No US bases in Philippines – Pentagon chief


The Philippine panel should ensure that they read and re-read again, the tiny prints, before they sign the Agreement. They must ensure that the Philippines will not get the short end of the stick. I do not support, using military solution to solve the issues we have regarding China. Unfortunately, because Mr. Aquino does not know how to deal with China, China has lost face, with all the innuendos and pronouncements generated by his Office. I sincerely think, the DFA must be left to do the job of handling this and other situations which call for diplomatic solutions. Pronouncements made by the President, through his misCommunication team has not helped improve our relationship with China. There would have been no need for an increased American presence, nor a need for US assistance in modernizing our military. All the pork barrel fund which has been used to line the pockets of our elected leaders through the years, and all the funds which have lined the pockets of many generals, would have sufficed to modernise our military with new ships, planes and weapons. Instead, we are once more begging the US to supply us with second hand units to arm our forces. Channeling the money from PDAF will go a long way towards modernising our armed forces, and paying decent wages to our soldiers.

Helen Ramos,


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  1. This is wrong in my own opinion. Either with admit it or not, we still need the US military presence in the Philippines. As we all know, all our gadgets that we have that our Philippine government purchase in the US are all surplus, which means that its either 5 years or 10 more years older, which was used on the past post war mission is all we can afford. The problem on this situation on dealing with china is lack of strategy in foreign policy, at the same time, we have no extra force to fight back against the chinese military to defend our spratlys. We cannot use our balls or manual combat to defeat them, if in case that this diplomatic negotiation will fail (If ever). At the same time, due on too much corruption and red tape in this government, we cannot even guarantee that we can ever win this fight with the chinese, because of their full force combat vs. on what we only have, which diplomacy and well, our balls. We just hope that our government will give priority on this challenge. If they are really determine to have the spratlys, they should make a contengency plan on how to fight back and resolve this issue and be more focus on dealling this challenge, if they are really determine to win and have the spratlys as we always claim that its our own.

  2. I beg to differ. China wants to have a big influence in world affairs, more so in their own backyard. The way to do it is basically do a carbon copy of what the US is doing, that is have a capable navy to project power and do a gun boat diplomacy. China now has a very capable navy, they now have an aircraft carrier, they have develop a weapon that supposedly can disable or totally destroy an aircraft carrier. Whoever control the air and the sea will be assured of victory in a war, and one is brewing in our own backyard. China needs to fuel that economy, and there are supposedly plenty of oil & gas in South China sea or West Philippine sea depending on which side you are on. You see, it’s more than saving faces or diplomacy that is at stake here, it is the very threat to our country & our way of life.

  3. your prints article will not help, as you can see how the china trespasses our own border the spratley group of islands and we cant push them out from our own territoy while malaysia on sabah issue are laughing on us too.
    we cant depend our own land, do you think that your pen are enough to push out those tresspassers who invaded our territoy or the 200 miles border line and we must face the reality and accept the facts that we need super power country to help us on depending our country.