No state of emergency regime to be imposed in Ukraine – National Security Council chief


KIEV: No emergency situation regime will be imposed in Ukraine, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security Council Andrei Klyuyev told journalists on Tuesday.

“The situation in the country is really very tense but the state of emergency regime will not be imposed,” he said.

He stressed that “those who triggered the provocation” must be held responsible for the latest developments in Kiev.

He said that Tuesday consultations with representatives of the opposition had been constructive.

“I think we have had rather serious, constructive consultations,” he said. “I would like to ask the opposition leaders to ask their representatives from political parties to stop escalation of tensions.”

“The call to show restraint was addressed to all opposition leaders,” Klyuyev’s press secretary Artem Peternko told Itar-Tass. “We call on all political forces, on all public organizations to give a command to their representatives to stop the riots, to stop aggressive behavior,” he said, adding that talks on ways out of the current political crisis would be more efficient in a calm atmosphere.

Commenting on the decision of the leader of the UDAR opposition party, Vitali Klitschko, to withdraw from the negotiating process, Klyuyev said that this step would be unreasonable.

“I think that politicians who really care about Ukraine’s future must not behave this way, they must maintain dialogue, try to reach agreement and this tactic will bring about a positive result,” he stressed. He called on Klitschko to get back to consultations, which should involve all parliamentary opposition forces.

Earlier on Tuesday, Klitschko said he was withdrawing from negotiations with the official authorities on ways to settle the political crisis in the country. He said he planned to meet with Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich “to urge him to stop violence in the center of the capital city immediately and begin making real steps to settle the political crisis.”

In his words, when he came to the presidential administration, he was met by members of the working group, namely secretary of the National Security Council Andrei Klyuyev, Justice Minister Elena Lukash and presidential adviser Andrei Portnov, who told him that the president was having a meeting and would call him as soon as the meeting was over. “I turned around and went away,” Klitschko said. PNA


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