Nokia poised for big comeback


Look back to eight to 10 years ago. Then as now, you probably had a cellphone that you could not live without. What brand was it?

In all likelihood, your CP was a Nokia. Back in 2008, the Finnish company was far and away the number one mobile phone in the market, the Philippines included. The company owned 40 percent of the world market with the rest of competitors fighting for crumbs.

So what happened?

In a word, the company got too complacent. New smart phones would enter the market, and Nokia did little to face the fresh challenge to its supremacy.

Specifically, the iPhone and smart phones operating on the Android system took the world by storm. In a few short years, owning a Nokia became an embarrassment, especially to the youth.

By the time the company introduced its Lumia smart phones and tablets, it was too late. Consumers had decided that a Nokia was a “must not have” phone.

This is almost unfortunate because Lumias aren’t that bad, actually. But no one wanted to be caught dead with one despite its excellent features. No, today the average consumer wants either an iPhone or a Samsung, or maybe an LG.

Oddly enough, even relatively unknown brands that look like the latest iPhones or Samsungs are acceptable, as the made in China or assembled in the Philippines knock offs are pretty decent copycats. “Anything but a Nokia” has become the silent battlecry of consumers.

Nokia diehards can now rejoice, all this may change in the next year or two. For a “mere” $7.5 billion, Nokia has sold its cellphone and services division to none other than Microsoft.

Bill Gates may no longer be running the day to day operations of Microsoft, but the company remains a global giant that can produce and market gadgets that consumers love. At least most of the time.

Microsoft and Nokia had actually forged a partnership back in 2011. The result was the Nokia Windows Phone. Unfortunately, consumers did not go for the new device as they were focused on the fierce battle for their loyalty between Apple and Samsung. The two companies remain engaged in legal wrangling in various markets worldwide.

Now, however, Microsoft is not just partnering with Nokia, but is completely taking over operations. “New Nokia” will certainly pose a threat to Apple and Samsung, one which neither company can afford to take lightly.

It may not happen overnight, but expect Nokia smart phones to appear at your favorite cell phone stores nationwide somewhere down the road. You may even decide to give it a try. It would be a little bit like Kodak re-emerging with great new cameras to challenge the hold on the market that Canon and Nikon have. Or maybe Ford coming out with a jazzy new car and branding it the Escort.

Quote of the Week:
“Technology…is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” — Carrie P. Snow


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