• Norway TV show about Russian ‘occupation’ irks Moscow


    OSLO: A television series about Russia’s fictional takeover of Norway’s abundant oil and gas resources has vexed Moscow, which says it has had enough of being portrayed as an aggressor. The 10-episode series Okkupert (Occupied), which is to air in Norway starting next month, has ruffled Russian diplomats’ feathers amid already existing tensions between Russia and the West over the conflict in Ukraine. Written by Norway’s hugely popular crime writer Jo Nesbo, the series depicts a Norway, which “in the near future” plunges the planet into an international crisis by halting its oil and gas production following an environmental catastrophe. Enter Russia, which takes over production of the black gold with the European Union’s blessing, in a world where the US has pulled out of NATO. The TV show is the most expensive ever made in Norway, at 90 million kroner (around 10 million euros, $11 million).



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