No to Philippines’ hosting of 2019 SEA Games



(Part 1)
The Philippines has withdrawn from hosting the 2019 Southeast Asian Games citing the decision of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to divert the funding for the biennial meet toward the rebuilding of the war-ravaged Marawi City.

The decision was formally announced by Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez.

But the Philippine Olympic Committee under the leadership of Jose “Peping” Cojuangco aims to appeal government’s decision not to host the 2019 SEA Games.

In line with this development, I am including in this column verbatim an interesting series of posts on the social media account of PSC Commissioner Ramon “Mon” Fernandez:

“Maxi Green with Red Dumuk and 20 others.


The POC in their general assembly yesterday in Wack Wack GCC, decided to appeal to Pres. Digong to reconsider the government’s decision to forego of the hosting of the 2019 SEAG!

Peping tasked POC Sec Gen Steve Hontiveros to set him an appointment with PDut thru 3 persons with PDut’s connection: 1- Sen. Migs Zubiri via Ritchie Garcia, an uncle of Sen Migs, 2- Sec Alan Peter Cayetano via LVPI’s (volleyball NSA of Peping) Romasanta and Tats Suzara, of Phil Super Liga, 3- former Pres GMA, a classmate of Cynthia Carreon of Gymnastics Ass of the Phil.

Ma bypass kaya nila PSC Chair and the Executive Secretary?

If so and they proceed with the hosting without asking money from the Govt, then good luck!

Barth Vader: Money is too big for Peping to let it pass … one last heist.

Rhea F. Navarro: I’m totally speechless

Desi Villamin: An tindi mo popsie check mate ka na ayaw mo pa rin mag resign

Perry Mequi: This reminds me of a picture of fourth-termer POC President Peping Cojuangco uploaded in the net with the caption: “I AM SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!” Which is more important, the rehabilitation of Marawi or hosting of the SEAG2019, the lowest level on international sports competition rigged to insure that the host country will win in the medal count? When govt can’t allow the Marawi Bakwits to go home, inviting foreigners to come and witness and participate in a lutong macaw sporting event is the apex of idiocy!

Susan Papa: you know sir Mequi you are correct in saying that SEA is the lowest international competition. SEA during my time is just an invitational meet, we call it “PESTA SuKAN” It is Singapore that is hosting it all the time inviting neighboring Southeast countries. What is important now for PSC to do is resolve first in regulating the POC system in running the organization. There are roadblocks in almost every sports discipline.

The POC system is exclusive ! In going to the president i dnt think our dear president Duterte will encourage political patronage!

The problem in sports is because of POC. The sports government Agency which is the regulatory board in sports is the Philippine Sports Commission!

The POC feels he is powerful than PSC, definitely a wrong perception!

However , it has been a practice in the past administration like when POC positioned Richie Garcia as the PSC chairman . The system of political patronage must be destroyed and put an END !

In doing so, PSC must implement HOW and WHY it was created as a sports government agency. PSC has its supervisory and visitorial power over all the sports organization most specially over those PSC is funding! Senator Nikki has a formal complaint againts POC with PSC which the PSC must resolve!

Senator Nikki Coseteng is praying for the suspension of POC!

Edgardo Cantada: “BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER”. That is how it is in the POC. Idiots attract idiots. People in the POC are idiots — the worst kind.

Dennis Principe: The president has so many problems (drugs, marawi, poverty, china, etc) and these inconsiderate individuals still have the gal to bug the president about reconsidering an event na hindi naman tayo maghihirap kung hindi matuloy?

Nino Buencamino Sinco: It shows their convoluted sense of PrioritiesMaxi Green Mon Cualoping William Ramirez

Perry Mequi: Right Susan you are. The POC can’t even resolve the problem in the swimming association with its president branded by Lady Nikki as a “FUGITIVE!” Nakakahiya. I pity your swimmers, breaking records all over the place and not accredited by POC and its fugitive association. But keep the faith. The POC leadership will come to pass. Lahat at may katapusan.”


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