inyo ng mga magulang nyo.

  5. Vicente Penetrante on

    Explanations by the Palace and friends are only fanning the flames for impeachment, better to follow the advice of FVR.

  6. The impeachment court can find out if the insistence of the Palace that Pnoy did not break any true. Unfortunately having an impeachment court under this congress is a pipe dream.

  7. E. G. Festin on

    Why is the headline of this story not enclosed by quotation marks? The news–which goes with the crazy face of the de facto president BS Aquino happy with himself and the pain he has caused our people–being told is that the least important of Malacanang’s spokesperon’s is repeating an opinion of Palace people. So the headline should have quotation marks and be attributed properly and not be made to look as though some great legal luminary and not a mere take-spinner was talking.

    I’m sure you teach that in your College. We do in our university.

  8. pres. is guilty of ordering the afp to stand down which would had ultimately saved the saf – AA . These men were given one last chance to be saved but aquino blew it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ordering the men who he insistently claim are not under his commad as commander in chief ” NEGATIVE NEGATIVE STAND DOWN ” OR KAYA , Avoid friendly fire / or kaya, BASSIT USMAN SHOULD NOT GET AWAY . MALCANANG PEOPLE AND THE PRES. BRAINLESSLY , STUBBORNLY , INCORRIBLY IGNORING ALL THE HIGH RANKING LEARNED AUTHORITIES ‘ who spoke based on the PHIL . CONSTITUTION . Just shame on these people . TINOLERATE KASI NG MGA senado’t congress yung pag babalewala AT PAMBABASTUS ni aquino sa CO- EQUALS NYA