• The non-amorous seduction of Sen. Grace Poe


    The ruling Liberal Party is in a serious bind. Regardless of how corrupt the automated voting system has become, the party insists on having an automated presidential election in 2016 at all costs, even without having the corrupt system fixed first. It insists on this precisely because it is in control of the precinct count optical scan or PCOS machine, by means of which Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections rigged the 2010 and 2013 elections, and which makes it certain of “victory,” even without winning any real votes.

    But the LP is now, root and branch, buried in corruption, and does not have anyone with acceptable “survey” ratings, which have become the lone loony determinant of who should runor not runin an election. All they have is Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, who once operated all over Mindanao to top the 2004 senatorial elections, but lost badly as vice presidential candidate in the 2010 election, which his standard bearer B. S. Aquino 3rd took, together with his unheralded rival, Jejomar Binay.

    Roxas acquired a “franchise” on the 2016 presidential run when he withdrew from the 2010 presidential race in PNoy’s favor and settled for the second slot and lost. Aquino has since tried to give him every opportunity to shine by putting him in charge of government operations in several national disasters. These gave him all the “photo ops” and speaking parts, but he fell inside his mouth every time he spoke, and ended as bad as, if not worse than, the disaster whose after-effects he was supposed to help alleviate. He has lagged behind even in Malacañang’s own bankrolled surveys.

    In this country, even exit polls are rigged. Pre-election propaganda “surveys” do not normally measure public opinion about candidates. Instead, they manufacture public opinion in favor of preferred paying candidates. This serves as “guide” to the rotten syndicate at the Comelec on how to fabricate the election results. It is a wicked enterprise. But for all the power and money at his command, Roxas has failed to persuade the most complicit propaganda pollsters to jack up his numbers.

    This is probably because all of them find him too deep inside the pit of public perception that they could not risk the last shred of their reputation by giving him a “satisfaction and trust rating” that would be universally ridiculed across the nation. For in all the natural and man-made calamities he was asked to handle, Roxas has not only made an utter fool of himself but also managed to personify the heartlessness of government.

    In Zamboanga City, in November 2013, he presided over the destruction of 10,000 poor people’s homes while trying to flush out a couple of hundred MNLF rebels who had come to raise the flag of Mindanao independence. This was the first time anything like it ever happened—-“from General Emilio Aguinaldo’s time to the present,” according to one former AFP Chief of Staff. As secretary of the interior and local government Roxas has no legal authority whatsoever to preside over any military operation of any size. But he took command of the Zamboanga operation of over 10,000 troops, apparently on Aquino’s say-so, while the Army top brass stood by. In Tacloban last year, and in Samar this month, people wondered why they had to deal with someone like Roxas on matters involving their survival.

    Given such record, not even those eating out of Malacañang’s hands would dare to prettify Roxas’“ratings.” Even mendacity has its limits; the lie would be so indefensibly and ridiculously obvious, if they crossed those limits. For obvious reasons, the fraudsters are far more accommodating with PNoy. His crimes go far and deep into the substance of our moral and political being, but because they involve serious constitutional and moral issues, they are harder to simplify on Facebook, Twitter, etc. where Mar Roxas’ notorious meltdowns invite instant ridicule.

    Just what are these crimes? This is the nth time we shall restate them. These begin with PNoy bribing the members of Congress to impeach and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, using public funds illegally taken from various appropriations and transferred to the Disbursement Acceleration Program, which he created without the authority of Congress, and which the Supreme Court subsequently struck down as unconstitutional.

    In its ruling the High Court directed that all those involved in the misuse of the DAP be criminally prosecuted with reasonable dispatch by the prosecutorial organs of the government. But instead of that directive being carried out, the Aquino government simply repeated its crime by railroading its P2.6 trillion 2015 budget. This budget resurrects all the presidential discretionary pork-barrel lump sums, which the Court had voided, and redefines “savings” to allow Aquino to play around “legally” with any appropriation that catches his eye at any time. On top of that, Congress, at Malacañang’s behest, also rammed through without debate a P22.3 billion 2014 “supplemental budget”, which this profligate regime is supposed to exhaust before the yearend.

    Obviously, these things never entered the discussions during the “survey,” which gave PNoy a few more points. Neither did anyone discuss the clamor being heard from Luzon through Central Visayas and Mindanao for a regime and systems change, which requires PNoy’s early departure from office. The propaganda pollsters have never tried to explain the basis of the alleged “rise” in his “ratings.” They have not had the heart to tell us that PNoy merely exercised his “option” as the apprentice tyrant who is also related, either by consanguinity or affinity, to some of the central characters behind the two more questionable polling firms.

    PNoy’s “ratings” had to be propped up in preparation for the day when he might be compelled to declare that he is the only option left, after JojoBinay’s long running bid shall have been totally destroyed, and Mar Roxas shall have failed to perform even as a simple motorcycle rider on Samar’s wet pavements.

    For despite what we had heard from PNoy earlier, he apparently has set no plans for riding into the sunset by 2016. Even some of his closest relatives and friends seem wary of it. One of them has, in fact, proposed that PNoy consider an early exit by seeking political asylum in Johore, where the Sultan is a good friend. But the proponent of this “dumb idea” was promptly rebuked for it.

    PNoy needs to believe, and to make the rest of the nation believe, that he still enjoys some measurable public support, even after it’s long gone. And not merely as an ego trip. He needs the reported “surge” in his ratings to create support for any last-minute decision to extend his stay through a “revolutionary government.” A second-term election was earlier mooted, but between now and 2016, there is no longer any time for it. The only option left is a revolutionary government, and PNoy has reportedly not completely ruled it out.

    At the same time, despite everything that has been said against it, Mar Roxas is still waiting in the wings to become president at all costs. In an “honest election”, which is now an oxymoron, the man could lose unopposed, according to some critics. But relying on three Ps—“pera, poder at PCOS” (money, power and PCOS)–he seems convinced he will get it. This involves a game, and Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, PNoy’s senatorial topnotcher in 2013, who has also entered the “ratings game”, has to be drawn into it.

    Grace Poe “won” under PNoy’s infamous 60-30-10 PCOS scheme, by topping the election even in places where they had not heard of her noble qualities. Those qualities have yet to be fully revealed, but she has managed to keep her nose clean, despite the moral and intellectual decomposition and decay of the once noble Senate. Now, she has to be seduced non-amorously into believing that because Mar is not performing as well as she is in the propaganda “surveys,” she has become the LP’s “choice.”

    She has been heard to say (quite honestly) that she is not prepared to be president, and is, in fact, still trying to learn the ropes of being a functional member of the Senate. She will probably continue to repeat it. But they will probably tell her that aside from Kit Tatad’s five-year-old grandson who wants to be president, nobody else is prepared, so it really makes no difference at all. They will promise her heaven and earth. And Mar, who has not given up, will have to play possum while his colleagues work on Grace.

    If she bites, and they believe she will, they will use her to whittle down Jojo Binay’s hard-earned propaganda ratings to the last digit. Once this is done, and they believe it could be done, Grace Poe’s political engine will suddenly begin to sputter and the promise of heaven and earth will quickly vanish in the air. She will then be left literally holding an empty bag, while the LP herd regroups around Mar.

    One could read this as a pure conspiracy theory, if it hasn’t been heard within the Palace. And it has. But although the country is now ruled by men and women without honor or worth, by men and women driven solely by mendacity and greed, there may be one or two within the ruling kleptocracy who cannot seem to abide the planned scenario for Grace.

    One is said to have spoken out and suggested that, instead of subjecting her to something as underhanded as this, the neophyte senator be offered the vice-presidential slot right off the bat. They seem to have no awareness of the fact that the Senate has completely lost its worth, as the seedbed of future presidents or vice presidents.

    I am not sure how this will change things for Grace Poe and those who want to use her for their own ends. But it promises no change at all in our rotten politics. I believe that instead of allowing herself to be played, Grace Poe should have the courage to tell Malacañang that the nation cannot be more interested in who would be running or not running in the next elections than in whether or not we could finally conduct a truly clean and honest election while PNoy remains in office, and the Comelec, Smartmatic and PCOS remain part of the electoral process.

    Indeed, she should have the courage to say that she could not think of herself or any self-respecting Filipino for that matter, running for any office in a rotten election, which is all that PNoy and his party could guarantee the nation and the world.



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    1. I pity Sen Grace Poe. She has a good heart and good intentions, but she is just being used by the Yellow Brigade & Liberal Party, who are afraid of losing their power, because they’ll be persecuted, with all the damage and stupidity they’ve inflict on our nation, and the ever “matiisin” na Filpinos. They just want to ride on her popularity; it’s also a pity, that we Filipinos, are really not politically & socially mature. We don’t think… we just go along on what or who is popular. This is our weakness which is being exploited by these “dishonorable politicians”. There must really be a radical transformation of our political system — which our current politicians, dynasties and big business – don’t want because they’ll lose their grip of the country.

    2. Only Gibo has the credibility to become the next President
      to succeed your President “BS” Aquino.

    3. People have to support the Government. Present Government achievement ALL OVER the WORLD. Philippines known very well because of Sincere Government in their agenda. Hindi na kayo nagsawa sa mga matatandang politician na ayaw nilang umasenso ang Government natin. Kagaya ni former Sen TATAD. He want stagnant government. PNOY Government achievement all over the world kilalang kilala dahil ang taas ng pagkakilala ng all dignitaries both president of other Nation kay PRESIDENT Benigno S Aquino. Walang bahid na pagpapayaman sa sarili. GOD know who you are Sen TATAD what your comment. Mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo.

    4. They are doing the same to Grace Poe on what they did to her father, FPJ. Knowing that FPJ is not prepared or his qualification is suspect to handle the presidency, still they pushed FPJ to the dirty world of politics. How greedy these politicians are. Poor FPJ, he could have been still alive today.

    5. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      “These begin with PNoy bribing the members of Congress to impeach and remove Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, using public funds illegally taken from various appropriations and transferred to the Disbursement Acceleration Program, which he created without the authority of Congress, and which the Supreme Court subsequently struck down as unconstitutional.”
      Tatad has accused the President of bribing the Senators in the Corona impeachment case. This statement is libel. I dont know what President Aquino will do. Will he sue Tatad for such statement, to prove that tatad is lying? or will he just let it go and accept that he did bribe the Senators? In Singapore this kind of statement will not be ignored but will be challenged by the government official immidiately.

    6. If there still remain an iota of knowledge and intelligence among voters, the best choice to have for a president would be a person who has the administrative and judicial experience – much like a governor.

      Anyone among these so-called ‘lawmakers’, has only one of the two qualifications to run a country, the act of ‘lawmaking’ does not translate as making one capable of sizing up the current state of affairs, and to create and implement strategic programs or plans for which to deal with the issues or matters of grave national importance – such like proposals for high-level economic success, future development of key emerging industries, establishment of national securities, consideration of international competitiveness, and such. These are just but a few important issues to be dealt with by a progressive thinking leader, which can impact greatly the country if it needs to move forward.

    7. This country’s politics is mired in personalities in the conduct of our electoral process. Our multi-party system was envisioned by Cory’s Constitution to pursue the politics of personality as what their heroine Cory personafied. This is what the oligarchs and big business want in order for them to maintain their stranglehold to power and influence. The citizens are being indoctrinated by the mercenary pollsters, aided by conscript media, by carrying out sort of popularity contest survey questions instead of questions on issues or political platforms. The manner of endorsing senatorial topnotchers proves our addiction to personality politics. Probably, this system will only stop if we revert back to the two-party system of electing national leaders. But I doubt if we have the political will to do this with the present situation where our country is being lorded over by big business and oligarchy.

    8. Since Mr. Tatad is obviously neither for Roxas, Grace Poe nor Binay, why doesn’t he tell us who he wants to take over after Aquino? If it’s the NTC, perhaps the group can commission a survey of how acceptable the idea of an appointed government ( who will appoint, they cannot say) will be to our people.

    9. sonny dela cruz on

      Do the Filipinos want a good President? A leader who will govern to alleviate the poor condition of the Filipinos, to feed the hungry, education free for all grade school to high school and an affordable college courses? Why are they propagating not experience person to run the country for what? The Philippines right now has a lot of problem. The system of government has been corrupted. The Philippine constitution has been violated many times. Peace and order is a sham, people right now is not safe even inside their home. Children are being drugged by the criminals, and now you are talking about people with no experience to run the country what’s gonna happen then, same old shit. I have been saying right now, Mr. Richard Gordon maybe the solution for the problems of the country. I am not a campaign manager for him, no sir. I am not a voter. I just want to help and I see that Mr. Richard Gordon has a good tract of governance in public office and as a good manager. If I made a mistake of him to be the next President, maybe he will not be as bad as the past ones but still the Philippines will be much better and safe.

      • Dick Gordon has the abilities to run the PH government and uphold all laws. He would be a good president.

    10. May sa demonyo itong si Aquino!! Buhat ng makapit ang pangalan niya kay Mar Roxas,lahat nayata ng masama ay tinanggap na niRoxas kahit hindi siya ang pangulo,lagi sa kaya napupunta ang karma! Dati tanggap siya ng tao kahit hindi siya magpacute, pero ngayon kahit anong gawin niya patuloy na pinasama -sama siya ng pangalang Aquino!!
      Hindi siya dapat magtaka dahil siya at si abad ang lahat ng nagplano sa mga ginagawa ni Aquino!!
      Si Grace Poe ay wag sumama sa kanila kung gusto niyang magtagal siya at manatiling malinis ang pangalan!-!
      Wag sana siyang pagamit,!
      Mananalo siya kahit independent at walang komokontrol! Sa kanya-!

    11. Grace Poe is clearly a yellow puppet, and her playing coy is just an act. The mere fact that she topped the elections is all the proof that you need. Whatever magic these coristas are able to conjure, they cannot prevent their regime from eventually collapsing under the sheer weight of their world class hypocrisy, incomparable mediocrity and just plain stupidity. When that day comes, I will volunteer to man the guillotine. In the meantime, lets all boycott the 2016 elections.

      • Larry Ebersole on

        Do you want to say that you want all these corrupt politician headed by Penoy to stay after 2016? boycotting elections means a de-facto government by the one’s who are presently there. NO WAy this should be. as a matter of fact; if only it can be done,much better to totally remove all those who are sitting in tongress and the president be removed by a JUNTA intil all is cleared for clean election.Very much same as what they do in Thailand.