No stopping MRT, LRT fare hike – Malacanang


The government is standing by its plan to raise the fare of the Metro Rail and Light Rail Transits (MRT/LRT).

In a press conference on Wednesday, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the riding public must take the “bitter pill” of higher fares to improve train service.

“These are the things that we are asking everyone, or the public, or the citizens to bear with us because . . . at the end of the day, it will be the citizens who would be benefiting” from the fare hike, Lacierda said.

The Department of Transportation and Communications, he said, is studying the proposal and the public will be consulted before any fare increase.

Citing what the President said in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, Lacierda called the proposal “reasonable”, saying that it could use the subsidy for the rail systems for other social services.

”The President laid out why we need to increase the MRT prices. We have been subsidizing the MRT for quite some time,” he said. “So we are—or DOTC is currently studying the MRT rates.”

Aquino said the government has been shouldering P25 of the fare for each passenger trop in the LRT, and P45 in the MRT.

”In the end, each and every Filipino pays a share of the subsidy. Whether you live in Mindanao or Visayas and not once have you ever stepped onto the LRT or MRT, you help to fund this,” Aquino said.

Lacierda said the riders will feel the improvements in train service once the fare hikes take effect.


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  1. “Before removing the fence, we should at least think first why it was placed there”

    Removing the subsidy, I suppose they already have taken into account that the cost of living, traffic, number of people is way too high in manila than the rest of each regions in the Philippines. 40 pesos per ride? 80 pesos back and forth multiply it by 20 days and that sums up the cost for a “student” in manila.

    Bitter pill, the malacanang says? What a fabulous packaging and branding for people who ride their flashy airconditioned vehicle. Coz i believe not all “bitter” things are pills that can cure. I know some that are pill-look alike, smells alike and tastes bitter alike drugs but in reality are poison.

    Regardless of how he emphatically acknowledged poverty, unemployment and inclusive growth during his speech… the fact that it never materialized for the past three years of his administration is enough proof that it was plain “Publicity “Gimmick”
    Once again, a public office is of public trust and is meant for public service in order to give forth and to bring about public welfare and of the people concerned. Otherwise, his tour of duty as public servant was meant to cater in for personal advantage in accord with his whims, desires, and interests. This time another shot of morphine was given to benumb the listening public with his one hour and forty five minutes epic SONA.