• No ‘Tokhang’ in QC posh subdivisions


    THE Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has no plans to conduct “Oplan Tokhang” in posh villages, preferring instead to hold dialogs with officials of homeowners’ associations.

    QCPD chief Senior Supt. Guillermo Eleazar believes that holding “Tokhang” in posh villages is not necessary because it will not lead to the arrest of drug users or pushers.

    Eleazar and Vice Mayor Joy Belmont met with homeowners association officials on Wednesday.

    “We will just invite you, say at your club house, for a dialogue to determine if we have some targets in your area. You can inform us of the identities or residence of a drug user or pusher in your village or subdivision. Or we can tell you that we have monitored one of your neighbors is into drugs,” Eleazar told the homeowners from the second district who were invited for the meeting.

    “This is a local problem that requires a local solution. You can be part of our whole approach,” the police chief explained.

    He said drug dealers also hide in posh villages, acquiring or renting properties for their illicit drug operations, and homeowners are the first to sense their presence.

    Gloria Soriano, who heads the homeowners association of Fairview Homes and the president of Alliance of Homeowners Association, presented an “Oplan Tokhang” protocol that informed their members of their rights if the police would carry anti-drug operations in their villages or subdivision.

    “Our officials will only play as observers once a police target has been identified and be subjected to Operation Tokhang,” Soriano said.

    Belmonte said the city is working to put up more rehabilitation facilities for drug users who surrender to authorities.

    Whether coming from informal settlers’ communities or gated villages, Belmonte said surrenderers will be treated as “sick persons” who need rehabilitation.


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