• Nograles wants ‘hit man’ Lascañas arrested


    A top ally of President Rodrigo Duterte has called for the arrest of retired policeman Arthur Lascañas who has confessed to leading a team of hired killers known as the “Davao Death Squad.”

    Rep. Karlo Nograles of Davao City accused Lascañas of spreading lies against President Duterte.

    “If the alleged killings truly happened, the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) should arrest Lascañas for multiple murder. He admitted to killing people in his attempt to implicate President Duterte in the alleged existence of extra-judicial killings. Therefore, he must be captured and immediately brought to court for multiple murder charges,” Nograles said in a statement.

    “He cannot be considered as a state witness and claim immunity because he is the most guilty person in these killings,” he added.

    Lascañas made the confession before a news conference last week in the Senate, accompanied by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th and lawyers from the Free Legal Assistance Group led by Jose Manuel Diokno.

    Nograles, son of former House speaker and one-time Duterte rival Prospero Nograles, said Lascañas’ emergence could be part of a plot to destabilize the Duterte government.

    “The agenda of the handlers of Lascañas is very clear. They are using him to destabilize the Duterte administration. To my mind, this is equivalent to treason,” Nograles said.

    Affidavit needed
    Last week, the Senate agreed to invite Lascañas to a Senate inquiry.

    But the head of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs said he would not schedule a hearing on Lascañas’ testimony regarding the Davao Death Squad until he submits an affidavit to the panel.

    Senator Panfilo Lacson in a radio interview over the weekend said he had reminded Sen. Leila de Lima to follow up on Lascañas’ affidavit in order for him to schedule the hearing in compliance with the three-day notice rule of the Senate. De Lima however was arrested on drug-related charges last Friday.

    Lacson said he had also directed his staff to coordinate with Trillanes’ staff on how to proceed with the probe and who they think should be invited to the hearing.

    “I have not heard from Senator Trillanes and there was also no categorical answer from Senator de Lima when I mentioned about the sworn statement to her last Thursday,” Lacson said.

    Trillanes, in a separate interview, said he would submit the sworn affidavit of Lascañas’ to Lacson today in order for his committee to review it and scheduled the hearing.

    Trillanes said that unless somebody would block the probe, Lacson could set the hearing by Thursday in accordance with the Senate’s three-day notice rule.

    The senator said Lascañas still held crucial information that was not included in his affidavit.

    The retired police officer, who claimed to have headed the death squad, alleged that Duterte, when he was still mayor of Davao City, directly gave the group orders to kill suspected criminals and political rivals.

    He also claimed that he received a monthly allowance from Duterte aside from a bonus after every kill.

    Lascañas’ claims, however, were a complete turnaround from his testimony during the probe of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights last year, which heard the testimony of self-confessed hit man Edgar Matobato.

    During that probe, Lascañas belied Matobato’s allegations and denied the existence of the death squad.

    His testimony, along with the testimonies of other resource persons, convinced the justice panel headed by Sen. Richard Gordon to conclude that the Davao Death Squad did not exist and that Duterte was not involved in the recent spate of alleged extra-judicial killings of drug suspects.

    In a privilege speech last week, Gordon opposed the move to have Lascañas heard by the Senate anew, insisting that allowing it would be an insult to the institution as the ex-policeman had lied to it.

    He said that if Lascañas wanted to be heard, he should go to the court and not the Senate because it had released a committee report based on his testimony made under oath.

    Gordon’s position was concurred in by Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Manny Pacquiao, known allies of Duterte.

    His motion as contained in his privilege speech was referred to the rules committee headed by Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd.



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    1. so sad very clear ikinabubhay na ng kanyang pamilya ang ganong uri ng buhay so shame on you..ako ay naniniwalang sinabi ni mayor duterte BUT malinaw din ang utos sa kanila KUNG nasa panganib lamang ang kanilang mga buhay of course gumawa sila ng paraan upang hindi sila maunahan..kung kakilala ninyo si lascanas at ang kanyang pamilya hindi muna kailangang makinig sa balitang dodo.

    2. @Jeri Valdez
      If i pointed my finger at you who is the one who screw your sister, did somebody will believe my story as if it really happened when in fact the victim per se is denying it … yes only fools will believe me … as you already did ….

    3. Senate session regarding the investigation of these two clowns has turned into a circus and all the spectators are enjoying the show. As long as there’s no unity in each individual senators to craft up a good laws to fast track the development programs for our country we will always remain watching EJK . Monthly schedule investigations of soon to be witnesses will always come out what a wasted years….

    4. AC/DC whistle blowers must not be entertained as witnesses. These attack/ collect/defend collect witnesses are turning the senate into a circus …….

    5. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can come out of the woodwork and accuse someone of being the mastermind of a crime as long as the accuser is paid what we presume to be an unbelievable amount of money. Does anyone really believe that sob story from Lascanas that suddenly/finally he is now bothered by his conscience and must confess after all?
      So far, we have here two self-confessed killers, Matobato and Lascanas, still running around free as birds under the cudgels of Trillanes and Delima, without having so far faced the consequence of the crimes they admitted committing. Are the people behind them really that powerful, or is the justice system in the Philippines really that bad. Senator Gordon had it right when he suggested that the case should be brought directly to court, with proper evidence presented, cross examination conducted and sentencing handed down at the end. However that is not to be since the Senate has decided to hear Lascanas again despite his previous testimony under oath. Fine, first hearing zero for Matobato; second hearing (at least Trillanes is hoping) one for Lascanas; and a third hearing to break the tie? That should give enough television face time for the Senators, and the self-confessed criminals that they are giving so much importance and precedence over the actual business of legislating for the people.
      I’m not a lawyer so there’s a legal question I want to throw out there to any smart lawyer/prosecutor — based on the statements of Lascanas, can a case be simultaneously started and evidence gathered by the court while the case is being heard in the Senate, so that by the time the Senate hearing concludes, the court would have found enough probable cause to issue a warrant of arrest and handcuff Lascanas as he leaves the Senate hearing?

    6. PinPin de Sarapin on

      Oh, common, Rep. Karlo Nograles is a typical traditional politician who uses power and influence without good reason to use it than to protect the status of his own fellow politician. Why not allow the ball to roll on of the senate investigation of the DU30 involvement in DDS where DU30 is revealed as the over-all head according to his police Lascanas.

    7. @RepNograles – how can Lascanas become the most guilty when he is pointing at the President to be the Mastermind, the Superman? Are you even thinking??

      • is he not the most guilty because of his sworn statement that he himself killed several suspects? in what part you dont think?