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    For most households, storage space is always an issue. Decluttering the proper way and getting ingenious home products (or making them) could help us maximize the space we have without sacrificing aesthetics. This would also streamline one’s organization by grouping like items together and making them easier to find.

    Below are some solutions to common storage problems:

    Coffee tables with a hollow space beneath can organize your books as well as add flair to your living room

    Problem #1: Heaps and heaps of books Solution: Getting a bookshelf is not always the solution especially when you have limited space. Invest in a coffee table with a small shelf underneath or a hollow ottoman that can store your books for easy access whenever you’re in the mood for a quick read.

    You can also install a shelf underneath the stairs or build in fitted corner shelves in your room’s nooks and crannies.

    Problem #2: Tons of clothes

    Solution: Maximize the space underneath your bed as a storage for your folded clothes. Install a closet doubler to your cabinet’s garment rods to add more hanging space for your clothes.

    Double rods in a closet can accommodate more clothes

    Problem #3: Bottles of toiletries

    Solution: Put your toiletries in a basket and hang this on the bathroom door or on the wall. Each tier can be labelled for each item type (e.g. shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.).

    Problem #4: Kitchen Clutter

    Solution: Think vertical and store spices in a rack. Install hooks on the wall to hang kitchen cooking utensils as well as cooking wares. This will save you counter space that you can maximize for preparing and cooking rather than storing.

    Problem #5: Gadget cords and cables Solution: Keep your gadget wires and chargers from tangling and breaking by using a box with dividers made of toilet paper rolls. This will make it easier for you to store, identify and retrieve the wires you will be using.

    Use toilet rolls as dividers to organize your gadget wires and chargers

    Decluttering always starts with getting rid of the stuff that you are not using, plus not falling into the temptation of buying unnecessary things. Remember, less is more. Choose fewer, larger pieces of furniture and accessories instead of so many small items. Doing this will lessen visual clutter.

    Decluttering does not need to need to be a one-time, big-time thing. Create a routine that you can follow to edit your possessions—clothes, books, gadgets, etc.—every now and then.

    These solutions are only few of what you can do to save space. Space is relative, and it is small if you let it look small.


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