No to Macoy in the Libingan ng mga Bayani!


Last Saturday, I opened the NCAA chess tourney in JRU, which proved later not only to be still in the league, in senior caging; it even beat the fancied San Beda (where I was chess champ in 1963) last Tuesday. I had thought it was out of the league in the hard court, where I recall though that it was second only to San Beda’s Indian Yell in cheerleading.

How well I remember its cheerleaders in their halftime routine, dancing to Perry Como’s lilting “Till the end of time, long as stars are in the blue, long as there’s a spring, a bird to sing I’ll go on loving you.” Paul Supan, your JRU had reason to rejoice last Tuesday.


We all rejoice at the silver medal of weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz. But let’s recall Victoria Manalo Draves, who won two Olympic golds in London, in springboard and platform diving, in 1948. Her father was musikero Teofilo, from Orani, Bataan, where they had a fiesta of several days when she made a sentimental journey home about a dozen years ago, to visit her roots and reconnect. Victoria na(!) Manalo pa(!!). It just isn’t true that no one with Pinoy blood has won an Olympic gold medal.


Police head honcho Bata de la Rosa would not win a gold, though, in human rights. Bato. Heart of stone, save when his fellow top police generals are involved. He weeps with them but not with riffraff.


Does Macoy have a human and constitutional right to be buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LMB)? Prez Digong’s insistence would not help him if sued in the US under the 1789 Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) and the 1992 Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA). Salvaging is worse than torture. He has no human rights DNA it seems. He issued “shoot to kill” orders. In self-defense, no order is needed, as the first law of mankind is survival. But, many stories are funny. One is not obligated to obey an illegal order, our law enforcers shouldbe reminded.


“Aguirre: Int’l rights suit vs Duterte? No way, criminals are not humanity.” PDI, Aug. 6, 2016, p. A6, col. 3. Vit Aguirre is a dear friend and fellow Bedan, with whom I worked for the defense of Hubert Webb, hammered in the media as a rapist-killer who spent more than 15 years in jail for something I said, I’d carry to my grave Hubert didn’t commit, as he was thousands of miles away.


Prez Digong and PNP chief Bato de la Rosa, and Justice Secretary Vit himself, should be careful about visiting the US. We should learn from Filartiga v. Pena-Irala, a landmark 1980 case (630 F.2nd 876, 2nd Cir. 1980). Some victim or surviving kin may file a tort case and jurisdiction can be acquired over a defendant on US soil. Filartiga, in particular, should be studied by the administration lawyers.

Bato is a police chief. Reinhold Hanning, 95, was only a Nazi guard in a prison camp in Poland but was sentenced by a German court last June to years in prison.

Age does not provide immunity. Presidential immunity is a superstition, a joke, not taken seriously in the US. Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton were sued successfully as sitting Presidents.

Digong and Bato say a lot of things that cumulatively would support a theory that they are guilty of crimes against humanity. Tort is transitory – the right to sue follows the wrongdoer. See the case of a top Ethiopian police official, Kelbessa Negewe, in Atlanta (found by an elevator passenger, a torture victim, when he was working as a bellhop when recognized) and Guatemalan General Hector Gramajo in Cambridge (summoned while doing graduate work in Harvard).


Macoy inaugurated Martial Misrule. Digong is setting up a Police State where even judges are directed to report to the police. Josme! The cops have enough to do but now they are dealing with those who surrender, a task for which they are obviously not equipped. The task, normally, is handled by the National Prosecution Service, but it is being sadly bypassed. Prosecutors find out, through due process, if a party is dead so no egregious blunder as shaming a judge eight years gone and can no longer defend himself from defamation. Who will receive a subpoena in the cemetery? May the respondent say he may need a special pass from St. Peter or Kalawit to attend a hearing to say that death extinguishes criminal liability?

Digs threatens to abolish Congress if it would not rubber-stamp what he wants; he would declare Martial Law if the Supreme Court asserts its independence. Not helpful either if sued under ATCA and TVPA. Fascistic, some court might say.


The drug problem remains and the UN continues the debate. We should be creative in dealing with drugs. Reports there are of billions of marijuana seized and burned. Why not export them to enlightened jurisdictions where sin taxes are imposed? Surely, medical marijuana.

Human rights continue to be factored in elsewhere. Thus, “Human rights abuses figure in new WB lending rules.” Manila Bulletin, Aug. 7, 2016, p. B1, col. 5


It is not wrong to move Macoy’s remains to the LMB? Digong’s stance of honoring an established gross human rights violator as found by Honolulu and Seattle courts make it particularly imprudent for him to visit the US, whose envoy here he  undiplomatically ad hominems.


Digong may have misspoken on jail and septuagenarians, as being favored in criminal law. JPE, going on 93 got out of detention months ago. True, Senator Strom Thurdmond was tolerated for groping women in elevators, but he was nearing a hundred. It was found amusing. It is not true that we, septuagenarians, could commit crimes with impunity, a widespread superstition hereabouts. But, last I met JPE recently, tipong makamandag pa. Unlike harmless Strom.


One of GMA’s admirable acts was alleviating the condition of septuagenarians, in Memo Circular No. 155 of 2004. She should also speak up in opposition to the death penalty, which she commendably caused to be abolished in 2006.


Health issues permitting, I plan to be in Luneta on Sunday, with my cane I need on uneven surfaces, to oppose Macoy’s transfer to the LMB. If I pick some pocket or grope, I can be jailed; my age won’t protect me.


Is there still time for Digong and/or Congress to change the name of LMB to Libingan ng mga Bayani at Pangulo? My late wife went on national radio-TV in 1998, on Erap’s announcement to move Macoy’s remains to the LMB, saying she would ask her family to take out the remains of their father, a Bataan-Death March vet, out of the LMB. Mega-Takusa, I just keep going and am carrying on. “Till the end of time . . . I’ll go on loving you.”

I can do no less. If I am alone, one man in the right is a majority. The LMB is not for kleptocrats and gross human rights violators. The world would laugh in derision, seeing our Libingan ng Mga Bayani At Iba Pa.


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  1. Ilibing na si Macoy and close the chapter in our history. Patay na sya, let is go and move-on. Others are still using it for their political benefits especially the left leaning people.

    Those people that suffer under Marcos knows the consquences of their actions.

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    I understand the writer of this column is against the late Pres. FM burial at the LMB. But let me ask you? What GOOD THING have you done to our country Mr. Ex. Senator? I remember you initiated the mothballing of the BNPP designed to solve power supply shortages in the country. Do you think you are a hero for that thing you did? FM has done so much that benefitted Filipino Lives of which you are one of the benefactors. Let us stop being HYPOCRITES…..your YELLOW DESTRUCTIVE REGIME has reached its end!

    • Tama ka diyan hanggang ngayon ito saguisag na ito dilaw na dilaw pa rin.Sir ano ba ang nagawa ng mga Aquino 2 president at pati c Ninoy sa Bayan ni hindi nga nila pina Imbestigahan kong sino ang pumatay kay Ninoy dahil ayaw nila ipaalam hindi c Marcos ang nagpapatay

  3. Macoy’s burial at Libingan will open decades old wounds, not close chapters as Digong predicts. It will be devisive not uniting. Only the Ilocano (the die-hard fans) will be happy but the rest of the country will feel betrayed. And the Marcoses (the ultimate lovers of selves) wrought this evil again on the Filipino. Macoy’s tomb will be a rallying center against this evil and BBM will never be President.

    Sixty percent of the electorate did not vote for DU30. And he will face consequences later, if not here then with the final Judge. He probably does not fear God based on the lack of impunity he treats human life. I don’t think Machiavelli is in heaven.

    There will be peace and order. Even economic progress. But power inevitably corrupts. Some law enforcers are already ironing out personal grudges. The rich drug lords will go to rehab but the poor mules to the slaughter.

    • Sorry am an Ilocano but not will become happy if LNMB will be tarnished by this known Thief. Ikinakahiya ko at nabahiran ng katulad nila kaming mga Ilokano!

      Pilandok should admit that he put himself in this situation. “Payback Time” nagbabayad in the expense of hurting ML victims!

  4. You have taken your wild thoughts into one frame. You have purposely spoken against that president, the first president who have shaken the waters and maybe got yours out. Why don’t you try to come up with feasible solutions, put them into proper document and not rant in a newspaper? If you haven’t though about it, then you are just but an ordinary ranting Filipino citizen Rene. We don’t need such.

  5. Hanggang ngayon di pa nabura ang galit mo kay FM. Bakut ano ba talaga ang dahilan? Inggit o totoong ulyanin ka na? Aba eh kung ayaw mo talaga, di magprotesta kayo sa EDSA, anyway marami pa kayong disgruntled members of the Daang Matuawad.

  6. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    12 August 2016

    I am glad that former Senator Rene Saguisag, a famous Human Rights lawyer, is still around and has no fear of Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Duterte, who is proving to be a megalomanic despot and tyrant who has already violated the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as well as the Rule of Law, and even the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    I am amazed that the members of the Constitution Association of the Philippines so far have been eerily silent on the shameful doings of Der Fuhrer Duterte and his minion, National Police chef General “Bato” de la Rosa. Are they afraid of being tagged “corrupt” or a “drug pusher” and dispatched to “heaven” summarily without the benefit of being charged in a court of law first?

    Their silence is “deafening!”

    So Der Fuhrer Duterte has no problem clearing the way for former Der Fuhrer Ferdinand E. Marcos to be buried in the LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI. Perhaps Mr.Duterte truly considers Marcos a real “bayani,” even though the whole world has tagged him as a tyrant and top kleptocrat. His “Maharlika” guerrilla outfit was found to be fake; and the US Army found his claimed US medals also to be fake.


    • Masyado kang sinungling! Kailan pa opisyal na dineklara na peke ang mga medalya ni Marcos. Hangang ngayon tumatangap si Imelda sa pamahalaan ng US ng pensyon dahil sa pagka beterano ni Marcos. Hindi man k
      lang nagka asunto si Marcos ng nasa Hawaii tungkol sa mga medalya at pagka beterano nito. Kung may problema kayo sa mga medalya, mag apela kayo sa pamahalaan US kasi sila ang nag gawad nito kay Marcos, hindi yan pinagkakalat ninyong kasinungalingan.0

  7. 30 yrs have already past and Marcos is dead for 3 decades..How righteous are you people that does not allow Marcos to be buried in his proper burial grounds? He was a President and he is entitled to be buried there also…As for the Atrocities made during the Martial Law days Lawsuits were filed and still the Marcoses were Cleared …If you think the Verdict is Unfair for you File a New Case here in the Philippines and Let’s see what will be the Result..I kept wondering why most of you whenever there is a Marcos issue you Cry in the Newspapers.Media,TV,Streets but what happen? Nothing right..It’s Like a Rally without a Cause because up to now Nothing?NADA?

  8. The Great Defiant on

    tiyak embiyerna ang beauty ni abnOY dito…
    it is not really a right or wrong or political but personal…
    each sides savings one’s face.

    but I’d like to see these two useless clans finishing each other.
    so Filipino people, set back, relax and enjoy the show.

  9. Why do the Marcoses insist on burying their father and husband at the burial grounds supposedly reserved for heroes? Whether it is to drive a point – that they are finally vindicated – or to simply piss off their enemies, it doesn’t matter. What matters now is there is no law preventing them from burying their father as their hero. Marcos Sr may be a criminal to his critics, but unfortunately for them, only a court can say that he is. That is assuming we are to respect due process and give him the right to presumption of innocence. Human rights advocates should give him that.

  10. ferdinand naboye on

    Atty saguisag you are a lawyer a for the last 20 or so years your group of the aquino group was not able to truly come out of a court conviction on your allegation against Marcos. You failed during your time in power during the aquino regime so the best way for you is to stop misleading the younger generation into believing that ninoy is a true hero. I think is a psuedo hero who accomplish noting for the filipino

  11. Pres. Quirino and Pres. D. Macapagal are not heroes why are they allowed to be buried there.

  12. akala ko ba bawal magmura sa mga comment dito. bakit pinayagan yung kupal na johnny randal magmura.

  13. sir rene, hindi naman po pinag rereport ni presidente ang mga judges sa police. sabi po niya mag report sa chief justice. mga police na sangkot mag report sa pnp chief.

    • Say whatever you wish to say, Apo Rene; Digong emphasized that the named judges report to the Supreme Court Justice. On the issue of FM’s LBMB burial, Apo Marcos was president, secretary of national defense or soldier; hence, eligible.

    • eh kung inde magreport ang mga judges (kasali ba patay na?) sa supreme court…uupakan na rin ba ni da rock?

    • On the issue of FM’s LBMB burial, Apo Marcos was president, secretary of national defense or soldier; hence, eligible.
      tsk…tsk…tsk…without deep thinking (kawawa naman ang mga apo natin…iisipin nila pede din pala ilibing ang mga diktador o napatunayan nagkasala sa bayan sa LBMB) Suggestion: PDU30 madami naman bakanteng lote gobyerno kumuha na laang ng lupa para sa LIbingan ng mga Pangulo/Bise Pangulo, Senador at mga matataas na Kawani ng Gobyerno (na naglingkod ng tapat)…..kung pepede laang naman

  14. jojie camacho on

    nuon nasa poder kayors dapat sana nag repeal kayo ng batas o nag amendment kayo sa r. a. 289 binago nyu at dinagdagan nyu na bawal ilibing sa libingan ng mga bayani ang mga magnanakaw, human rights violators at dictator period. ngayon pinayagan tsaka kayo nag iingay nuon nyu pa dapat ginawa yan

  15. Sir, malapit rin naman na kayo ay sumakabilang buhay, hayaan nyo na na mailibing ang dating Pres. Marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani. Wala rin naman kayo mapapala pag hindi sya na ilibing dun lalong wala rin kayong mapapala pag nalibing sya dun. Basahin nyo na lang po ang All the World’s a Stage ni William Shakespeare para malinawan po kayo ngayong nasa twilight years na po kayo… Gumagalang, A History and English teacher of the new Filipino generation.

  16. Why not train your mind and energy on how to help the 600,000 drug surrenderees. They need help. Save their lives.

    • you are absolutely right my friend…all they love to do is criticize but not offer to any solutions…and if there are.. same old ideas that has no effect.


    • bobo. si Ramos ang nagbigay ng negosyong kuryente sa mga oligarch thru emergency powers.

      si marcos ang nagpatayo ng unsafe na $2.3B na nuclear plant na binabayaran pa

  18. Bad move on Digong’s part to allow Marcos’ burial at the LMB. On this issue, he clearly is a “divider”, not a “uniter” of people. His decision smacks of “quid pro quo”.
    I guess he is still grateful that his late father apparently served in the Marcos adminstration. He does not care that the deceased had been a plunderer of the country’s assets and was responsible for many of the “disappeared”. Imagine, he wants the burial to be one that befits a late president! “Dios mio”. Talk about the start of whitewashing and re-writing history! Isn’t it more fun in the Philippines?

    • Aphetsky Lasa on

      Here is a scenario. It is still PNoy’s administration. He feels that we need to be at peace with each other and forget the past, so let us bury the late PFEM at the LNMB. Would you agree with PNoy’s decision or would you stage protests and write petitions against it?

    • you are absolutely right my friend…all they love to do is criticize but not offer to any solutions…and if there are.. same old ideas that has no effect.

  19. Marcos should be buried at the Libingan
    posted August 12, 2016 at 12:01 am by Fr. Ranhilio Aquino
    When a man is gone, human decency dictates that he be remembered for the good he accomplished, and not for his mistakes. None of us wants to be remembered for his failings, and worse, to be condemned to oblivion because of our frailties. If that rule is good for us all, then it must be good for Ferdinand Marcos.

    On many counts he was an outstanding Filipino: outstanding as a law student, outstanding as a lawyer, outstanding as a legislator, with a degree of intelligence few Filipinos have matched and can match.

    He had the courage to do what was unpopular though needful at the time: declare martial law —something the Constitution of 1935 allowed him to do, the metes and bounds of which, that Constitution never set.

    I refuse to blame him for every single act of abuse of his subordinates, considering that if that were our mode of reckoning, all our past presidents would be condemnable on account of one or the other wicked deed of some underling.

    The most important reason, however, is that I do not want one version of history to be absolutized and enshrined as historical dogma. This is the version of those who oppose Marcos, because there is another version of the story (one which I favor) that maintains that he acted in his best lights, as the law and the system at that time allowed, and committed the sins and faults to which all of us must in one way or the other plead guilty!

    My real question is this: What exactly is the opposition to his burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani? By what logic? By what philosophical principle? By what ethical norm? By what legal precept? By what equitable standard?

    • I hope this very apolitical insight by Fr. Aquino could be read and analyzed by diehard yellow fanatics and Aquino followers. I challenge them to rebut this opinion.Nasaan na kayong mga mandurugas na propesor daw ng mga Ateneo…..Ka Rene Saguisag, mga commies, activists, etc.

    • Aquino is not a lawyer so he should shut up about laws.

      if you are sick, you see a doctor who passed the board. same thing with lawyers. you go see a lawyer who is an ATTY who can represent you in court

      if Aquino is really good, he should take the Bar just like Fr Bernas of Ateneo

  20. RS has aged but not matured. FM is a soldier, president and although he was accused of allegedly committing many crimes he has never been convicted of any. Aside from being a soldier, he is hero because he saved the Republic in the ’70s from communist take over.

    DU30’s decision to let FM buried in LnmB is an exercise of a presidential prerogative and not a discretionary power subject to judicial review. So a TRO based only on the usual ‘abuse of discretion’ will not lie. They need to find other grounds. Rally? DU30 said he will give permit even ‘3-months’.
    RS &Co. is the reason why we got embroiled in the South China Sea problem when U.S. bases left Pinas when these senators to earn ‘pogi points’ as ‘nationalists’ kuno refused to renew the MBA in 1992. Do you think China would have the gall to occupy and build those structures if U.S. is still in Clark & Subic?

    • never convicted but billions were recovered from Swiss Banks.

      how did his family got so much billions in Swiss Banks? they were never in business. they were not hacienderos. how?

      yan sana ang isipin ng mga tao

  21. You are the naughty boy of the seventies and trouble maker,we know you Rene……you are out of realities now…Your trick will not work now….You are now old and your work will not work this time….Okay trouble maker…….

  22. “Digong is setting up a Police State where even judges are directed to report to the police.”

    Digong already clarified that he directed the judges he mentioned as involved with drugs, to report to the Supreme Court.

    The allegation of human rights violations hurled against Marcos is not true. Why? Critics of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo described her as worse than Marcos’ human rights violations. Well, I did not feel and see any gross violations of human rights under Gloria’s administration.

    Those activists killed during the Marcos administration may have been killed by their communist comrades, whose leaders were paranoid that the activists were deep penetration agents of the government.

    • “Digong is setting up a Police State where even judges are directed to report to the police.”

      ka Rene, it seems that your sense of hearing and seeing is now completely damaged. Kindly watch again the speech and pls this time use earphone and adjust the volume to the maximum and exclusively site your eyesight to digongs mouth. then balika mo ako kung ano ang talagang sinabi nya…

  23. Hello Rene,
    the Libingan ng Bayani , I am sure has a lot of scoundrels…dont want to name names
    out of delicadaza for the dead,,,,,,,It is a LIBINGAN.
    I Have other reasons for putting Marcos there,,,,,,,,,It is to show that compared to those that replaced Marcoa, he was pretty good, actually better,
    Corruption immediately reared it head on the 1st day of Cory,,,,,,actually even before she sat……deals were made already. You know that , a lot of corrupt were your friends (actually ours)…you were actually one of the few exceptions… maybe thats why you were excluded from deals….
    AFTER Cory, a succession of corrupt administrations,,,,,,,The Judiciarywas more honest during Macoy time…..from my vantage point.

    • compare how long the presidents ruled. Marcos for 20 years, 12 years of which he ruled absolutely. his successors ruled for 6 except Arroyo who ruled for 8 years, and with the prying eyes of congress and more autonomous local govts.

      even if I judge thru accomplishments, the paving of roads in our province only started during the Ramos years, not Marcos. we had dusty roads during his time. not only in our province but most provinces

      Marcos not corrupt? compute how much the PCGG got from Marcos swiss bank accounts

    • wala ka magagawa kahit ano pang putak mo against FM. It’s the president’ decision. Decision niya ang masusunod sa paglibing kay FM sa LMB. Sorry na lang kayong mga anti-Marcos. Pana-panahon lang yan.

      You can create as much anti-marcos noise as you want, occupy the streets and protest if you need to, throw as many tantrums as you can, bang your heads against the wall, cry your selves to sleep in anger, or sulk in one corner but at the end of the day, whether you like it ir not, FM will be buried at LMB.

      So to your fellow communists and yellow armies, DEAL WITH IT! ?

  24. You are not alone Sir. We have to stand by our principles. Although we might be facing the might of Marcos theft

    • Aphetsky Lasa on

      No. Instead you might be overwhelmed by the staggering amount of Marcos’ wealth, wealth that he acquired even before he was president. Why would a very rich man, one of the richest men in the world, steal from coffers of the Philippines whose money was but a fraction of his wealth? Make your story right and make it credible by supporting it with evidence.