No More Tears


To the memory of Jerry Araos on the second anniversary
of his leaving

“The tears you shed are hot enough to melt the winter’s ice . .”
—Luisa A. Igloria, “Die Winterreise,”

in another hemisphere
waterfalls froze
a brother broke his back
shoveling snow
cancelled flights
were an incovenience
for people hungry
for hearth & home

you promised me lengthy talks
in the new year as substantial
as the rum-rich fruitcake on the
generous table you had built
to feed a multitude

but each december
i cannot find my way back to where
you rest during the vigil
on the day of your parting

it’s the season, jerry,
you know how we are all pulled apart
by festive obligations
even as we wished
for soulful company

i will not waste
my tears of regret about
my absence at your passage
to eternity

instead i have summoned
your spirit repeatedly
begging for an eighth
of your once indestructible
duende that you may
go on living
in the best
i have discovered
in me


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