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    1. I very much applaud Mr. President Benigno Aquino for showing humility and act like a true and common Pinoy. Every high ranking officer of the government should be required to follow suit. Like the old saying “What is good for the goose is good for the gander”. All should be treated equal and the same.

    2. Whoever tried this stunt must be out of his mind. Do you really know how the process works? One has to fall in line because the Tayuman LTO serves hundreds of applicants. One has to fall in line and wait for his turn. Then he has to have his photo taken, after which he has to pay for the fees then wait for the processing just like the others if they really want to say he was not provided extra attention. .

      One really wonder how a President gets his time to go to a crowded LTO office, apply for a license renewal and for what? What does he want to prove in this stunt?