Nokia, Smart showcase ‘5G’ speeds in live demo


Nokia and Smart, the wireless subsidiary of PLDT, have achieved 5G speeds of 2.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) for the first time in the Philippines over a live network, Nokia said on Friday.

The data transfer used 100 MHz [megahertz]with latency–or the time it takes data to travel between its source and destination—of just 1 millisecond, and the demo was conducted at the Nokia Manila Technology Center in Quezon City, one of Nokia’s global Research and Development powerhouses for 5G technology.

Nokia is at the forefront of 5G research and standardization, and its R&D centers across the globe, including the Manila facility, are helping to bring the company’s 5G vision closer to reality.

With its capability to deliver extremely high speeds coupled with low latency, 5G opens up exciting possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications for Filipinos, particularly in healthcare and smart cities, Nokia said.

It said Nokia Manila Technology Center and Smart’s innovation team will collaborate to conduct joint 5G research for the development of 5G technology.

With extremely low latency, 5G will enable a huge number of new use cases, such as remote surgery, real-time responsive robots for automated industrial production, virtual and augmented reality and autonomous driving.
The demo also leveraged the Nokia AirFrame Data Center platform to support high performance and low latency requirements.

Smart has a proven record of investing in the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine applications, and 5G will be critical in realizing their full vision.



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