Nora Aunor, National Artist


In the middle of writing today’s column, sad sad news stopped me in my tracks.
Nora Aunor is not included in tonight’s announced National Artist Presidential proclamations.

And while I’m glad that Alice Reyes (Dance), Francisco Coching (Visual Arts), Francisco Feliciano (Music), Ramon Santos (Music), Cirilo Bautista (Literature), and Jose Ma. Zaragoza (Architecture) have finally been proclaimed National Artists, there is a real sadness about not seeing Ate Guy on that list.

It’s because this exclusion tells of how government treats culture in this country, and what exactly it holds in such high regard relative to actual creativity and artistry.

The question of morality
The news was aplenty about why the National Artist proclamation took this long, and it had everything to do with Ate Guy being part of that list.

The questions raised against her though had nothing to do with her work as an artist and cultural worker. They would have everything to do with the kind of person she is, the kind of iconography she has, the kind of life she has lived. The grapevine had it that it was the issue of drugs, and tax evasion, and lesbianism, all of which are in Ate Guy’s icon, that was making the President hesitant about signing off on the National Artist list delivered to Malacañang in November.

But all these issues—granted that these are valid concerns of the President—have nothing to do with whether or not a person is fit to be a National Artist. In January of this year, in this same column, I said:

“Nowhere in Proclamation No. 1001 (April 27 1972), which established the Order of the National Artist Award, is there a morality clause; neither is there a sense that one’s tax paying (or non-taxpaying) self needs to be considered in deciding who can be National Artist. If this is true, that we are judging Ate Guy on aspects of her person that have nothing to do with her contributions to Philippine cinema, music and television, then we are being unfair to her. If this is true, and she will lose a National Artist Award based on something that is extraneous to her body of work, then we must hold all National Artists under that same lens.”

What this decision of the President pushes us to do is to ask about the moral compass of all our National Artists, where one’s body of work and contributions to culture become secondary to who our artists are as people. Do they do drugs? Do they pay taxes? Are they homosexual?

These questions are already judgments in fact, and these are judgments that have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not anyone deserves to be National Artist.

Messing with culture
This is the thing: when the President intervenes in this way on cultural affairs, he also ends up putting into question the credibility of our cultural institutions.

Because the list of National Artists delivered to Malacañang in November of last year is one that went through a rigorous and complex process. And while one might beef about it with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), these cultural institutions own a credibility that allows and empowers them to choose who might be declared as our National Artists. We might question that list of course, but we do not question the process.

The President meanwhile, is disrespecting this process by refusing to proclaim Ate Guy.

What one cannot understand of course is why. What is there to gain by doing this? Who stands to gain by refusing to declare Ate Guy a National Artist?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just sign that recommended list submitted by the National Artist Committee, and once questioned, that the President simply point a finger at that committee? Had the President proclaimed all those on the recommended list, he could invoke his trust in our cultural institutions’ ability to decide on who deserves this award, because that is also a council of peers, and it is a rigorous process that the President himself is not part of.

Which is as it should be, for how else do we try and make the effort of ridding our cultural institutions of politics?

Ah, a fantastic question.

Cultural crisis
Ate Guy went through the process required to be given a National Artist Award.

Her body of work in culture was assessed to have been worthy of the title and honor. She would’ve been the first female in the roster of National Artists for Cinema. She would’ve been only the second professional actor (after Fernando Poe Jr.) to be given the award. She would’ve been the first National Artist for Cinema, who also has an enviable body of work in Music, Television, and Theater.

Where FPJ was declared as National Artist in 2006 for being a “cultural icon of tremendous audience impact and cinema artist and craftsman—as actor, director, writer and producer,” Ate Guy would’ve been the one National Artist whose body of work traversed theater, music, the concert stage, cinema and television. She would’ve been the first National Artist to predate the notion of a “multimedia” or “all-media” star.

Ate Guy would’ve been the first mass icon in that roster of National Artists. She would be the one representation of our evolution and devolution, as these are revealed in her iconic portrayals of popular characters that are intricately tied to our national becoming. Her body of work is not one that can be snubbed, if we are clear about the value of popular cultural productions, and how for Ate Guy, this has meant going against the grain of mainstream expectations and showbiz conventions.

In 2011, soon after her comeback, I wrote about Ate Guy as magazine covergirl who refused the trappings of photoshop and fakery, and decided to appear with her age showing and a cigarette in hand:

“Ate Guy is everything that contemporary showbiz is not. And that was true long before she left, that was real to anyone who saw her films and respected her daring, this was always true for those of us who couldn’t help but be astounded on the one hand, and then be downright impressed on the other, by the life choices she was making, given the little that we actually knew of her. She was rebel long before it became fashionable to be one, she was rakenrol like no other, and in the midst of that she was inadvertently pointing out that she was—should be—nothing but actress, but singer, but star.

“Ate Guy is the most refreshing cover girl there could ever be. The most powerful, too: she has changed here the way we might view ourselves as women, aging as we all are even as we deny it, looking as she does at that camera and refusing to be objectified by its gaze, fearless and without pretensions, Superstar par excellence.

Right here is Nora Aunor, all her years as artist, as woman, as pop icon, showing.
“If only we were more prepared for her. But then again, we apparently never are.”


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  1. Sabi ng kaibigan kong si JM bakit daw p
    agdating Kay Mang Dolphy offensive sa taste Ng taga CCP at NCCA ang portrayal Ng isang baklang katawa-tawa sa pelikula, pero pag dating Kay Nora hindi offensive ang pagiging sugapa sa drugs, mahuli na may SHABU sa bag sa LAX at mahatulan Ng korte ng rehab at community service, sugarol, etc.? On the one hand, fiction, and real life on the other. Alin kaya ang mas offensive sa dalawa? Hindi bat double standard yan? Purely artistic merits lamang kasali sa screening criteria pag dating ke Nora, pero personal role choices kasali sa vetting criteria pagdating Kay Mang Dolphy! Obviously, whatever criterion is convenient and would serve their purposes, yun ang susundin nila! Sana mabalasa na ang composition Ng NCCA at CCP board soon!

  2. Atang Dela Rama on

    Fat chance for anyone coming from our movie industry to be named as National Artiest as long as the supposed to be panel of experts comes from the elitist CCP etc. Could anyone from the movie going public name at least one National Artist that the panel have chosen? Great artists for the most part have a great tendency to flirt on the dark side. No one so far ever come close to what Nora achieved both here and overseas in terms of acting. Morality? whose metrics?

  3. estela fowler on

    Really !!! Vilma was not nominated so save your thoughts and post it again when Vilma made the list, and by the way this is not a battle between Nora and Vilma. It doesn’t make sense.

  4. estela fowler on

    Thank you so much ms. Santiago, your article lifted my spirit. Nora Aunor was the one that give us inspiration when it was needed the most, but Aquino have no idea that Nora aunor is s true artist in our lives.

  5. The non-inclusion of Nora Aunor as National Artist, inspite of the big number of votes given her by her peers, reveals
    BS Aquino’s weaknesses as a leader: refusal to explain why he did not incude her, his lack of respect for the process made by the group of artists in recommending her to be named National Artist.

    • Paano di magiging malaki ang boto ni Nora eh mga Noranians ang mga nasa NCCA at CCP. Dapat alisin yan mga yan at palitan ng mga di bias na panel.

  6. naglabasan ang mga noranian na writer sa hindi pagkakasali ni Nora Aunor sa listahan ng National Artist Awards. Pati mga taga NCAA at CCP ay umaamin ngayon na Noranian sila. pero ang karamihan ay hindi lang kumikibo. silent majority. silent vilmanian. Vilma’s achievements in cinema and television surpass that of Nora. Kung phenomenal ang pagsikat ni nora dahil maiitim siya at nagtitinda lang ng tubig sa istasyon ng tren, dapat na bang maging National Artist? phenomenal din ang kanyang pagbagsak at hindi naging isang tunay na huwaran bilang ina, na-involved sa drugs, alkohol, pagsusugal. nagpakasal sa isang tomboy na pati mga atoridad ng estados unidos ay napaglinlangan sa pagsisinungaling na tunay na lalaki ang kanyang pinakasalan duon. Hindi ba mas karapat-dapat si Vilma dahil siyam na taong gulang pa lamang ay nakitaan na ng tunay na henyo via Trudis Liit. Hindi ba phenomenal ang sobrang lakas sa takilya ng mga pelikula niyang Lipad, Darna, Lipad, Dyesebel, Batya’t Palu-palo, Burlesk Queen, Paano ba ang Mangarap, Anak? Hindi ba malaki ang impluensya siya sa mga manunuod dahil itinaas nito ang antas ng pagkatao ng mga babae dahil sa mga karakter na kanyang ginampanan. Pinatunayan ito ng Gawad Plaridel ng UP na hindi napanalunan ni Aunor. As compare to nora, bilangin kaya niyo kung ilan ang best picture sa mga pelikula ni vilma. ilan ang nagawang pelikula ni vilma magmula pa ng trudis liit hanggang sa ngayon, na kinakitaan kung paano nag-evolved sa lalo pang mataas na lebel ng kahusayan ang kanyang natatanging pagganap. ang kanyang pinakahuling pelikula (ekstra) ang magpapatunay nito. sinamantala ni nora ang ka-busy-han ni vilma noong nasa rurok ng kasikatan ang huli. sumabak ito sa stage na kaya rin naman gawin ni vilma lalo na’t mas mahusay itong magbitaw ng dialogue at monologue kaysa kay nora. may bagay ang energy ni vilma sa entablado kaysa sa tatamad-tamad na uri ng akting ni nora. Nang mapasok si Vilma sa larangan ng pulitika, sinamantala muli ni nora at gumawa ito ng sunod-sunod na indie film na alam naman ng kampon niya na hindi kayang gawin ni vilma dahil wala itong luxury of time sa kanyang pagtupad sa gawain ng isang public servant. nung gumawa naman si vilma ng indie ay kagyat na naging landmark film ang pelikula nyang Ekstra dahil sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon ay nakapasok sa tunay na mainstream ang isang tunay na indie film tulad ng ekstra. huwag ng banggitin pa rito ang mga napanalunang award ng ekstra tulad ng best actress sa dhaka. sa madaling salita ano ba ang meron si nora na hindi kayang gawin ni vilma? samantalang kaya bang gawin ni nora ang Burlesk Queen ni Vilma? proclaiming Nora as National Artist will be a great injustice to the artistry of Vilma Santos. Thanks God the proclamation didn’t push through.

    • I just do not get your point that Nora do NOT deserve the National Artist title because Vilma is better. Then go lobby for Vilma’s proclamation as National Artist!

      This isn’t about Noranian-Vilmanian rivalry. This is about arts and artists!

    • The difference between vilma and nora?nora is a true blue artist she’s not only an actress.she lived and breath art.dun sya nabubuhay.she can risk everything for the sake of her art.Yun din reason bakit may pagka weirdo ang Buhay Nya.mahirap maintindihan.hindi sya takot tulad NG mga ibang artista na pasukin ang mga Bagay na Hindi ordinaryo o wala sa standard NG lipunan dahil dun sila humuhugot NG kanilang sining .si vilma oo magaling din sya pero actress sya ,.hindi sya sumusugal.naninigurado Lang sya dun Lang sya sa Kung ano ang tangap NG lipunan.bakit maka nora mga national artist natin dahil nagkakaintindihan sila NG isip at mga Iniisip.naiintindihan nila ang pangangailangan NG bawat isa sa mga Bagay na Hindi ordinaryong tinatahak NG normal na Tao dahil dun nalilinang ang kanilang galing.see what Leah salonga said to nora?she said nora is a genius but nora doesn’t know takes one to know one,right?

  7. Hindi naman kandidato si Nora sa pagka-santa eh…pagiging artist ang pinag-uusapan dito at kung nagdesisyon ang pangulo na hindi qualified na national artist si Nora eh hindi na nakapagtataka yun.

    • FYI. sinabi ni Boy Abunda sa The Buzz, being of good moral character is one of the criteria. Simply put, morality IS one of the criteria.

    • Tama lang kasama ang good moral character dahil sayang naman ang buwis na mapupunta sa taong uubusin lang ang award money sa bisyo niya. Aba pinaghirapan ng mamamayan yan buwis na binayaran. Parang pagsuporta na rin yan sa bisyo ni Nora. Kaya tama lang di sinama ni Pnoy gawaran ng karangalan si Nora. No to Nora for National Artist.

  8. rogel gancenia on

    Reading the several news items about her non-inclusion to the list of new set of national artists, I feel a lot of pity to Nora Aunor.

    It was not Nora but other people who nominated her and worked hard for her name to be considered in the nomination. The nomination was accepted by NCCA and CCP being the legitimate body who elavluate her contribution to life and culture, giving her the highest rating among all the qualified nominees submitted to Malacanang.

    Malacanang dinied her. Her non-inclusion is an insult. NCCA and CCP should have dialogued to PNoy prior to her inclusion to the list. Why it is an insult? She never demanded her inclusion. If Nora perceived that she will be declined due to her past mistake, she will surely decline it. No sane person will let her private life be scrutinized and discussed like circus in social media and/or publicly? NCCA and CCP should defend her and/or apologized.

    Any person who is aspiring hard to straighten his/her life would try hard to forget that gray setback. After her acquital in California court, she brought so much honor to the country by being named CNN’s Asia’s best actress and 3 International acting award in Hongkong, Australia and North America. She is back in Philippines and advocated what she knows best- intelligent film, It means she repented and shunned the sin. Bringing it alive again is painful and is not uplifting encouragement towards personal battle to change. Then again, it’s an insult.

    It is belittling her contribution to the nation as a whole. No one can deny her vast contribution and her inspiring story of rags to glory. A mistake which she acknowledged and paid and repented is only a small portion of regrets compared to what she had contributed to the nation and to the lives of ordinary people she inspired. Research and you will find that the California court deleted in the file her case after she submitted voluntarily herself on a rehab and done the community service. It is her humility that brought her back to her feet.

    This woman is a sentimental memory of my mother. So much stories about her has been cyclicly narrated not justby our nanay but all our aunts…how they used pins (alpiler) to inflict shock to anyone who will hamper their way to the SRO cinemas just to see the glimpse of her. She is her best actress and her inspiration. Among my father and mother’s treasured pocession in a Nora Aunor Albums. My mom was into selling and she was inspired how Nora who sold water in train station to support her family. We could have not achieved our gains as a family and as a person without that inspiration my mother and father got from the life of Nora.

    Stop the hypocrisy. Who among us didn’t commit immoral acts? Denying a blessing God has bestowed to a person is more than commiting immoral act. Stop hurting and insulting this woman. She is a God-given gift to Filipinos. Treasure her while she is still alive. Let us be a help to those people who aim to give Ms. Aunor the recognition that she soley deserve.

    Defending the truth and doing what is right are actions that I will always do for the love and fear God.

    i owe a lot to my nanay… i know that posting this will make her happy and proud. Yes to Nora Aunor for National Artist!

    • ** From Manila Times Admin: Comment deleted – re-posting of articles from other sites not allowed. **

    • Ang National Artist ay isang “Presidential Award” mayrun mga benefits na ang tanging presidente ang makapagbibigay, kagaya sa monthly pension, at iyong karapatang sila ay maiburol sa CCP, at mailibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Hindi maibibigay iyan ng NCCA o CCP lamang. Kaya nga “prerogative” ng presidente kung sino ang bibigyan niya ng ganyang karapatan. Maging iyang mga namumuno ng NCCA at CCP, kaya lang sila may karapatang manatili sa puwesto ay dahil sa appointment na ibinigay sa kanila ng presidente.Tama ba na ang “amo mo” ay hingan mo ng paliwanag kung hindi niya nagustuhan ang desisyon mo? Mukhang nakakalimutan yata nilang mga appointee rin sila ni P-Noy. Tingnan nga nila ang mga appointment papers nila. Tingnan nga nila kung saan nanggagaling ang budget nila? Tingnan nga nila kung ‘di ang mga ahensiya nila ay nasa ilalim ng Office of the President. Eh ano iyon? Gumawa sila ng bagong batas na iyang national artist ay hindi na isang presidential award. Gawin iyang award na lang ng CCP at NCCA para sila ang masunod. Humanap sila ng mga sponsor para may maibigay silang benepisyo sa mga national artists nila. Iyon ang magandang magagawa nila ngayon. Bilang mga concerned artists, lumikha sila ng samahan at maglagay ng pondo para matulungan ang mga artist na kasama nila sa hanay na nagugutom na rin dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho. Iyon ang dapat inaasikaso niyang mga nagsasabing concerned artist sila. Agree ako sa mga sinabi ni Ed.

  9. We don’t know what are the criterias to be acquired in becoming a national artist, if one of this had not met by Nora A. so she will not be selected, maybe when Binay become our president he might include Nora on that list but this time, I am sure the man in charge in the palace doesn’t want Nora to be selected.

  10. Elizabeth Agbulos on

    If morality is an issue to become a national artist as what PNoy did during the selection process, then Kris will never be a candidate to that award in the future, Mr. Nicotene !!

    • Kung Mr. Nicotene si PNoy.. SI Nora ay Ms. Nicotene.. remember mayrun pang hawag hawag na sigarilyo sa isang cover ng magazine ang idolo mong si Nora and btw nadaan ako sa magazine stand nilalangaw ang cover mag ng idolo mo, half off wala pang bumibili.

  11. Gemma Laarni on

    In response to Anton: since my elementary days we have been studying the life of Jose Rizal until high school. I took a 3-credit course in college called Rizal. I have learned that Rizal did not get married until he was about ready to be executed. He buried a still-born child he had with another woman who also did not become his wife. He carried a romantic liaison with a cousin. His desire to serve in Cuba as a physician at the time of unrest in the Philippines made several scholars question his loyalty to our country. His refusal to cooperate with Bonifacio made several historians question whether or not he was fit to be called a hero. But in spite of many darkness in Rizal’s life, we as students refused to bogged down with such darkness. We preferred, as we must, to look at the side of this man worth emulating. Why then, are we too concerned about Nora’s dark past when there are too many wondrous things she brings with her. Isn’t her rise from poverty through hard work at the age of 14 worthy of mention? Isn’t her drive to help with her sister’s education and family’s survival at an age when most of us are playing with dolls and matchbox cars unworthy of bringing to young children’s awareness? How about rescuing and adopting 4 lost souls and giving them a home at a time when adoption was not en vogue? How about a time when she cleaned up the film industry by eradicating all these dirty sex films which destroyed our culture and poisoned the minds of our youths? Why do we look at just the fallibility of this beautiful human being when her goodness shines so brilliantly?

    • Ang tanong nagbago ba si Nora sa mga gawi niya? Sana kung nagbago siya kaso hindi eh. Tumanda siya ng walang pinagkatandaan. Bakit pararangalan ang isang nilalang sa mga bisyo niya, pinaghirapan ng taong bayan ang buwis na binayaran mapupunta lang sa isang pariwalang nilalang. No to Nora for National Artist. Period.

  12. Let the saints of different religions be the role models of the young people today and let Nora flourish as a national artist to inspire people with her arts.

    Regardless of role models each individual has the choice of what kind of life they want to follow. People make mistakes and mistakes are
    inevitable but to stand up and pursue your goal is very remarkable. And Nora did that. She continues to empower herself by accepting films which we can be proud of. Nora gave so much to her country as she received awards after awards internationally thereby giving honor to the Philippines. None of them were recognized by this present government.

    Nora is the most celebrated and awarded artist in this era. No one comes close to her achievements. She deserves the national artist title with unquestionable merits to her belt.

    Nora Aunor is the national artist of the masses.

    • We are cognizant of the fact that nobody’s perfect—none of our National Artists are without flaws. But flaws and all, they have demonstrated a desire to continue to better themselves in their personal and public lives. And most importantly, none of them have admitted to and been convicted of a crime. We believe that even though the criteria for selection of the National Artists specifically and solely revolve around the artistic merits of a nominee, it is implicit that he or she must possess the qualities of a person worthy of emulation. For how can someone be a source of “inspiration for current and future generations of artists” when he or she continues to bring shame, and embarrassment, and cause ridicule to the art community that he or she purportedly represents? A National Artist must hold him or herself to a higher standard than an ordinary citizen in the way that he or she conducts herself both in the art community, and his or her personal life. We simply cannot afford to divorce one from the other. Doing so would send the Filipino people, the youth most especially, the wrong message: That one gets a free pass for as long as one has artistic abilities. This is exactly the double standard that we should avoid at all costs!

    • Ms. Santiago, how can you say the process was not followed? Did you expect the President to be a ministerial person who will just sign any recommendation by your so-called experts in the field of arts? These people were, are, and will always be Noranians. They have and will always go at length to ensure that Nora will continue to be a star despite the very lukewarm reception to her films, e.g. The Womb by the viewing public. She may be good and may receive all the awards but one thing is sure – she will never earn the respect of the viewing public as an artist due to her unprofessionalism in perfoming her craft…. avoiding payment of taxes, being late for work most of the time (what a national artist!) being an alcoholic and a drug user. Nevermind about her being a lesbian – she cannot even be true to herself and admit it.

      The panel is a recommendatory body. By recommendatory, it means that their recommendations will be reviewed by the approving person who happened to be the President. That is his discretion and that is his job. If we were to ask the people of the Philippines to vote for people on the recommending panel, I AM VERY SURE THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE SITTING PANEL OF JUDGES. They cannot take any kind of rejection and feel they are over and above anyone else when it comes to their craft. This elitist mentality and arrogant stance of the so called experts is annoying and I am glad the President put them in their place.

  13. I am a Noranian myself. But I think, the President is right to exclude her. He has to look also upon the personal life because that would be the highest form of “idolizing” an artist. While an artist is being venerated for his/her excellence in art, it is package that even his/her personal life will be venerated as well.

    The question is, if the younger generation will study the life of the National Artist, won’t they be also looking up at the life of the person? If the life of the icon will also be made as a model, will it be good for them? Will it have positive influence in them? Will they be happy having life like that of the icon? It seems shallow reasoning, but younger people are not objective in thinking. May may think that it is okey to have such a kind of life, after all he/she became a National Artist despite the kind of life he/she led.

    • chaser santia on

      I think you’re not a noranian but her rival’s. Kailan pa napag aralan ang buhay ng nga national artist at naging basehan kung mabubuhay ka ng matuwid?

    • We should stick to the criteria set in 1972. If we don’t we all get lost. The NCCA and CCP did a rigorous job to choose the candidates. They are the experts in this field.

    • Anton look at the personal lives of some of the previous awardees. Need I enumerate them. Why exclude her? It is a shame that you admit you are a noranian.

  14. While Ms. Aunor garnered the respect and esteem from her peers during the peak of her film career several decades ago, her private affairs which include gender, gambling, alcohol and drug issues have hounded her and permanently damaged her integrity and reputation. The broad acceptance she once enjoyed from her peers (and the movie-going public for that matter), which is a major criteria in choosing a National Artist, has sadly been lost forever.
    In this regard, No to Nora Aunor for National Artist! (NONONA!).
    Thank you.

  15. Kasi nga, endorser siya ni GMA, yun lang yun!!!
    Eh yung taga malacanang, galit sa isa, galit sa lahat!!!

  16. me too i’m really shock that Pres. Aquino took Nora Aunor name in the list of National Artist, it’s look like personal already, maraming expeculation kong ano talaga ang dahilan ni noynoy kong bakit tinanggal niya ang pangalan ni nora sa listahan, kong tungkol sa nakaraan niya ang dahilan like drugs, tax evasion, etc. di wala talagang dapat maging national artist forever, sino ba namang malinis, kaya pinirmahan na niya ang lahat except Nora Aunor, kasi di naman matutunog ang mga name nila, di tulad ni Nora kilala sa buong mundo, masyadong makitid ang utak niya at masyadong nagmamalinis bakit mailinis ba siya? baka pa nga nainpluwensyahan ni kris siya kasi ayaw na ayaw niya si Nora Aunor, bakit malinis ba si Kris, pakitanong nga, kong ayaw niya ibigay ok lang baka sa susunod na Presidente ibibigay na kasi mas malawak na ang kaisipan, formality na lang ang award, kahit hindi nita sinali si Nora, dina mabubura sa puso at isip ng mga tao including politicians, movie industry & all people in the world are agree that Nora AUnor is the national Artist, yan ang pagkakamali niya,dahil kong tatakbo siya next time for president dina siya mananalo dahil milyon milyong botante ang tinapakan niya sa di pag sali kay nora as national artist, bahala na si Lord sa kaniya, maibibigay din kay Nora yan sigurado yan, di naman lahat makitid ang utak at isa siguro dahil pinarangalan siya ni Rep. Aimee Marcos sa rebulto ni elsa,baka rin dahil Mahal siya ng mga marcoses before, kaya maraming dahilan na siya lang ang nakakaalam.

  17. Late last year, despite the rule of confidentiality in deliberations required from the supposed Panel of Experts, news that Ms. Aunor already made the short-list was already reported in the internet. In view of the leakage, the sanctity and confidentiality of the selection process was clearly violated.


    Di ka man itinanghal na “National Artist” O aming idolong Nora,
    Sa puso ng masa ikaw pa rin ang pinakamataas naming tala,
    Nagniningning, kumikislap, natatangi sa larangan ng sining at pelikula,
    Ang naiambag mo sa buhay ng mga Pilipino iyan ang pinakamahalaga.

    Hindi mapapantayan ninuman ang iyong mga nagawa,
    Mula noon hanggang ngayon ikaw pa rin ang nangunguna,
    Sa taglay mong galing sa paggawa ng makabuhulang pelikula,
    Sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo ikaw ay kilalang-kilala.

    Superstar “Nora Aunor”ka ng aming buhay,
    Patuloy na suporta naming ang sa iyo iaalay,
    Lubos na pagmamahal sa iyo habangbuhay,
    Kahit pa kami ay sa libingan na mahihimlay.

    Isinulat ni: Maria Paz S.

  19. It is still the President’s prerogative to act on the proclamation based on the recommendation of the Malacanang Honors Committee. No group should be allowed to interfere, meddle or pressure the President to make his informed decision on who he believes is deserving to be National Artist.

    • oh really? during the time of GMA, she declared Carlo J Caparas and others but was invalidated by the Supreme COurt. kay PNOT dapat walang makikiaalam? all of the the nominees, Nora is the most qualified tp be called as national artist and national treasure for FILM, TV, Music and Theater. She was acknowledge by the international award giving bodies. her work of arts are internationally acclaimed.

    • Its the prerogative of the President provided there is no abuse of authority. Look at Gloria, he added Caparas who is never qualified. This time Pnoy deleted a well deserving candidate who was endorsed by NCCA and CCP.

    • He has accountability to the tax paying public. His decision s merely whimsical and capricious…Shame ….Shame….Shame

    • One wonders how the joint board of the NCCA & CCP arrived at a common decision to choose Ms. Aunor and turn a blind eye on her drug issues abroad when more deserving actors like the late, great Dolphy, who was conferred the Grand Collar of the Golden Heart by the President in 2010, could have been the more deserving choice which respected people in the film industry would definitely agree with

  20. Flor geronimo on

    Pnoy will never understand how nora aunor think and lived caused he is ignorant of what being a genuine and true artist mean.He only understand art within the confines of her sister kris acting capabilities and the kind of movies she does.and from here on since you started it Morality should be part of the selection process for national artist…what about recalling all those honor given to artist who also live a questionable life just to be fair?

    • Mabuti pa nga tanggalin na yan National Artist Award na yan para makatipid ang bayan sa benefits mapupunta sa kanila. Mas marami ibang bagay puede mapuntahan ang benefits na yan katulad ng Eskuwelahan, ospital etc.

  21. Pnoy will never understand how nora aunor think and lived caused he is ignorant of what being a genuine and true artist mean.He only understand art within the confines of her sister kris acting capabilities and the kind of movies she does.and from here on since you started it Morality should be part of the selection process for national artist…what about recalling all those honor given to artist who also live a questionable life just to be fair?

  22. Thank you for this intelligent article. I just wish those who disrespected the NCCA-CCP process could have an iota of the intelligence you have shown. The president should have made his criteria known even before the selection process. This way, the NCCA and CCP could have acted accordingly. Daang Matuwid? Led by a nicotine addict? That’s only the tip of the ice berg, so to speak.

    • Maxtar Tudtud on

      Pnoy is not only a nicotine addict, he is psychotic, vindictive and lazy animal,

  23. Hindi na dapat pagtakhan, kung bakit hindi kasama si nora dahil. wala siyang pinag-aral,itong mga hunghang na pumipili ay ang unang kwalipikasyon na hinahanap nila. yung katulad nilang mga mastinapos,ay nilang padaig sa isang katulad lang ng mga taong walang pinag-aralan.,sa kanila ang mga taong ito ay walang puwang sa kinatatayuan nila,ang ganitong