No VP yet for Roxas


Camarines Rep. Leni Robredo is reluctant to accept the offer of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd to be his running mate in next year’s elections because she fears that her rival political clan–the Villafuertes– may lord it over her turf for good.

“She’s afraid that the Villafuertes may benefit politically once she decided to seek higher office either as senator or Vice President. That’s the only thing that worries her now and her fears are valid,” said a local official who is very close to Robredo.

According to the official, the widow of Jesse Robredo is apprehensive that a run for the Senate or the vice presidency will leave Camarines vulnerable to the Villafuertes’ return to power.

Robredo ran against Nelly Villafuerte, wife of former Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte, in 2013.

Running under the Liberal Party (LP), she won by a landslide, garnering 102,694 votes against Villafuerte’s 31,364.

But another local official, Cabiao (Nueva Ecija) Mayor Gloria Crespo Congco, who is actively pushing for Robredo to run for higher office, said the lawmaker may accede to run with Roxas if the party will not be able to find Roxas’ running mate in time.

“Our movement believes that she should run either for the Senate or as Secretary Mar’s VP [Vice President]. She can perform best in any of the two posts by adopting her late husband’s tsinelas [slippers]style of leadership,” Congco told The Manila Times in an interview.

A member of Kaya Natin, the lead convenor of the Leni Robredo for Vice President Movement launched last week, she claimed that Roxas remains hopeful that he can convince Sen. Grace Poe to run with him.

“He said he will give Senator Poe more time to decide and he’s not giving up hope,” the mayor said.

Roxas was in Laguna province on Monday to distribute 204 patrol jeeps. In an interview after the event, he said he had formally asked Poe to be his running mate.

The Manila Times, citing informed sources, reported on Monday that the Cabinet and LP stalwarts will fly to Naga City (capital of Camarines Sur) in “full force” Tuesday to convince Robredo to accept their offer.

In a statement released also on Monday, Lacierda said Aquino and some Cabinet officials will visit the tomb of Jesse Robredo at the Eternal Gardens in Naga City on Tuesday.

The then-Interior chief died in a plane crash off Masbate province in August 2012.

Vilma not interested
Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos Recto also said that she is not interested in running for vice president.

Banners proclaiming a Mar-Vi tandem have sprouted around the provincial capitol of Batangas and in municipal halls around the province but Recto said she has not received any formal offer from the Liberal Party for her to be the running mate of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

The governor, an actress, is called Ate (Big Sister) Vi by her fans.

But Recto said she is not interested to run for Vice President or for a Senate post.

“No formal talks. Nababasa ko lang yan at napapanood. [I only read about that or see it on TV]. But [I have] no plans for that position, no ambition and [I am] not interested. I thank all those who are considering me if there are any. But no formal talks,” she said in a text message.

The governor reiterated her desire to continue serving the people of Batangas, and that she may run for representative of the newly-approved lone district of Lipa City where she served as mayor for nine years before becoming governor of the province.

“I may consider Congress, but nothing is final yet. I like serving the people of Batangas, 18 years din akong pinagkatiwalaan [For 18 years, the people have given me their trust.],” she said.

Recto earlier disclosed that she is also not discounting the possibility of running for mayor of Lipa next year.

“I may consider running for mayor, why not?” she said in an event last week.


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  1. Nakaka-turn off pala si Leni Robredo -kung ganyan kababaw ang pag-iisip niya na takot pala siya sa mga Villafuertes kaya ayaw niya mag VP kay Mar Roxas then we can not expect anything from her. It is not in her heart to serve the Filipinos because sabi niya she is fearful to run for the reason that the Villafuerte’s will take over her turf. Wala pang Robredo nandiyan na ang mga Villafuerte. What turf is she talking about – does she think she owns Cam Sur ?- I am so disappointed with this Leni Robredo. What did she accomplish anyway ?

    • roger says:–Wala kang alam o binobobob mo kami..Utak biya ka..
      Alam mo na si abnoy ang nag endorso sa kupal na ito..Sigurado ka ba na may panalo ito..Iyong mga may balak na maging politico ay siyempre ,doon sila sa winable (Kung walang dayaan paris ng 2010,2013).Noong lavish endorsement ni Abnoy ke Mar, may nagtaas ba ng kamay sa mga naroroon kung sino ang gustong maging VP. Diyan mapapatunayan na kahit lahat ay may suot na dilaw ,sigurista pa rin,”ano baliw”.

  2. Once Leni Robredo runs for national position all the skeletons in her closet will come out including that of her late husband Jesse Robredo. News articles are saying she takes the bus from Naga to Manila when in fact a lot of people in Naga knows the fact that she takes the bus up to a certain point only for “show” and then transfers to her private car which is following close behind the bus. Why is Leni Robredo so fearful of the Villafuerte’s as per above article – it is because she knows deep in her heart that she won only through the PNoy operated Hocus Pcos . Leni Robredo is the chairman of the Liberal Party in Cam Sur and was supported by PNoy and Mar Roxas with government resources during the May 2013 elections.

    • Baket ba dinedemonized ninyo si Leni Robredo..Balit topic uli tayo ke Binay na magnanakaw (Baket ba ngayon lang lumabas to,dapat ay noong 2010 pa) Siguro ay natatakot pa iyong ibang gustong tumakbo na presidente at baka ma biktima ng propaganda survey ni Abnoy. Tutal parehong bataan ni Abnoy ang Mar at Binay,wala na bang ibang puwedeng pamilian..Baket walang nag o offer ke trillanes na VP tutal uso naman sa congress ang baligtaran sa Party..Si trillanes ay wala pang President pero ata na siyang tumakbo para sa VP..

  3. Since when is being a “widow” an accomplishment ? Leni Robredo wife of Jesse Robredo has no accomplishment and achievement at all even after 2 years in Congress. Her husband Jesse Robredo was also corrupt as mayor of Naga City and even as DILG Secretary. Leni’s other accomplishment (aside from being a “widow” and people sympathized with her plus the aide of PNoy’s hocus pcos for all Liberal Party candidates that is why she won in the last elections) is that Jesse Robredo is the best friend of Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas recommended Jesse Robredo to PNoy to become DILG Secretary. Leni Robredo flunked the bar exams three times and she now has 3 pending disqualification cases at the COMELEC for 1.5 years now which COMELEC is not acting upon because Leni Robredo is with the yellow camp. It will be good if both Mar and Leni team up – with Mar behind in all surveys for 2 straight years combined with Leni’s non-experience and poor accomplishment and she has no name recall in most part of the Philippines – they will both lose and the Filipinos will finally get rid of the yellow people in Malacanang.

  4. Oh my ! Can we have better candidates than name recalls?
    Name recalls cannot lead this country out of the sink hole that BS Aquino created.

    The next President will have to deal with the immediate BBL/Mamasapano/MRT/LRT/PDAF/DAP/FOI/Poverty/Education/Taxes /Health/Jobs and more jobs ……and the corruption that BSAquino had elevated inside the government.

  5. apolonio reyes on

    After EDSA I, we had a housewife as our president because she was the wife of our beloved Ninoy who was assassinated. She returned to us our democracy and a failed 1987 Constitution where no politicians even her own son does not follow. Cory was followed by another EDSA hero, FVR, who sold Fort Bonifacio and Alabang to develope our Military that NEVER happened. Then we had ERAP the very POPULAR actor who was convicted of Plunder but never set his feet in jail even a minute as ERAP was pardoned by GMA. Followed by a daughter of former president and now still confined to VMMH due to many charges filed against her by her predecessor. Then another president was elected because of sympathy votes when her mother Cory died.
    When do we learn? Why do Mar Roxas still courting the very hard to get Grace and Vilma as his running mate when there is one very more capable like Leni? Is it because of Grace and Vilma’s POPUPARITY? Vilma is the star of all season and Grace is the daughter of Ronald Allan Poe, the original “Panday”. Is our presidency defend on POPULARITY? By the rich like the original “Pacman” Danding, Ayala, SY, Gokongwei, David M. “Torre de Manila” Consunji, etc.? Come-on Mar and Filipinos, LET US WAKE-UP!

    • apolonio reyes–Welcome to a new society..Showbiz government run by oligarch Media and newspaper..

  6. she fears that her rival political clan–the Villafuertes– may lord it over her turf for good.


    Clans, her turf.

    Political dynasties continue to keep the Philippines in the stone age, this tribe vs that tribe. The Philippines has taken what was supposed to be a democracy and turned it into gang vs gang.

    Governed by a dynasty families that steal as much of the budget every year as they can while the countries infrastructure is slowly destroyed.
    Want to see where your tax money goes ? check out where the politicians live, P300 million homes, fleets of cars, they support their entire tribe on with their salary.

    In a country where the richest are the politicians while 66% of the people in the country live on less than P5000 a month then clearly something is very wrong.

  7. Having Rep. Robredo as VP for Roxas is just like looking for a “damay”. Mrs. Robredo has a bright future as a legislator, but she’s popular because of association with her late popular husband. Being a congresswoman, he name is not as widespread as Ms. Llamazares who ran for and won as senantor (???) by clinging to the surname of her adoptive father, the “make-believe savior of the world”!

    Otherwise, “Marujas” should read the big bold writings on the wall!