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    Released only in april in Norway,thriller 'Glass Dolls' premieres tonight

    Released only in april in Norway,thriller ‘Glass Dolls’ premieres tonight

    It’s a whole new world of entertainment beyond Hollywood. As CinemaWorld, the first Pan-Asia international movie channel, explores the Northern part of Europe with exclusive Nordic films.

    Released only in April in Norway, thriller Glass Dolls premieres tonight at 9 p.m. One windy, autumn day, university student Lisa is found dead in a small lake on the Tromsø Island. As police and investigator, Aslak Eira, seems to be fumbling in the dark, the best friend of Lisa disappears as well. The struggle to save the student’s life and to reveal the identity of the murderer becomes a race against time.

    Continue the adventure with Swedish psychological suspense series, Van Veteeren, on the channel’s Thriller Fridays at 11 p.m. Watch the latest episodes “The Rose & Death” and “Moreno & The Silence.”

    Another fresh release, this time from Spain and Argentina, is Betibu. Pedro Chazarreta was found dead in a peaceful and well-guarded private neighborhood. A few years prior, Pedro was the only suspect accused in the murder case of his wife, simulating a silly domestic accident. Who killed Chazarreta? Find out on July 27 at 9 p.m.

    CinemaWorld is available in Metro Manila on Cable Link on channel 301, and on Sky Cable HD on channel 184. Visit cinemaworld.asia.


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