• No US bases in Philippines – Pentagon chief


    This is wrong in my own opinion. Either with admit it or not, we still need the US military presence in the Philippines. As we all know, all our gadgets that we have that our Philippine government purchase in the US are all surplus, which means that its either 5 years or 10 more years older, which was used on the past post war mission is all we can afford. The problem on this situation on dealing with china is lack of strategy in foreign policy, at the same time, we have no extra force to fight back against the chinese military to defend our spratlys. We cannot use our balls or manual combat to defeat them, if in case that this diplomatic negotiation will fail (If ever). At the same time, due on too much corruption and red tape in this government, we cannot even guarantee that we can ever win this fight with the chinese, because of their full force combat vs. on what we only have, which diplomacy and well, our balls. We just hope that our government will give priority on this challenge. If they are really determine to have the spratlys, they should make a contengency plan on how to fight back and resolve this issue and be more focus on dealling this challenge, if they are really determine to win and have the spratlys as we always claim that its our own.

    Chris, chrisw.cv28@gmail.com


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