No to China laws


The China government is making all efforts to coerce the Philippines, its neighbors as well and asserting “China Laws” it is implementing on its own, to control and curtail activities in the disputed seas and islands and also challenging American security interests in the region. China laws are not acceptable to the Philippine government because we are not under Chinese rule. They vest their authority in implementing laws that only benefits their interests, and not the interest of the region where they also belong.

They have no sense of friendship towards their neighbors which is not a pleasant image they are showing. They have become categorized as “war-starters”. However, no amount of bullying on their part will expunge our nation’s territorial sovereignty. Our seas and islets, and islands legal to our boundaries remain as ours. We have never tried to trample upon the same rights of our neighbors. As it is, China shows no respect towards its neighbors. China is the square in the circle, the fly in the ointment.

May Chee B. Coyena
Anthropology Student


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  1. RP = David : PROC = Goliath. If anyone will advocate that USA will be at our rescue in the event that we go to war with China, I recommend a major re-think…PROC is the major buyer of USA sovereign bonds while RP is the major receipient of USA aids..there you go simple ECONOMICS.

    Further on USA/PROC Economics..USA use the money to support the countries which PROC are not in good terms with…. case in point Israel..ergo PROC support Israel…mama mia

  2. Abu Khaleb Ahaaz on

    China’s adventurous quest for control in this part of the globe would soon fail, since it distort freedom of the seas and navigation specially on international waters. They could not just imposed their own rules while neglecting the whole world and the nations transporting & trading on these seas. The world is watching. They can’t simply fool the world into thinking that they are the owner of these place by presenting self-serving proof.
    If they have the solid proof, they (china) should be the one who seek the International Tribunal’s remedy ( Remedy through legal means ) to bring legality and global acceptance of their claims, these actions are more constructive than coercion.
    For centuries its a free spot, a vital sea lane enjoyed by the world as a whole. Converting it with the likes of Swiss Canal or Panama Canal, to imposed their custom tariff and any form of taxes on all business activities on this free areas is so absurd and the world will simply reject for it lacks legal and humane recognition.
    These part of the Philippines archipelago(near Palawan) if you would check the global map was a very vital “choke-point” and definitely the most important missing piece of their plan to make it like that famous world canals under their custom laws, what a selfish dream.

  3. The Philippines will never be another “David” in its conflict with the more populous “Goliath” (China) neighbor. So we are better served by investing our meager resources
    to our people than in arming ourselves in a possible conflict with China which we will never win.
    I believe that America will live up to its commitment of “an attack of the Philippines is an
    attack of the US.” Regardless of its posturing, China will have a lot to loss if they will impose their will against their neighbors.

    • We, as a sovereign country should not depend on another country for defense. We don’t pay taxes to their country and they could care less. Always think of long-term, if we can stand on our own and defend ourselves then we don’t have to worry about bullies. Look at Japan or South Korea, they have improved their defense and economy and look China can’t touch a hair on them unlike us Chinese basically are trampling over and urinating on our face and we continue to kiss their feet because we don’t have a single weapon to defend ourself. Start modernization of our military every single year is of the essence. What is improving our lives if there are no more land or house to live in. Our land and sea are our own life themselves. Without them ( that’s when Chinese steals all of them) we are also useless. Protect our land and seas, that’s the way to go.

  4. what can the Philippines do by China’s bullying and harrassing? none really, why? because the AFP is ill-equipped. The AFP has been neglected by the leaders of the country for 20 years even after the first signs of Chinese threat has surfaced 10 years ago. Politicians have no vision or desire to modernize the AFP which they also do not care about disaster relief operations during calamities which the AFP is a major player and with dilapidated equipment, transport, an AirForce with no jets, a Navy with WWII vintage ships and lacking in numbers too is just stupidity. Depending too much on the US is a stupid strategy. What if the US decided not to intervene? then shall we use bancas to patrol the WPS? Vietnam now has 2 submarines from Russia and 4 more where ordered. the Philippines has none. The escalating territorial conflict with China cannot be resolved only thru the UN but most of the time is thru use of force or deterrence among armed forces, but if shooting starts between China and Philippines, China can easily annihilate the Philippines or invade Pagasa and Palawan within days with small or no resistance at all. Then what? go to the UN again? that UN could take years to act. We never learn, and we act like we are not suited to govern our own country. Lack of discipline and full of corruption both the government and private sector. This is not the way to run a country. Ours is not a country at all if you look and analyze it, the law is only in paper, many people including the politicians do not follow it.