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    Peter Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    There was no way Hector Velasquez would have put up a decent fight against Michael Farenas in their match during the last weekend.

    With his record showing 20 losses, with six coming by way of knockout or stoppage, prior to fighting Farenas, there was no other way for the Mexican to go but to the canvas. Velasquez now has a record of 56-21-3 with 38 knockouts.

    While Farenas ended up entering another knockout in his record, which now stands at 38-4 with 30 knockouts, that doesn’t mean he is ready to square off against World Boxing Organization superfeather–weight champion Mikey Garcia. I would even caution rushing Farenas into the ring with Garcia at this point.

    But that does not mean Garcia is not vulnerable, and Farenas can punch!

    The Filipino’s punching power and durability was tested on the night Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez squared off for a fourth time on December 12, 2012.

    Facing a highly-regarded (or overhyped?) Yuriorkis Gamboa in the undercard of Pacquiao-Marquez 4, Farenas was never given the chance to win against the cocky Cuban. But in the 9th round of the fight when Gamboa was raining punches on the Filipino, Farenas landed a left hook on the Cuban to send him down.

    I forgot who was the commentator in that fight, but he ended up mocking Gamboa for his rather poor showing against the Filipino, who was a virtual unknown to fight fans in the United States.

    Gamboa won the fight via a wide unanimous decision, but the struggle the Cuban had to undergo to keep Farenas at bay or avoid getting stopped was noticed by a few fight fans.

    Gamboa remains undefeated to this day with a record of 23-0 with 16 knockouts, and may soon find him being cajoled by fans to clash with Garcia.

    As for Farenas, perhaps it is high time that he be given a world-class conditioning coach that could design a program for him to increase his punching power, and to improve his agility in the ring.

    At 29 years old, Farenas may have another four to six good years in the ring provided he doesn’t abuse his body by taking too much punishment in the ring, or indulging in vices.

    As for Garcia, he cannot discount Farenas, because the Mexican may not have faced somebody as tough as the Filipino. Remember that on November 9, 2013, a lightly regarded Roman Gonzales put down Garcia momentarily on the canvas in the 2nd round, which means that a lucky punch from a power puncher can spell the end for the Mexican in a title fight.

    But if Farenas is eyeing Garcia, my advise to the Filipino’s camp is to stop getting Farenas into the ring with has-beens, tomato cans, patsies, or cream puffs.

    Farenas needs a match up with a fighter who can test him, and there are many of them out there like who are much better than Velasquez. Just make sure they were never beaten by Manny Pacquiao or Nonito Donaire.


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    1. Please dont try to give the filipinos more confidence in farenas. He is of limited ability. He looks good when fighting someone who isnt that good as in his last fight. But now he should be ready to be fighting for a world title. I mean he has had 42 fights. If after 42 fights he isnt ready he will never be ready. It seems you want to see him fed with cannon fodder to keep his record improving. Well to be a top fighter you need to fight top fighters. Their world rankings are 130 hector & michael is 31. So i hope you see from that it wasnt really a fair matchup. But im afraid its the filipino way to fight people who are not the best for as long as they can. Here is a little proof of that, donaire was given fighter of the year for defending his world title 4 times in a year. It sounds great but each challenger was really not worthy of that challenge, there were more worthy fighters & one of them was rinondeaux. Now nonito was making different excuses not to fight him & not to fight abney mares. Eventually the pressure to fight one of those was to great & he chose what he thought was the easiest option & got a thourough boxing lesson from a guy with 11 fights. Now hes moved up in weight to avoid him & is soon to be fighting for a world title against Simpiwe Vetyeka. Now you might ask who is that & rightly so as he is really just a paper champion & the weakest of the champions at featherweight. But its the filipino way. Now he will win that fight & you will all say wow this guy is brilliant but in fact the other world champions would all probably beat him. I dont mind praise but give it where its due.