No time to shine as Vice President for Leni

SWORN IN Vice President-elect Leni Robredo takes her oath during inauguration ceremonies at the Quezon City Reception House. With her are daughters Jillian Therese, Janine Patricia and Jessica Marie. AFP PHOTO

SWORN IN Vice President-elect Leni Robredo takes her oath during inauguration ceremonies at the Quezon City Reception House. With her are daughters Jillian Therese, Janine Patricia and Jessica Marie. AFP PHOTO

Now officially the Vice President of the Philippines, Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo may have missed one golden opportunity to assert herself during her inauguration on Thursday as holder of the second-highest job in the land by just repeating what she had promised the electorate during the for the May elections.

In her inaugural speech at the renovated Boracay Mansion in New Manila, Quezon City, she called on her supposed mass base, the poor, to join her in “another” journey.

In her speech, Robredo again committed to lift the poor from what she called the laylayan, or fringes of society, where Filipinos majority of whom are impoverished, can be found.

To drive home the point, she took her oath of office before a barangay (village) captain from the poorest part of her home province of Camarines Sur, which she had represented as a lawmaker in Congress.

Robredo already promised a better life for marginalized Filipinos in the run-up to the recent polls.

Critics said the former congresswoman could have voiced her readiness and willingness to serve all Filipinos, a role that she could only play to the fullest by making herself available to the Office of the President.

She seemed to have resigned to President Rodrigo Duterte ignoring her as his Vice President.

During his separate inauguration also on Thursday, Duterte made no mention at all of Robredo in his short speech.

Past administrations saw the nation’s female No. 2 official being named Social Work and Development secretary.


Robredo was emotional when she took her oath as the 14th Vice President.

“Ang sandaling ito ay hindi lamang tungkol sa akin. Ito ang ating pagkakataong maisama ang mga nasa laylayan ng lipunan tungo sa maginhawang buhay sa mas malawak na paraan. Sa isang katulad nating nakikipagpulong sa riles ng tren, natutulog sa bangka at sumasakay sa habal-habal para maabot ang ating mga pinaglilingkuran, ito ay isang malaking biyaya para lalo pang makapaglingkod (This is not only for me. This is our opportunity to be with those in the fringes of society. For someone like me who met people on trains, slept on bancas and rode the habal habal to reach the far-flung areas, this [Vice Presidency] is an opportunity to be even better at public service),” she said, referring to her former life as a lawyer for the poor.

“Kailangan nating gawin ang tama para sa karamihan, hindi lang sa iilan. Ang katapatan ay dapat ibigay sa ating pinangakuang pagsisilbihan kahit labag ito sa pansariling interes.
Namulat tayo sa ganitong uri ng pagsisilbi at itutuloy natin habang tayo’y nabubuhay (We need to do what is right for all. We should be honest to those whom we have an oath to serve, even if it is contrary to our interests. I have seen this kind of service for so long and I will continue to do it),” Robredo pointed out.

“Hindi natin hahayaang mapigilan tayo ng ano mang balakid upang makapagsilbi (We won’t let obstacles get in the way of service),” she said, adding that her office will be open to people from all walks of life.

Robredo called on the public and private sector to join her in improving the lives of the poor.

“We can’t waste time. Our cooperation will be the most effective investment. Kapag naninindigan tayo para sa mga pinaniniwalaan natin, kapag handa nating pagsakripisyuhan ang ating mga layunin, ang imposible ay kinakayang gawing posible (When we stand firm on our principles, when we are ready to make sacrifices for our goals, we can make the impossible, possible),” Robredo said.


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  1. She is just one of the many traditional politician who always promise to up lift the poor from there pity place in out society however she did not even mention on how she would do such promise when thousand of politicians always used that line to touch the affective domain of this people;and just used a short,fast and easy programs that instead of formulating and giving long lasting solution to address the problem they are just helping the people to gain good public opinion to have the sympathy of the electorate in order for them to gain and secure votes for the next election. The poor has been used so many times and still remain blind to this political strategies of people whose real motives is to hold power. Enough of this strategies let us wake up educate our selves and be aware of the different issues, problem that we have us a nation. If she’s really have that compassion for the poor why not give your compensation to send thousand of students that could hardly afford to study and don’t just feed their stomach but there mind! educate them in order for our poor countrymen to rise themselves and have a dignity as human, because if you only feed their stomach you are not helping them you are teaching them to rely on politician who always used this deception to hide their true interest also if she has genuine compassion for our nation then address the suffering of our native people who for the long time has been rob of their constitutional for they are being neglect by our government for too long.

  2. ferdinand naboye on

    Mrs Robredo clear first the cheating issue attach to your winning the VP race as manipulated by the yellow group before you can be a VP.

  3. Why not repeat her campaign promise? thats what she promised, and she won because of that promise and it is only fitting that after winning she made an assurance that she will not renege from her promise.

  4. Franck Frego on

    Leni Robredo is part of the YELLOW CROOKS GANG!

    The is only 1 place left for her: back home… or if she insist, to jail with the Yellow’s SOB.

    Time to CLEAN UP the MESS made by those yellow crooks and idiots!

  5. Dr. Jose Rizal on

    Where is Senator Marcos? Was he not supposed to take the oath of office of Vice President of the R.P.? Marcos claimed he was the rightful and duly elected Vice President, yet he is absent from his own oath taking. But wait, Marcos was just having a nightmare (bangnugoot)! He woke up on June 30th and found out he was just dreaming of being sworn in as vice president. Life is bittersweet for Macoy. He found out the hard way, that you can’t have everything in life despite your tons of money and political goons and cronies! Cory must be smiling from above. The Spirit of Edsa continues to live on.

  6. Hindi pa rin ma move on ang mga Marcos loyalist. akala nila panahon pa nang magiting na hu hu. As for Dudirty. He is one of the most insecure and divisive presidenr ever.

    • “Masyadong onion-skinned at pikon”. Already some of his supporters are having “buyer’s remorse”.

  7. The Rob bredo rhetorics! Why did you not say this to your two corrupt boses at the time you were attached to their laylayan as your pron in saying, you are nothing but a sniveling opportunistic LIAR!! How can you sleep straight at nights? Pity your children with the example you are giving them. You robbed a man of his rightful place be cheating.

  8. Adelfa Akapulko on

    Leni is her own woman and with the people rallying behind her good and sincere intentions she will succeed in her mission. She does not need the backing of Duterte nor of anyone with patronage politics mentality. Its high time we allow her to bring public service at a level never done before.

    God bless you Leni!

  9. Juan T. Delacruz on

    President Duterte needs to maintain that MACHO IMAGE, and doesn’t want anybody to disagree with him about his policy in fighting drugs and criminalities. Uncle Rody doesn’t want anybody standing on his way or impede the progress of his mission. He thinks it will be better if the VP stays away because he is going to maximize the force to fight government corruption, illegal drugs, and hoping to run over the ASG as well.

    When the smoke is clear, and the missions are successful, Uncle Rody probably invites the VP to have a candle light dinner date, shakes hands and compliment her. He would then encourage her to run for president when his term is over, or take over the Presidency in he cannot complete his term because of his old age. He would then whispers in her ears not to worry about Bongbong Marcos because he can no longer get elected by the people in his lifetime, and she should know the reasons why. end.

  10. Guess everyone is going to pretend that she won without cheating, Comelec is refusing to conduct a system audit which confirms what everyone already knows.

    • Nonsense! Another propaganda agent for BBM! Where is your proof? Better educate yourself and find out is the meaning of “a systems audit”.

  11. now that Duterte has taken his oath as Philippine President, then, witnesses and those who abetted in the cheating in the 2016 election, can freely reveal and without fear, give testimonies to their participation in that cheating. They know that Pres. Duterte can protect them.

  12. Leni Robredo does not register to us and the new President as the legitimately elected vice-president.Dr. Julio Teehankee, a political analyst is right in his assessment as to why Pres. Duterte ignores her. It is regrettable that she has allowed herself to be the beneficiary of the Abnoy’s cheating scheme.

  13. How can ‘VP Robredo’ improve the lives of the poor since she has no role in the government? That is the job of the President. I also wonder if her oath taking is valid since she took her oath before a Barangay Captain from Camarines in Quezon City which is outside his jurisdiction..

  14. Aysus Ate, wlang tangible sa mga sinasabi mo, para kang nangangampanya pa din. Walang specific na action kse spare tire lang ang VP.

  15. Puro lng jesse at laylayan. Motherhood statememts ang speech nya. Daming palabok na plano, e pano nya kaya iaahon sa laylayan ng lipunan, e wlw naman sya department or agency to implement things kundi yung budget ng OVP na malaki don pang bayad renta sa boracay mansion.

    • na inngit ka na naman julio..kaya kayo nag aaway ng kapit bahay mo sobra kang inggitero..bobo ka naman…palibahasa wala ka ring galang sa asawa mo kaya ganon ka…..bakla!…kung naging lalaki ang VP,,hahamunin ng suntukan niyan si bokbok mukha duterte at palagay ko,,di tatagal,,,,iika ika na rin lumakad nong inauguration…sa harapan ng mg amilitar..naisip nila eto Commander natin…langpa pala,,,bunganga lang ang malakas magsalita.

  16. I wonder if Dudirty could have treated the VP differently if he were a man. He wants Boing Boing,. maybe, he is in love with him. Dudirty is a coward by punishing a valid officially elected VP due to some personal animosities. He is not an SOB, he is a pussy.

    • Eden Ramirez on

      For nor giving a position to your vp,you ate calling our President as coward?Speaking of irradication of crime,drugs and corruption is it cowardness as well? The president may have his owb reason of not giving a certain position for your vp.