• No term extension for me–PNP chief


    Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald de la Rosa has assured the public that he will not extend his term unless President Rodrigo Duterte tells him to stay put as the country’s No. 1 law enforcer.

    If it were only up to him, De la Rosa said at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) homecoming in Baguio City over the weekend, he would leave his post already because “it feels lonely at the top.”

    But following only what he wants even if the President wants him to stay in his post would make him “ungrateful,” de la Rosa added.

    “I am ready to retire,” he said.

    “My life [as the chief of the PNP]is a misery, to tell you the truth,” according to de la Rosa.

    He said he is aware that some PNP officials are seeking to be his replacement but that he reminded them not to slander other officials to get the e highest post in the organization.

    “Everybody wants to be at the top,” de la Rosa added.

    He believes that those officials eyeing his seat would not smear each other because they, just like him, are all graduates of the elite Philippine Military Academy.

    De la Rosa was set to retire last month but the President extended his term until April.

    There is still no word on who will replace him but the PNP chief himself has listed as his personal choices anyone among Gen. Ramon Apolinario, Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, Gen. Fernando Mendez, Gen. Camilo Cascolan and Gen. Oscar Albayalde.

    Four of them are police officers in the PNP: Apolinario, deputy chief for administration; Gamboa, deputy director general; Mendez, deputy chief for operations; and Cascolan, chief of the Directorate for Operation.

    Albayalde is the chief of the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) Police Office.

    “Anyone of them can take over. They are all magagaling [good]. In fact, [better compared to me],” de la Rosa said.

    After his stint in the PNP, he will serve as the director of the Bureau of Corrections.


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