• ‘No to divorce, yes to fast annulment’


    The senatorial candidates of Sen. Grace Poe do not favor divorce but they vowed to support bills that will speed up and reduce the cost of annulment.

    Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, former Labor Undersecretary Susan Ople, Valenzuela
    City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian, Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo and former Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri made the stand during The Rundown: A Senatorial forum held in UP Diliman on Friday.

    Colmenares said his pending bill in Congress already addresses loopholes in existing laws by automatically classifying spousal violence, infidelity and abandonment for one year as a psychological incapacity—a ground for annulment of marriage.

    “When you are being physically abused by your husband, you don’t need a psychologist to prove that. It would be worse if such kind of marriage won’t be dissolved,” Colmenares said.

    Ople, who had her marriage annulled in 1999, agreed that existing laws are too tedious and exasperating.

    “The annulment is one of the most painful experiences in my life. I have spent P100,000 for that, and while I felt relief when it was finally granted, I also felt sad. I don’t want other women experiencing the same,” she said.

    Romulo and Zubiri, who are both married, are also for a speedy annulment.

    “Divorce is just breaking up a marriage for any reason. We should amend our laws on annulment to provide relief for the battered wives,” Romulo, who is married to former tv host Shalani Soledad, pointed out.

    “I don’t believe in divorce. My parents were aged 19 and 21 when they got married, and they fought a lot. But they worked on it and they have been married for 53 years. I am all for speeding up the process of annulment, but not divorce because divorce result in dysfunctional policies,” Zubiri added.

    Only Lorna Kapunan favored divorce—a stand that drew cheers from the crowd. Llanesca T. Panti

    “We should stop implementing double standards. Why do we allow men to have so many sweethearts? Not a lot of people understand psychological incapacity. I am for no fault divorce,” Kapunan said.

    “Men like to have their cake and eat it too. These mistresses are the eat it too part and we should not allow that,” she added.


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    1. Robert Sandival on

      I wanted to applaud Lorna Kapunan for being in favor of divorce. I am Spanish and married a Filipina and within a year she was gone. I did not know at the time of my marriage my wife was also seeing another guy due to my job and travels. I’ve been told by her friends she ran off with this other guy and has four kids with him now. So it not only the men that are having their cake and eating it too. Why should I be made to still be married to her? Honest to God for what purpose, I did not break my vows of marriage, but they have been broken and there is nothing that can ever change that. I like God can forgive and I can forget…but that will never change the fact of those vows were broken. That can’t ever change and that is why I should have the legal right to move on. The annulment process is what it is no standard on cost or ways they are handled. If I can’t afford the price then I’m stuck with no option. Plus, why should have to spend the little money I have in the chance an annulment would be granted. I grew up believing a marriage last a lifetime and at that time I didn’t not believe in divorce but am I or should I really be made to still be married to someone who didn’t and don’t love me and whom has several kids just for the sake of God and Church? What am I also expected to raise and cloth these kids just for others to belief I’ve done my part in trying to make this broken unfix-able marriage last. Law makers need to stop believing its a sin to approve a divorce law! If Christians believe God is capable of forgiveness to those that ask for his forgiveness for their sins. Then really isn’t that what those who seek a divorce is asking? In the end of my life no other will be beside me in judgement, my sins, my misfortunes and the truths will all be known and our creator truly already knows.