NoKor vessel unloads cargo in Subic port


SUBIC BAY FREEPORT: A North Korean cargo vessel was subject to a rigid inspection by the Philippine Coast when it docked here on Thursday to unload cargo.

Five Coast Guard personnel, assisted by two sniffing dogs, inspected the MV Jin Teng following the U.N. Security Council’s imposition of further sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear program.

The inspectors said they did not find any suspicious materials, except minor deficiencies like missing fire hoses, corroded air vent and electrical switches without insulation.

The cargo ship arrived from Indonesia but no departure date has been set with its cargo– palm kennel expeller – still being unloaded as of Friday.

Palm kernel expeller is a byproduct of palm oil production and has several uses, including as feed for farm animals.

According to the Coast Guard, the ship’s documents showed the cargo was for consignees based in the Philippines and no new cargo would be loaded when it departs Subic Bay.

Another inspection is scheduled before the ship sails for China, but authorities say the ship will only be allowed to depart if the deficiencies have been addressed.


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  1. We confiscate and destroy the ship immediately,North Korea like China is creating trouble to its neighboring countries they are evil because they are using their nuclear power to threaten the non nuclear countries.also the crews of the ship should be detained and punished in Philippine and international law.

  2. Edwin Subijano on

    The PCG is very strict with rules when it comes to North Korean ships. When it comes to domestic Philippine passenger ships they allow super overloading as in the case of Dona Paz and many others that have sunk with thousands of lives lost. The PCG is one of the most corrupt agencies of the government !!!