Non-Aligned summit backs Maduro, slams US ‘interference’


PORLAMAR, Venezuela: The Non-Aligned Movement wrapped up a summit on Sunday in Venezuela with an expression of support for its embattled host, President Nicolas Maduro, and scathing attacks on US “interventionism” around the world. The 120-member group issued a statement at the end of the two-day meeting calling for peace, urging world powers not to meddle in other countries’ affairs and voicing concern over violence in Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian Territories. The 190-page document also urges support for “the struggle against terrorism, for solidarity with refugees in northern Africa, and the Venezuelan people’s right to peace,” Maduro told a press conference. Founded 55 years ago to give a greater voice to countries squeezed in the power struggle between the United States and Soviet Union, the Non-Aligned Movement has struggled to stay relevant since the end of the Cold War. Just a handful of heads of state or government attended the summit on the Caribbean island of Margarita, though organizers did not say exactly how many.



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