No to military intervention


Dear Sir,
When I read an article wherein a former government official said the people are already angered by the Pork Barrel scam and the DAP, and made a worst case scenario of things to come, I was not convinced. The official even said there might be a military intervention since some sectors in the military are already restive and disappointed. And if the issue is not addressed soon, the communist left-leaning group, rightist elements in the military or even in the center of government may undertake drastic actions, so he said.

I disagree that the armed forces will join such an activity. The armed forces has matured in so many ways, has rejected military adventurism, foremost and involvement in destab actions. It has remained non-partisan and abides by the Constitution at all times.

We have all been witness to this as many former soldiers and officers who have been directly or indirectly involved in past coups and destabilization attempts, have learned their lesson well and vowed not to make a repeat of it again.

As one who has grown up with soldiers all my life, and having relatives who were once involved in such attempts, I am sure 100% that the military will have nothing to do with the issue. Our soldiers will only focus on their mandated duties, that’s for sure.

Dollora S. Espino
Bulacan, Bulacan


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  1. If BS Pnoy govt won’t change then military can help why not it is also their duty to protect the pilipino people