Non-performing liability


    MANNY PACQUIAO will fight a month before the May elections, in complete disrespect for the Senate and our democracy.

    He may again earn a billion (at least) without having to tell us his stand on the BBL, AAIB, ASG, MMFF, RH, the dispute with China, AFP modernization, federalism, constitutional change, longer Mindanao blackouts, etc.. And his tax issues (Arum said the IRS papers were on their way here in November 2013). Or his defense in the many cases filed against him for not disclosing the alleged shoulder injury of Alibi Manny. A postponement could have cost him plenty as pay day was so near then.

    He should be arranging to guest in TV talk shows to tell us how lucky we are to have him join a chamber where once we had Rectos, Laurels, Dioknos, Pelaezes, Sumulongs, Salongas, Roxases, Aquinos, and Rodriguezes, who worked hard as lawmakers.

    As Top House Absentee, he may yet become Top Senate Absentee, as he continues his mission to make billions. Manong Ernie Maceda and I had perfect Senate attendance, at a time shortly following the quote that we were a nation of 40 million cowards and one SOB. (And one B, I’d add). We are now 100M+ conejos with far more complex problems.

    The House’s Worst Non-Performing Liability now threatens to become the Top Non-Performing Liability in what used to be the the country’s Celestial Senate, down to the Abyss. He thinks Congress is a playground, hobby or sideline. And Mar Roxas and Jojobama Binay sought him out, to be inflicted on the nation, as a Senator.

    It seems the three ought to have their heads examined, Manny, for too many blows in the head, Mar and Jojo, for celebrating cynicism.


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    1. Senators and Congressmen must be recalled and dismissed from elected offices if they are habitual absentees. Students are dropped or expelled from school if they are habitual absentees; why are elected officials treated differently. Furthermore if they are charged , indicted and found guilty of graft and corruption they should be completely bar from holding any government position for life.

    2. And who is to blame for that?
      Why didnt you in congress then raised the bar for potential senators and congressmen? This is like blaming yourself for something you `honorables` failed to predict would happen when it is very obvious that given time, this is bound to happen.

    3. Julian Aguila on

      Add to this that other non-performing asset, an ADELANTADA who wants to be president when she knows that she is nowhere near being qualified for the job

    4. Manny Pacquiao is like grace poe, they will use their popularity to advance their opportunistic ambition, he is a non sense legislator, he did’t even know the abc of legislation. But I will not be surprised if they will win because we have a lot of idiots in the Philippines. Ang isang taong gahaman sa pera at sa posisyon ay walang kinikilalang logic or any reason, lasing na si pacquiao sa kapangyarihan at popularity like binays. Ano ang gagawin ni pacquiao sa senado kung sa congress nga wala naman syang ginagawa, kung gusto nyang makatulong e kahit hindi naman sya senador pwede syang tumulong, kaya lang isa sya sa mga idiots ng pilipinas, kaya tuwang tuwa ako pag natatalo sya kaya ng knock out nya k marquez.

    5. So true that before Dictator Marcos destroyed Philippine democracy, both political parties at that time fielded highly educated, intelligent, smart, politically well-groomed candidates to serves as the Philippines’ leaders.

      Now the Philippine Senate has clowns like Jinggoy, Revilla, Lapid and Sotto. And who voted for these clowns? Millions of their own peers of course, the clowns called bobotantes.

      Now clowns like MANNY PACQUIAO and that forgotten 1970’s movie “bold star” with an IQ of an imbecile both want to become “lawmakers” in the Upoer House of Congress of the Republic of the Philippines.

      Is this a joke?

    6. …Celestial Senate, down to the Abyss… So, it becomes the Abyssmal Senate then? Pretty much apt, I reckon.

    7. Majority of Filipino voters don’t care who will make good unselfish leaders who are honest, principled and truly dedicated to uplift the lives of Filipinos. They only vote on popularity and who can give them instant temporary help.If the PRESIDENTIALcandidates are true and honest to the voters they themselves should know which senatoriables should be included in their line up.It is very obvious these presidential candidates are including names in their lineup to get more votes.They are looking out for themselves.They are not interested in the welfare of the Filipinos. The Philippines will always remain a third world country the way people are electing their leaders.

    8. Carlos de Castro on

      You are 110% right in describing Manny”s role in the legislature. I am not saying that the job of a legislator require a lot of higher education, but it is really going that way if we will consider the past, You, Recto, Salonga, etc..I was there in P.I. during your term in the senate and I can say that I enjoy it very much because of the caliber. Now I can see 2 senators in prison, one always sitting down (Lapid) and Manny. And I read that a group wants Binay tom be Pres. Maybe I can say THat Filipinos deserve what they are having now. Do something Senator.

    9. MANNY PACQUIAO will be useless as a senator just like he was as a representative.

      Pacquiao only showed up for work 4 times one year and 7 times in another year.

      The people get the government they deserve.

      Enjoy the incompetent representation you get from voting for high school grads that don’t even show up. Get some more actors and comedians in the senate and House, that should fix all the problems.

      Anyone with a elementary school education want to be a senator ?

      The Philippines is a comedy show to the rest of the world and

    10. That’s celebrity politics for you. We had that big time in 2010 when the nation elected a candidate named Benigno Simeon Aquino III to the presidency without telling us his stand on just about anything. He even had your support.

    11. For a one-man crusade against anyone or anything, nothing beats this crusade against Pacq. What about the others in congress, are they any better?Well they must beat Pacman, surely a lot of them beat him in the scale of pork barrel. I don’t doubt Pacman is wealthier than a few of them but he can explain where all his wealth came from and he bestows honor on Filipinos as against the rest of congress who can only count on the dishonor that they bring to the Phils. What about Pnoy was his record in congress any better? I donot think Pacman deserves to be in congress but at least he is not a crocodile like the rest of them. Pacman bestows honor and pride to Filipinos and that is something not many congs and sens can claim for themselves. The houses that our congs and sens live in the way they live cannot be explained by salaries or their legitimate means of earning money.
      Better to close this house of congress than be consumed in putting down Pacman. I cannot fathom how a supposedly good man like Mr Saguisag can be so obsessed about Pacman

    12. Dominador Reyes on

      Pacquiao can still salvage his very poor legislative performance, if he uses his money to pursue our search for the long elusive Olympic boxing gold!

    13. wala tayong magagawa. 60% of voting population are bobotantes. kya nga naging senador sina SOTTO, REVILLA, JINGGOY, LAPID. kaya naman ang senado ngayon ay circus o teleserye lang…

      • I agree with the comment. The future of the Philippines lies in the hands of the electorate. The electoral system decides the winner by plurality. The winner is decided by the majority count. Need to think of the other system like UK, US, Japan, or Korea.

      • Hindi na kasi natuto ang mga botante, basta artista o celebrities, iboboto nila regardless of the qualifications and background. Ito ang talagang dahilan kung kaya hindi umunlad ang ating bansa.

    14. For the first time I concur with ex-sen. Saguisag. He makes plenty of sense, Pacquio will be a dumb ass in the Senate worst then Sotto and Lapid. How stupid can people be to vote him as A Senator. This swell headed man made hips of money for himself not for the country. Glorify him as a boxer nothing else cause that’s what his good for.

    15. I think Senator Saquisag should stop demonizing Pacman, Instead train his eyesight among the different political dynasties and traditional politician lording over our political system at present….just get real look around. there will never be short of hopelessness among our people…in real terms when the good Senator was serving the Senate the price of galungong was 35 pesos but when he step down the price of this famous fish became 72 pesos a bleak sign of economic downturn. More people sought job abroad that seperated them from their family….My goodness look at our social stratification right now…Pacman is just one of a kind who was just lucky to escape the bottom line barrier of poverty….The Pacman share his fortune while the other politician seek power for greed….Wow Saguisag knew how to legislate but whose interest he had serve, was it the country?

      • Mr. Lito, you want Sen. Saguisag to stop demonizing pacman and instead focus on different political dynasties? do you know that the wife of pacman is vice gov. and his brother is councilor without any experience and knowledge and now planning to run as congressman. That is why a lot of idiots here in the Philippines and I don’t know if you consider your selfe one of them.

      • Mr. Lito, dapat lang e share na pacman yong fortune nya, in the first place hindi lang ito galing sa sarili nyang bulsa, baka nakakalimutan mo galing sa tao yang tinatamasa ni pacman na yaman ngayon, kung hindi ba sa mga uto utong tao na nanonood ng laban n pacman na gaya mo na kesyo laban daw para sa bayan kung dko pa alam laban para sa pera lang para sa yumaman hello.

    16. Tama po ang comment ni Sen Saguisag tungkol kay pacquiao. Magiging liability lamang ang taong ito sakaling manalo bilang senador sa darating na eleksyon.

    17. blame the bobotantes for electing kapalmuks pacquaio as a congressman and Sood as a senator and patawarin nawa tayo, as a president!